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Chapter 181 - Ugly Wife Meets In-Laws

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 181: Ugly Wife Meets In-Laws

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    It was about 11:00 A.M. when Si Yiyan brought her aboard a Rex S9 Lucifer and slowly traveled towards the southern outskirts.

    It was not Wen Xinya’s first time on board the car, but it was her first time knowing that the car had been customized and fully hand-made in Holland, represented his status, and was the one and only in the world—both the name and plate number of the car represented and symbolized his identity and status.

    After getting on, she couldn’t help but tease. “Don’t tell me that this car also meets the NATO VR6 and VR7 safety standards!”

    Si Yiyan tilted his head, sneaked a look at her, saw the gloating smile on her face, and replied plainly, “ATO has issued new VR8 safety standards which effectively withstands attacks by M67 of the M-make.”

    Wen Xinya gasped and sneered at him uncontrollably. “Master Xiasi, just how hated by everyone are you—it feels like by being together with you, my life is constantly on the line. Do you think I’ll have the chance to witness a live mega shootout?”

    “Nope!” Si Yiyan’s tone was full of confidence.

    “Why not? Aren’t there many people wanting to take your life?” Wen Xinya questioned further in curiosity.

    “Because it’s Country Z here—there’s no remission, so no one dares to be openly violent,” explained Si Yiyan plainly.

    Wen Xinya curled her lips. “Indeed, it’s still the best in Country Z, our safety is safeguarded!”

    Si Yiyan brought her to a scenic private cemetery covering a few hundred square meters which simply took her breath away.

    In the middle of the cemetery, a circular tomb had been erected. “Xinya, this is my parents!”

    Wen Xinya was shocked to learn that Si Yiyan’s parents had already passed on. She looked over at the greenish stone tomb and saw a photo of Si Yiyan’s parents—they had been buried together.

    Si Yiyan took after 50% of his father’s looks, but his father had a much colder aura, the lines on his face radiating a sense of cold-blooded atrocity.

    And his mother, though not very good-looking, had a pair of magnificent eyes, as though they had gathered all of the world’s splendor—she looked gentle and graceful.

    Si Yiyan’s graceful eyes and brows had totally been inherited from his mother.

    “Why would they…” Pass on at such a young age—Wen Xinya didn’t know how to put it across at the moment.

    Si Yiyan said mildly, “My mother died amongst Xiasi Group’s complicated internal power struggles. Devastated, my father took his own life! They were 32 and 27 years old respectively when they died.”

    Wen Xinya widened her eyes—although she imagined that his parents would have been very young when they died, such ages in their prime still shook her—so the world really had such sad, beautiful love to die for. “How old were you when you went to my Grampy’s place?”

    Wen Xinya had heard Grampy mention that Si Yiyan’s father had been Grampy’s favorite student, and so, after he had found no more meaning in life, he had entrusted his child to Grampy.

    “Seven years old!”

    Wen Xinya suddenly felt cold all over—stories of such sad, beautiful love to die for no longer resonated with her the slightest bit—she couldn’t help but feel angry at this man’s cruelty and selfishness.

    Abandoning his young son to following his beloved wife had indeed been affectionate. However, with such complicated circumstances surrounding the Xiasi Group, abandoning his young son to face them all alone—wasn’t it way too irresponsible!

    “I’d heard from Grampy that you’d stayed with the Mo Family for three years. Where did you go after that?” Wen Xinya had vaguely guessed it in her heart, but as such a guess was too terrifying, she was subconsciously in denial.

    “At that time I went to Country E!” Si Yiyan tiled his head and looked at her.

    Wen Xinya’s heart instantly tightened. After her rebirth, she had first sought out the various countries’ situations and incorporated them with some memories that she had retained from her previous lifetime. Thus, she knew that ten years ago, in Country E’s capital, a newly elected mayor had rendered vigorous support to the powers that he had relied on, fought relentlessly against the other powers, and caused social disorder for up to three years. Subsequently, they had reached an armistice agreement mysteriously. Could it be…

    Si Yiyan understood the hidden turmoil in her eyes. “There had been two strong forces entrenched over the seven thousand odd kilometers of the borderline between Country E and the borders, Lucifer being one of them—ten years ago, pressurized by the newly elected mayor, Lucifer had been in a precarious position. I had made my way to Country E’s capital and stayed there for up to three years.”

    Though he had understated it, Wen Xinya could already imagine the stormy and frightening times during those three years. “How’s Lucifer doing in Country E now, then?”

    Si Yiyan laughed. “Xinya, I’m a businessman—since the Xiasi Group has already been legitimized, no matter how great are Lucifer’s powers, it can only be a force to protect and support the Xiasi Group, dissociated from the state apparatuses, and retired from the world’s struggles.”

    Wen Xinya knew that balance was the quintessence of national policy—once the balance was off, devastating suppression ensued. “That’s good. And it was also because of this incident that you came into the picture as the head of the Xiasi Group?”

    With Lucifer’s protection and support, coupled with his strategic methods, attaining the status of the head of the Xiasi Group had almost been without a doubt.

    Si Yiyan silently concurred.

    “In the ten odd years after my parents had passed away, I’d never came to pay them respects.” Si Yiyan said plainly.

    Wen Xinya was stunned. “You’d harbored resentment towards them?”

    Si Yiyan did not answer her directly, but only explained plainly. “Previously, at the Mo Family, as I was still young, Old Mr. Mo didn’t know about what had happened my parents, and naturally wouldn’t bring me to pay my respects to them. Then I went to Country E, reducing the chances of doing so even further. Afterward, I returned to Italy and started the power struggles for the head of the Xiasi Group.”

    A ten-year-old him had made his way to Country E on his own, took charge of Lucifer, and at thirteen years old he could return to Italy to fight for the position of the head of the Xiasi Group with complicated forces—how could he had not been able to find the opportunity to even pay his respects to his parents? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Si Yiyan looked at her with eyes as clear as before, but with a layer of clouds, becoming bright and dazzling like glass. “This time, I’ve brought you along to pay respects to them together, to let them have a look at the girl that I like.”

    Si Yiyan’s words made Wen Xinya nervous out of the blue—the original simple paying of respects seemed to have a meaning of some sort? Yes, it was the ugly wife meeting her in-laws. She hurriedly said, “Uncle, Aunt, don’t listen to Si Yiyan’s nonsense!”

    Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya with a faint smile. “Seems like you have a natural affinity with my parents! I’ve yet to introduce you to them and you’ve already started chatting with them.”

    Wen Xinya cheeks were red and burning as she stared at him with rage. “I can’t be bothered with you!”

    Si Yiyan held her hand tightly and looked at the tomb. “Father, mother, this is Wen Xinya—the girl that I like.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart slightly gasped—seemed like on this trip to Nantong, she had lost control of everything, her emotions inexplicably predominated by Si Yiyan, totally not within her own grasp.