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Chapter 186 - Xia Ruya, Isn’t the Star of the Sea Beautiful?”

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 186: Xia Ruya, Isn’t the Star of the Sea Beautiful?”

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    Seeing Ning Shuqian grinding her teeth and gulping in agony, Wen Xinya finally realized that Ning Shuqian had her eyes set on her mother’s old belonging. However, her mistake had by some chance reduced Ning Shuqian’s hope to dust. Upon realizing this, her heart was filled with elation.

    The disappointment of failing to get what you want must be hard to bear.

    Although it looked so innocent and pure, there was a deeper meaning behind Wen Xinya’s smile. The second reason why she made use of her mother’s reputation and donated the Star of the Sea was to announce to everybody that her mother was the original Madam Wen. This would remind them that Ning Shuqian was nothing but a mistress, and was just monkeying around when she stirred up trouble in the circle previously to defame her. At the same time, this would raise her profile in the circle!

    Old Mr. Wen took a glance at her before he said flatly to Wen Haowen, “That’s enough. Xinya did suggest to me to donate the Star of the Sea, but I was still the one who made the final decision. It was not her fault, so stop blaming Xinya.”

    Thinking about the promise he had made to Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen was adamant to protect his pride. “Even if that’s the case, you should’ve discussed with me before making the decision. On top of that, there was no need to donate anything under Xinya’s name.”

    Old Mr. Wen snickered coldly. “I think you have your head in the clouds. Xinya is the one who has just returned to the Wen Family. If not Xinya, whose name should we donate under in the name of Yunyao? This old man here?”

    Wen Haowen’s face stiffened. He took a glance at Ning Shuqian, before continuing, “How do you think you made Shuqian feel at this event with all that you’ve done? She has married into the Wen Family for fifteen years, how can she bear this?”

    The old man wanted to raise Wen Xinya’s profile, and he did so by using Yunyao’s reputation as the original Madam Wen to declare Wen Xinya as the true successor of the family.

    “Haowen, I’m fine. Don’t argue with father at a place like this, everybody’s watching.” Ning Shuqian said pleadingly with tears in her eyes.

    Everything left behind by Yunyao was invaluable. She had wanted them for a long time, but Old Mr. Wen guarded them tightly. After Xia Ruya grew up, the things slowly landed in her hands, and it would not look good for her to ask for them. Later on, Xia Ruya became the illegitimate child of the Xia Family and Old Mr. Wen demanded the items back before sending them to Wen Xinya’s room. The Star of the Sea was an exception, which Old Mr. Wen kept with him. As such, she developed the thought to own it for herself.

    With such a commotion, a few people were unhappy and left. Grandpa gathered together with a few of his old friends and began chatting. Wen Xinya looked at Xia Ruya who was standing at the exhibition area staring intently at the Star of the Sea, which was encased within a bulletproof glass. Her eyes lit up as an idea popped into her head.

    Xia Ruya, you took everything from me in her previous life.

    Now, in this life, I would much rather donate everything I have to charity than to let a b*tch like you take them!

    With that in mind, she walked over to Xia Ruya with a wide grin. “Don’t you think the Star of the Sea is absolutely beautiful? Under the light from the chandelier, that shade of blue which glows just like the ocean is so mesmerizing that it captivates everybody.”

    Xia Ruya raised her gaze and looked at her calmly with glistening eyes. “Yes, It’s beautiful! That’s one of the few large diamonds in the world. While the other large diamonds are either missing or unknown, this Star of the Sea is the only one that’s widely known. It exudes the most astounding glow in the world. It’s said that anybody who owns it will receive happiness and achieve everything they want.”

    Her voice was eerily calm, making Wen Xinya feel a sort of unease. No wonder Xia Ruya loved the Star of the Sea so much in her previous life, it was because it bore such a meaning.

    Recalling her previous life, Xia Ruya did receive happiness after gaining the Star of the Sea, even taking away everything that belonged to her. The Star of the Sea must indeed be a lucky item.

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled into a smile as looked at her tauntingly. Her delicate flower-like lips parted slightly as she exhaled, and every line and wrinkle on her lips gave out a soft feel to it. “I heard that the Star of the Sea belonged to you and that you wore them to all sorts of banquet events.”

    Xia Ruya stared at her blankly, taken aback by her words. When she saw the mockery on her face, it was as if she received a stab to her eyes and looked down instinctively. Her averted gaze was filled with jealousy and hatred, gradually growing colder. Her eyes were bottomless pits, with a sort of bloody madness slowly emerging and raging like a storm, frenzied and wild…

    “Seems like the so-called beautiful halo and happiness that the Star of the Sea gives is nothing but a rumor. Otherwise, you would not have become the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family.” Wen Xinya said as she stared coldly at Xia Ruya. The look in her eyes was piercing like a dagger.

    Xia Ruya watched Wen Xinya from behind as she left. Her back revealed elegance and grace that she was naturally born with, turning heads as she walked by and captivating them. She had the power to draw in people like moths to a flame.

    Out of a sudden, she clasped her hands and her sharp nails dug into the flesh of her palms. It was so painful that she gritted her teeth. At that moment, the hatred in her eyes shone glaringly, unable to hide it any longer.

    Out of all the priceless accessories Mo Yunyao owned, her favorite was the Star of the Sea. Back then, she even wore it to many events. Everybody in the circle knew that this gem which was one of the few large diamonds in the world belonged to her, and it even became a symbol of her identity.

    After Wen Xinya was found and returned home, Old Mr. Wen initially did not demand her to return Mo Yunyao’s old belongings. However, she was also too embarrassed to take things that did not belong to her, so she did not take anything with her when she left the Wen Family.

    Anything but the Star of the Sea. She thought that since she was still an adopted child of the Wen Family for twelve years, Grandpa would have no problem giving her the Star of the Sea. However, she did not expect Grandpa to demand it back from her. The humiliation and shame she felt at that moment was deeply etched in her heart.

    She had believed that the Star of the Sea was to be given to Wen Xinya, and wickedly thought that Wen Xinya was getting a necklace that was already worn by her. The thought of Wen Xinya wearing something that was worn by her before around in the circle gave her a sense of reassurance.

    However, what she had never expected was that Old Mr. Wen would actually put this necklace for a charity auction, showing that the Wen Family didn’t care for something that Xia Ruya had worn before. It was a brutal slap to her face!

    Her eyes landed on Wen Xinya. She was adorned with a set of Pigeon Blood rubies that were pure, saturated and bright. Under the light from the chandelier, they were like balls of flames from a Phoenix when still, while like flowing blood rich with colors and energy when moving. They brought out Wen Xinya’s youthful face, making it look more vivid and beautiful.

    One could only wish to attain Pigeon Blood rubies as pure as those for collection. Even the value of the Star of the Sea could not be compared to them.

    Everything that Wen Xinya had was things that she never owned before! This realization filled her with jealousy and hatred.