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Chapter 196 - The Call from Xia Ruya’s Family

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 196: The Call from Xia Ruya’s Family

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    When Wen Xinya returned from the Mo Family, it was already 7:00 P.M. in the evening, Grandpa was still not resting, sitting on the sofa and watching the evening news! Upon seeing her return, a smile emerged on his face. “You’re back!”

    Wen Xinya said, smiling, “Grandpa, why aren’t you resting at this hour?”

    The smile on Old Mr. Wen’s face faded. “Nothing much. I just ended a call with an old friend, chatting about business matters. Call ended quite late, didn’t feel sleepy anymore, so might as well wait for you to be back.”

    Wen Xinya’s sensitivity felt that Grandpa was not in a good mood, but did not pursue further.

    Old Mr. Wen asked, “How’re your studies for returning to school? School’s about to start soon, have you decided which school to go to?”

    Previously, Xinya had said that she wanted to complete her Secondary School Level Three’s studies in six months. Although he had felt that it was incredible, he had not paid extra attention, only wishing for her to obtain some knowledge and passable results—that was the way for most of the ladies from wealthy families in the capital city.

    However, most unexpectedly, previously he had found her a tuition teacher, and when he asked about the progress of her studies from the tuition teacher, the tuition teacher’s words had thoroughly amazed him:

    “Miss Wen has amazing potential for learning. Many a time, I only needed to provide slight guidance before she could draw inferences about other instances. I didn’t help her too much—she had learned most of it on her own. Based on her current progress, it can already be considered exemplary.”

    What else could make him happier than a granddaughter who was both intelligent and motivated?

    Wen Xinya said, smiling, “Previously, at the gathering with Zhou Tianyu and the others, we’d talked about me returning to school. Zhou Tianyu said that the Lan Feng Institute was good. Thus, I intend to study at the Lan Feng Institute.”

    Regarding her returning to school, Old Mr. Wen naturally respected her views. Thus, smiling, he replied, “The Lan Feng Institute is indeed not bad. As an elite school, there are higher barriers to entry, so those who make it in are all outstanding students. Since you’ve already decided, I’ll make the arrangements for you—you only need to focus on your studies.”

    “Thank you, Grandpa!” Wen Xinya thanked him, smiling.

    As if he suddenly thought of something, Old Mr. Wen frowned slightly. “Previous, Mother Wang had received a package for you from Italy—the mailing label on the package stated private plane by the EWS International Shipping Company. You have any friends in Italy?”

    Italy was full of power struggles by all sorts of forces, thus prompting Old Mr. Wen to ask her about it. Also, the EWS International Shipping Company was currently the world’s most exclusive forwarder—as long as one had money, it was natural to enjoy service by private planes.

    Wen Xinya instinctively thought of Si Yiyan as her fingers lightly fiddled with the dangling earring on her earlobe. She did not know since when, but she had gotten used to always wearing this earring. Besides matching for party gowns, she very rarely took it off—more often than not, she even picked her gowns based on the style of the dangling earring.

    With these thoughts, she nodded, saying, “Yup, most likely it’s a student of Grampy. He’s an Italian-Chinese, had stayed at Grampy’s briefly when he returned previously, and even taught me calligraphy for a period of time, so we’re on closer terms.”

    Seeing that she looked distracted, Old Mr. Wen shifted his glance to her fiddling actions towards her earring. Upon closer scrutiny of the earring’s design, he felt that the material and quality of the earring were rather peculiar—something that he had never seen before, and asked uncontrollably, “The dangling earring on your right ear looks very exquisite, seems like I’ve never seen you take it off?”

    Wen Xinya instinctively retracted her hand, as if it was scalded by the earring on her earlobe, and said, “Is it? I think it looks very exquisite too, so I’ve been wearing it, not bearing to take it off.”

    How could Old Mr. Wen not be able to tell that her emotions were slightly unnatural? “It’s material and quality are rather peculiar, something that I’ve never seen.”

    The Wen Corporation’s jewelry line was a world-renowned luxury brand, and there were not many custom-made accessories with material and quality that were unknown to him, so her earring had piqued his interest.

    Touching her earring, Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I bought it from the antique market previously. It also caught my eye due to its special material and quality.”

    Old Mr. Wen was merely chatting leisurely with her, so was not particularly bothered. After chatting for a while longer, he returned to his room to rest.

    Gently fiddling with the dangling earring on her ear, Wen Xinya asked casually, “Mother Wang, who called just now—Grandpa seemed slightly unhappy.”

    Mother Wang replied, “I didn’t notice either, seems like a call from the Xia Family—the call lasted almost an hour, and the Old Man’s face didn’t look good the whole time—probably some business matters.”

    A call from Xia Ruya’s family? Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Mother Wang, it’s getting late, you should rest early too!”

    The Xia Family must have called Grandpa regarding business matters. Wen Xinya carefully searched her brain for everything regarding the Xia Family, but couldn’t make any sense of them. So, she decided to stop grappling with it, returned to her room and went to the cloakroom. As expected, Si Yiyan’s parcel was placed in the cloakroom.

    It was a rather huge suitcase. Wen Xinya entered her own birthday and indeed broke the password on the suitcase. Within the suitcase were four or five boxes. Wen Xinya opened them one by one—there were three sets of handmade clothes by the Henry Poole Family, of which all the materials used were very expensive textiles.

    Two boxes contained accessories, shoes, and bags—obviously handmade and customized as well—which matched with the clothes.

    Lastly, at the bottom of the suitcase, Wen Xinya discovered an exquisite hollow air-tight box. Gently opening it, she saw an exquisite crystal turtle lying on yellow silk. The turtle’s head was hidden within its shell, and its tiny tail fluttered gently—its silly disposition made Wen Xinya smile.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but recall the night of her homecoming party when Si Yiyan teased her for belonging to the zodiac of the Turtle, and previously, when she went to Nantong City, he had also sent her a picture of a turtle as a secret signal. She never could have thought that he would really gift her a small turtle.

    She stared angrily at the turtle in the box uncontrollably. Just then, the small turtle’s head gently came out of its shell, his pair of tiny, beady eyes peering through suspiciously, and when it didn’t sense any threat in the surroundings, it held its head up high. Wen Xinya’s playful spirit was triggered and as she caught its tiny tail, it instantly retracted its head back into its shell.

    “Hahahaha!” Wen Xinya couldn’t help but roll on her bed laughing, the small turtle in her arms. However, she didn’t know that the small turtle’s performance just now was exactly Si Yiyan’s reason for wanting a pet turtle previously!

    Wen Xinya retrieved a card from the box. Si Yiyan’s quaint Liu-calligraphy instantly reminded her of the way she had practiced calligraphy with Si Yiyan previously.

    “An awl tail, an olive head, loves to hide his head and tail inwards, walks ever so slowly, nobody lives longer than him—guess an animal’s name!”

    “Showcasing such a simple riddle, purely insulting my intelligence—everyone on earth knows it’s a turtle!” Wen Xinya threw the card aside and rubbed the pure-white shell of the turtle. “Hi, little turtle, I’m your owner. My name is Wen Xinya. From now on your full name is Si Si, nickname is Xiao-yi, pet name is Yan Yan—what do you think?”

    When little turtle’s tail stuck out a little, Wen Xinya grabbed its tiny tail and wagged it a couple of times. “Since you’ve wagged your tiny tail, I’ll take it as you’ve agreed!”