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Chapter 182 - Is There Something Wrong with Grampy’s Health

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 182: Is There Something Wrong with Grampy’s Health

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    She stayed in Nantong till the second day when Si Yiyan sent someone to send her back to the capital city. No one knew about the trip to Nantong—Grampy and Grandpa had taken it as she went to out for a breather.

    However, every detail about the Nantong trip had been engraved in her heart, each stroke seemingly deeper than the previous—whenever she thought of Si Yiyan, she recalled him bunning her hair up, drawing her brows, filling in her makeup, and that fine, long kiss!

    She realized very clearly that Si Yiyan increasingly affected her!

    Looking at the fingers fiddling with the teacup in hand, the blank stare at the tea leaves in the cup, Old Mr. Mo asked, frowning, “Since you got back from the breather a few days ago, you’re often in a daze. Is there anything bothering you?”

    Stunned, Wen Xinya hurriedly raised her teacup, drinking tea to conceal her flustered thoughts. However, once the coolness entered her mouth, coupled with the bitterness characteristic of cold tea, she frowned.

    “Not even aware that the tea has turned cold!” Old Mr. Mo said in a slightly stern tone.

    Embarrassed, Wen Xinya put down the teacup in her hand and said, “Grampy, I’m alright, just thinking of some stuff. You don’t have to worry.”

    Seeing that she was acting secretively, Old Mr. Mo did not pursue the matter.

    Just then, Grandpa Du and Du Ruo came over together. Wen Xinya instantly heaved a sigh of relief and shook her head, temporarily casting away those beautiful memories in her mind.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya, Du Ruo hurried over and hugged her arm. “Xinya, I missed you so much. Grandpa’s so annoying, dragging me along to attend all sorts of Traditional Chinese Medicine seminars recently. I don’t even have time for research.”

    “You’re not admitting that you’ve received a benefit! Just how rare are Traditional Chinese Medicine seminars—even if you’re not practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s a great help to your course.” Wen Xinya couldn’t help but laugh.

    Du Ruo chuckled in silent agreement.

    Naturally, Wen Xinya didn’t miss the dejection in Du Ruo’s eyes—Du Ruo had always hoped that her own research would earn recognition from Grandpa Du, but Grandpa Du’s heart was set on having her inherit his own mantle, frequently bringing her to attend all sorts of Traditional Chinese Medicine seminars, purposely keeping her by his side so that she didn’t coop herself up in the laboratory doing research, meaning to spark a small bit of interest in her as she watched interactions and discussions by massive people passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Du Shinan waved towards Wen Xinya. “Girl, come over, I’ll get your pulse!”

    Wen Xinya had no choice but to sit beside Grandpa Du and passed her right hand to him. “Grandpa Du, my body is already much better after your good care. You don’t have to worry.”

    “I’m a doctor—whether you’re okay or not, I’ll be clearer than you after reading your pulse.” Du Shinan placed his hand in the middle of her wrist, only releasing after quite some time.

    “Weak kidney energy is causing you to be out of sorts and easily worn out! And you consider this okay.” Du Shinan stared at Wen Xinya briefly, before changing his tone and saying, “However, Du Ruo’s health care prescription is not bad—with consistent intake for three days, everything will be restored. Whenever tired from studying, you can also take some.”

    Upon hearing this, Du Ruo hurriedly said, “See! See! Once we read your pulse, we found an issue. The younger you are, the more you’ve to watch your own health—only then can you enjoy longevity in the future.”

    Seeing Du Ruo’s large, staring eyes, Wen Xinya hurriedly changed the topic. “Grandpa Du, since you’re already here, do read my Grampy’s pulse too!”

    Wen Xinya absolutely cared, more than anyone, for a healthy body—in her previous lifetime, her body had been emptied by the poisons of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, over-drafting on her age. In this lifetime, she had always taken great care of her own health, albeit indeed neglecting it slightly of late.

    Old Mr. Mo frowned and said, “My health is great, no need to read my pulse.”

    Wen Xinya hugged Grampy’s elbow and acted coquettishly. “Grampy, no harm in reading your pulse.”

    Du Shinan also smiled and said, “Xin girl’s right—she’s also just worried about you. Don’t be stubborn—it’s just a simple matter of stretching your hand out.”

    Du Ruo also continued, “Free labor—why waste it!”

    Du Shinan chided. “Silly girl, getting more and more out of hand.”

    Du Ruo stuck her tongue out at Grandpa and made a funny face, making everyone laugh.

    However, although Old Mr. Mo was slightly unwilling, he still passed his left hand to Du Shinan. “You guys’ Traditional Chinese Medicine is very complicated, able to diagnose conditions even without illnesses present—very annoying.”

    Du Shinan focused on interpreting his pulse, and gradually turned solemn. “Pass me your right hand?”

    Wen Xinya’s heart jumped instantly—was there really something wrong with Grampy’s health? Otherwise, what’s with Grandpa Du’s expression? In her previous lifetime, Grampy had also passed away from a sudden heart attack two years after she had returned to the Wen Family. Could it be that during this time, Grampy’s health was already deteriorating?

    Old Mr. Mo passed his right hand to him indifferently.

    Du Shinan read his pulse solemnly, only releasing after about half a minute. “Recently, do you have symptoms of chest pain or tightness?”

    Old Mr. Mo nodded but was unwilling to elaborate—previously, when he had known of Xinya’s disappearance, he had gotten agitated, and thus, had experienced such symptoms once.

    Wen Xinya became extremely nervous and asked Grandpa Du carefully, “Grandpa Du, is there something wrong with my Grampy’s health?”

    Du Shinan said gravely, “Your Grampy’s heart energy is slightly weak.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart suddenly constricted as she asked anxiously, “Is weakness of heart energy a serious condition?”

    Du Shinan replied, “Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on essence, energy, and spirit—energy refers to vitality, the driving force of life’s activities—everything we do in life with our bodies relies on the quality and functionality of energy to sustain. Thus, weak energy easily activates all kinds of illnesses. With weak heart energy, it means that the quality and functionality of the heart is weakened—it may be a mild condition, yet also a potentially serious one.”

    Wen Xinya hurriedly asked, “Is Grampy’s condition serious, then? Is there a need for treatment? How to go about treating it?”

    Du Shinan smiled. “Your Grampy’s emotions are calm. Also, he has recently started on some nourishing supplements, greatly recuperating his health. With continued care, there won’t be major issues. However, care must be taken to avoid excessive agitation or over-exertion. Otherwise, there’s a possibility of activating a heart attack.”

    Wen Xinya instantly heaved a sigh of relief, palms filled with perspiration. Indeed, Grampy’s health had already started deteriorating at this time—thankfully, it was discovered early. “Thank you, Grandpa Du!”

    Du Shinan looked at Old Mr. Mo and said, “Later, I’ll write you a prescription for you to observe the effects for a period. I’ll periodically come over to read your pulse, and tomorrow I’ll get Du Ruo to bring some heart nourishing supplements over for you to take together with the medicine and food every day, as well as some fast-acting medicine for treating heart diseases from the hospital to standby at home for emergency purposes. Don’t belittle it just because you think it’s a small ailment.”

    Old Mr. Mo frowned slightly. “This is how annoying Traditional Chinese Medicine is!”

    Wen Xinya quickly added, “When you’re not feeling well, you should take medicine and care for yourself. Grampy, you’re not young anymore, it’s time to take extra care of your health.”

    Old Mr. Mo furrowed his brows in silence.