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Chapter 192 - Kissing Techniques Get Better with Practice

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 192: Kissing Techniques Get Better with Practice

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    Si Yiyan’s gaze suddenly deepened with some kind of deep undercurrents. He looked at her burning cheeks, like cherry blossoms blooming in March, and said with a deep, hoarse voice, “Then… shall we try again?”

    Wen Xinya tilted her head away in a panic and said, “Nope, I don’t have the slightest energy left.”

    Although she felt that Si Yiyan’s kissing technique was very fail, she had to admit that the kiss was absolutely soul-sucking, with a charm like thunder shaking the ground. To do it again, she definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the heat.

    “My kiss is very fail?” He smirked meaningfully, his voice slightly panting, hoarse with a tinge of depth as if he had other thoughts in mind. No man would willingly allow the girl he liked to criticize his kissing techniques, and he was no exception, even though Wen Xinya had spoken the truth.

    Wen Xinya said hurriedly, “No, no! Nobody’s born with great kissing techniques—they all get better with practice.”

    Si Yiyan looked at her, his eyes filled with glamor and charm. “Hmm, don’t worry, I’ll definitely practice more in the future, so… you’ll have to go along with me.”

    Wen Xinya wished that she could dig a hole and bury herself in—extremely embarrassed. She instantly retracted her unleashed emotions, and only realized then that she had actually played so crazily with Si Yiyan.

    With such thoughts, she looked away, feeling slightly uneasy.

    Si Yiyan knew that her slightly petty emotions were at play again, and didn’t wish to force her too much. He looked down at her, rarely dressed up, so beautiful, pure and elegant like a pear blossom tree, quietly radiating burning style. “This outfit looks very pretty on you, with a great match of accessories.”

    The change of topic was too sudden and too different, Wen Xinya’s thoughts couldn’t switch momentarily.

    “Really? It’s my first time formally attending a party in the circle in the name of the eldest daughter of the Wen Family. I don’t have that many appropriate gowns and accessories, and it just so happened that this gown and accessories matched, that’s why…” She suddenly smiled—actually she wasn’t the only embarrassed one, Si Yiyan must have felt the same too! Otherwise, given he was great at communicating, why would he suddenly changed into such a fail topic.

    Actually, in her cloakroom, there were many pieces of jewelry left behind by her mother, and Grandpa had also gifted her some valuable jewelry before her homecoming party—any of those sets of jewelry would have befitted the occasion.

    “Wen Xinya, the first time I saw you at the Jo-ramst merchandise store, you’d stood against the light with a peerlessly alluring poise, drenched in the gorgeous light from the chandeliers, as though the entire world sparkled because of you. Subconsciously, I felt that only the intense brilliance of the pigeon-blood ruby was fit for you.”

    Si Yiyan looked at the pigeon-blood ruby jewelry on Wen Xinya, radiating fiery vitality under the pale yellow lighting, its vividly intense colors and deep, blood-like beauty complementing her gorgeous, graceful looks, giving out an intense charm.

    Wen Xinya looked up at him. To Si Yiyan, it was his first time meeting her, deeply etched in his heart. However, for her, they had instead first met at the Mo Family, when she shunned him like the plague.

    Si Yiyan gently kissed the pigeon-blood ruby flower on her head, the stunning one with six petals and a silky center. “Wen Xinya, did you know, for the pigeon-blood ruby’s intense vitality and deep colors, it’s also known as the stone of phoenix nirvana, symbolizing rising from the ashes. In the Bible, it’s known as the stone of love, representing burning passion, eternity, and devotion.”

    He recalled that he had picked this set of pigeon-blood ruby for her because way back when he first set his eyes on her, the burning flames on her, like the pigeon-blood ruby, had already set his heart on fire.

    “So you actually had ulterior motives towards me when you moved into my Grampy’s place.” Wen Xinya only believed now that previously Si Yiyan had moved into the Mo Family because of her.

    Si Yiyan said, smiling, “I told you before, I was a timid crybaby when I was young. Due to my character, my father had once been very worried. However, he had been obstructed by my mother leniency towards me, and he wasn’t willing to upset my mother because of me, thus, he had adopted a foster son, with the plans of grooming him to become my puppet, so that he could help me manage the Xiasi Group and Lucifer in the future!”

    Wen Xinya was very interested in his past, and asked hurriedly, “Then what happened?”

    Si Yiyan smiled. “Then he slowly got ambitious—not only did he often cheated me, but he also kept snatching away things that belonged to me. No matter how I cried and threw tantrums, my father didn’t care, and although my mother consoled me, she never really intervened.”

    Wen Xinya said, “Although Aunt wished for you to be a normal person, she didn’t wish for you to become someone that allowed people to bully you at whim. After that?”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “After that, he made me learn that tears are the most useless thing in the world, he taught me that I have to fight for whatever I wanted, whether it’s careful planning, unscrupulous fighting, or going to any lengths, even snatching, I’ll have to do it without hesitation, so as to get it within my grasp.”

    Wen Xinya saw that his beautiful eyes were smeared with a rare kind of perseverance—she had always felt that his life had a deeper meaning.

    Si Yiyan suddenly looked at her, his charming eyes filled with enchantment. “Wen Xinya, it’s the same for me when it comes to you.”

    Once he had landed his eyes on her, he had had his heart set and had acted without hesitation, taking the initiative to fight for her—notwithstanding that she was only fifteen years old.

    Blushing, Wen Xinya did not look at him but asked, “Then, what happened to him after that?”

    She could tell that when Si Yiyan mentioned that person, his emotions were complex—that person must have been a very important person in his life!

    Si Yiyan’s gaze went through the yellow street lamp, far away into the pitch-black night sky. “After my father passed away, the complicated powers in the Xiasi Group wanted to get rid of me. My father’s former subordinates covered up for me to escape, and he… disguised as me and died in the hands of those people.”

    He would never forget the smile on his face. “Yan, do you know that I’m very jealous of you, jealous of you for having such loving parents, and for having such an esteemed identity. Now… I finally have the opportunity to wear your clothes—I am you.”

    “Ah!” Wen Xinya uttered, covering her mouth in shock—she did not expect such an ending.

    Si Yiyan gathered the myriad of thoughts in his heart and looked down at her. “Frightened?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head. “Nope, I thought the both of you would end up as competing frenemies.”

    Si Yiyan lamented. “If he didn’t die, that’s one possibility.”

    Wen Xinya felt somewhat sorry—for a person who was lonely at the top like Si Yiyan, it was rare to have such a competing frenemy in his life.