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Chapter 179 - Master Xiasi Has His Way with Women

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 179: Master Xiasi Has His Way with Women

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    Si Yiyan was more knowledgeable than her, and couldn’t have not known the meaning behind guys helping girls to bun their hair. Thus, he had been purposely teasing her. She couldn’t help but angrily say, “You lied to me!”

    Si Yiyan’s eyes and face were filled with smiles—so profoundly beautiful. “I didn’t say that I don’t know, I just wanted to hear you explain to me.”

    Wen Xinya was so furious that she laughed. “You’re impossible.” She then saw his skillful fingers tuck her hair behind her ears, bun up her hair effortlessly, and stuck a gem flower hairpin in to secure her hair—the huge, colorful gem flower with hues of red, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, and white, was shimmery and very pretty. “What skillful moves! Looks like Master Xiasi often bun girls’ hair up, Master Xiasi indeed has his way with women.”

    “I don’t just show my moves to any woman—in this world, the one and only girl that I’ll willingly show my moves to is you, Miss Wen!”

    Si Yiyan observed the touch of annoyance between her brows, put on a necklace and earrings for her piece by piece, then stretched out his hand, retrieved a sapphire ring, held up her right hand, pausing the ring for half a second between her middle and ring finger, and, with a mild sigh, slid the ring onto her middle finger.

    “You’re bluffing, your moves for brushing hair are even more skillful than mine!” Wen Xinya looked at the sapphire ring on her middle finger—the sapphire gemstone had been cut beautifully, and on closer look, was in the style of a viburnum flower, each petal very exquisite and pretty. The ring seemed to have preserved the warmth of Si Yiyan’s fingers—a wave of warmth on her middle finger traveled all the way to her heart, in a way she couldn’t resist.

    “You have gorgeous hair suited for bunning, so I’d picked up some moves from Mother Wan previously, just to wait for today’s arrival.” Not just today, but every day from now on. Si Yiyan’s took his time to say his words but stared at the person in the mirror with a gaze filled with emotional turmoil.

    Wen Xinya’s lips trembled slightly as she felt like crying it out when she thought about her previous lifetime. Yes… those who did not love you would always only admire your beauty, praising it, feeling sorry for it.

    No matter how much the person in her previous life had loved her hair, he had never had the thought of bunning her hair up for her—he had allowed her to waste herself away with messy hair, as she had wished, had only felt sorry for her, and nothing else.

    “Let’s go, we don’t have much time left.” Indeed… there was still someone like that in her life—after an amazing time, only leaving behind emptiness and sadness—that person had tainted everything in her life with his markings.

    “Okay!” Wen Xinya suddenly came to her senses and asked, “Where are we going?”

    Si Yiyan looked closely at the person in the mirror and said plainly, “Bring you somewhere!”

    “Where?” Wen Xinya questioned further.

    “You’ll know soon.” Si Yiyan acted mysteriously.

    “What! Always like to act mysterious.” Wen Xinya couldn’t help scorning at the person reflected by the mirror standing behind her as she got up from the chair.

    “Wait!” Si Yiyan suddenly held her back!

    “I thought we didn’t have much time left.” Wen Xinya stared at him, dissatisfied.

    Ignoring her, Si Yiyan opened up a round, lacquered box—it was a tiny box the size of a palm, used by ancient women to contain rouge and powder.

    “What’s inside this?” Wen Xinya couldn’t help asking. Couldn’t it really contain rouge and powder—did Si Yiyan also have the habit of putting makeup for women? She couldn’t help looking over—dear… you’re a man, please don’t make me disillusioned.

    Combing a girl’s hair for her expressed intention for courtship and affection, but helping a girl put on makeup was just weird, no matter how one looked at it.

    Seeing the strange glare in her eyes looking at himself, Si Yiyan knew that this girl must be having wild thoughts again, and gave her a gentle knock on her forehead. “What wild thoughts.”

    “It hurts!” Wen Xinya whined, staring at him.

    “This contains ready-made dai, used for drawing eyebrows!” Si Yiyan whipped out a brow brush and lightly dipped it in the dai…

    Since ancient times, drawing a girl’s brows had had the meaning of mutual respect and devotion. Wen Xinya hurriedly tried to stop him. However, he moved even faster than she talked and swiped on her brow—the black color of the dai having the slightest tinge of green, like a faraway mountain.

    “I’ll take care of the other side myself.” Wen Xinya felt a cool, damp sensation on her brow, as though seeping into her heart and moistening it—the sensation was so overwhelming that it sent her into a slight panic.

    “Only one person should draw the brows. Otherwise, the resultant brows won’t be balanced and won’t look nice.” Si Yiyan lightly swiped across her other brow—indeed, the drawing was identical and effortless, as moving and beautiful as a faraway mountain.

    Si Yiyan closely scrutinized the reflection of her face in the mirror and sighed uncontrollably. “No wonder the ancient women had been crazy about drawing brows way back then, many scholars and poets liked to use the brows to illustrate beauties, and even passed down the beautiful anecdote of Zhang Chang drawing brows for his wife during the Han dynasty.”

    With brows drawn, she looked as beautiful as a drawing, as magnificent as the rivers and mountains, and extremely scenic as though hiding clouds and fog—her pair of thin but glittering eyes, complemented by greenish-black brows, looked as clear as a pond of crystal-clear spring water, reflecting blossoming flowers and white clouds turning grey, so breathtakingly beautiful.

    With a slightly forced smile, Wen Xinya said, “Okay now?”

    “Wait some more!” Si Yiyan opened another box and retrieved a makeup brush.

    Wen Xinya tried to get up quickly. “This is good enough, no need for any more.”

    “Since I said wait, we’ll wait!” Si Yiyan pressed down on her shoulders with just the right amount of strength—it did not hurt her, yet she couldn’t struggle. She looked directly at the mirror, into her slightly panicky, glowing eyes, like a moth darting into the flame.

    “Didn’t you say we don’t have much time?” Wen Xinya was in a fluster—Si Yiyan had been treading the fine line when interacting with her, with just the right amount of warmth, such that everything seemed natural when she interacted with him, and their relationship also progressed effortlessly, but she never realized that the ambiguous distance between them was attackable as well as defensible.

    At this moment, he merely secretly advanced a step by bunning up her hair and drawing her brows but had already bridged the ambiguous distance, making her nervous and flustered, wanting to escape, but feeling like she had already been trapped by him.

    “Without a complete makeup, it’s inappropriate to go out.” Si Yiyan took his time to hold up the makeup brush, dipped it into golden dai—white colored with a shiny hue, drew delicately between her brows where a flower appeared—a mild, glowing flower which almost blended in with her snow-white skin—if not for the exquisite glow, the mild makeup on her forehead would have been unnoticeable.

    Si Yiyan’s body slowly moved across her body, his face inching in bit by bit!

    Wen Xinya leaned her head back bit by bit. “Done? Then, let’s go!”

    “Don’t move!” Si Yiyan’s deep voice was commanding and irrefutable. Just like that, a trace of pure, charming, moist, and warm breath sprinkled upon her face.

    As if possessed, Wen Xinya’s body stiffened up and froze.