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Chapter 197 - Car Acciden

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 197: Car Accident

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    The 22nd was the day that Xu Zhenyu went to the Northeast Main Military Camp. Wen Xinya went with Han Mofeng and gang to send Xu Zhenyu off. After Xu Zhenyu boarded the plane, Wen Xinya went to a hill at the airport’s perimeter and watched as Xu Zhenyu’s plane slowly glided onto the runway, rapidly soared upwards towards somewhere far away, quickly charging and disappearing into the clouds. Wen Xinya’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

    She suddenly looked up towards the clouds and shouted with all her might, “Xu Zhenyu, I’m sorry!”

    I’m sorry for implicating you in the past lifetime, causing you to end up like that!

    Wen Xinya shaped her hands into the shape of a horn and shouted towards the sky, “Xu Zhenyu, please take care!”

    Xu Zhenyu was walking down the path that his family had laid down for him. He had a bright future, and would definitely have his own accomplishments in the future.

    No matter what, this lifetime was ultimately different from the past lifetime.

    At least Xu Zhenyu did not fall in love with her, as he did in her previous lifetime, and ended up like that.

    She had put down the biggest piece of rock in her heart since she was back after her rebirth. She felt peaceful deep within, as a lifetime of memories played in her mind, bit by bit, gradually forming an outline that she was not sure had become blurry since when.

    So, time could really slowly erase the markings of the past!

    When she became twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years old…

    She probably wouldn’t remember clearly what had happened then!

    Because she was so absorbed in her thoughts, Wen Xinya didn’t notice that behind her, there was a black unlicensed car driving towards her at top speed…

    “Careful!” A word of reminder, and suddenly, a screeching sound, produced by the friction between the tires of the car and the road, rang in her ears. Her pupils constricted, then she felt her body being hugged from behind, and she fell to the ground, rolling.

    Wen Xinya only realized what was happening then—she first saw the boot of a black unlicensed car driving off, as well as the exhaust fumes it emitted. Her heart tightened momentarily—the car had come for her.

    “Hope you’re alright!” A clear and pleasant voice reached her ear. Wen Xinya only realized then that she had rolled to the ground in the arms of a man, and currently, the man was shielding her in his arms, their bodies wrapped together in a suggestive man-on-top position.

    “I’m… alright, thank you!” Wen Xinya was pushing the man on top of herself away in a fluster, her tender face dyed a bright, gorgeous color.

    The man chuckled softly, only releasing Wen Xinya then, got up from her body elegantly, and then casually swept the dirt off his body—his movements were smooth, naturally graceful, and breathtakingly distinguished.

    “Get on up, the ground’s dirty!” The man extended his fair hand to her—a pair of hands so perfect they looked like they had been carefully sculpted with precision, with long, graceful fingers, looking luxurious, but not at the expense of strength. They were different from Si Yiyan’s pair of hands with slender fingers and skin as clear as the luster of jade, which radiated an aura of unlimited powers.

    One was outwardly beautiful and elegant!

    One was inwardly possessing capabilities!

    “Thank you!” Wen Xinya placed her hand in his palm—his palm was very clean and held her hand with masculine strength, but lacked the thinness of Si Yiyan’s palm.

    Wen Xinya was helped up by him, and only then raised her head to look at him. The man before her looked pleasant and elegant, radiated a distinguished aura, and just by standing there quietly, seemed to be a magnanimous man with a big heart.

    “Young Master Zhong!” Wen Xinya was shocked.

    “It’s me!” The keenness in Zhong Rufeng’s eyes was like gently flowing stream, neither slow nor hastened, and his lips slightly arced into a mild smile. “It was a critical moment just now, I didn’t control my strength well and pushed you to the ground. Are you hurt?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head hurriedly and said, “I’m alright. Just now you’ve been shielding me, are you injured?”

    Zhong Rufeng said with a smile, “I’m alright too!”

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief, looked at him with sincerity and thanked him. “I owe it to you for saving me this time. Thank you!”

    Zhong Rufeng had on a warm smile, like a breath of fresh air. “Just now, I saw you from the roadside and was about to come up and say hi. Unexpectedly, I happened to see a car dashing towards you, and did some disrespectful actions in a moment of crisis—hope you don’t take it to heart.”

    “I should thank you instead. If not for you, I’d probably have already met with an accident.” Wen Xinya furrowed her brows for a while as a hint of coldness skimmed over her eyes, but the tone of her voice was extremely sincere.

    “If you’re really thankful towards me, why don’t you treat me to a meal!” Zhong Rufeng couldn’t help but laugh. Regardless of the hidden turmoil in her eyes filled with coldness, she maintained her expression, never once revealing any changes in emotion.

    Wouldn’t normal girls be extremely scared when experiencing such an incident? However, this Wen Xinya behaved a bit too calmly—did she hide her emotions too well, or was she really not afraid?

    People adept in completely concealing their emotions were the scariest because you could never guess their thoughts deep down. People good at hiding themselves behind masks were the hardest to deal with because you could never understand the kind of people hiding behind the masks.

    However, he recalled that previously, at Grandpa’s birthday party, even if she had been framed to have stolen Jiang Ruoyin’s watch, she also dealt with the situation calmly, logically, and elegantly.

    Wen Xinya smiled mildly, and said indifferently, “If not for you, I wouldn’t be able to stand here unscathed like this—it’s only right that I treat you to a meal.”

    Zhong Rufeng admired her straightforward and unpretending character, and also understood why she could earn Grandpa’s heart. “Just now, I seemed to see that car suddenly turning out from a corner and dashed straight towards you—obviously an arranged incident and not a normal accident. You’ve got to be careful in the future—it failed this time, perhaps there’ll be a next.”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “Thank you for your reminder. I’ll keep it in mind.”

    Her reply was beyond reproach, so Zhong Rufeng wisely changed the topic. “My Grandpa has been talking about you lately, even saying that you’re a little ungrateful girl, conveniently slipping away after obtaining his special jade brush pen, forgetting about him.”

    His words made Wen Xinya chuckle uncontrollably. “How’s Grandfather Zhong’s health lately? I’ve been busy with my studies in preparation to return to school recently, and so didn’t visit him.”

    Zhong Rufeng asked with a smile, “He’s the same. Oh yes, which high school are you preparing to go to?”

    “Lan Feng!” Wen Xinya did not hide the fact.

    “What a pity, I’ll be graduating from Lan Feng this year and won’t have the chance to be in the same school as you.” From the tone of his voice, one could tell that he really felt it was a waste—he was indeed rather interested in this eldest daughter of the Wen Family.

    In her previous lifetime, Zhong Rufeng had been conferred the mayor of the capital city and could be seen on the television almost every day. However, she really didn’t know that he had graduated from Lan Feng—seemed like Lan Feng was the right choice.

    Zhong Rufeng said, “Lan Feng’s educational philosophy is comparatively unique—unlike many other schools these days which are bringing in teaching methodologies from overseas, in the recent years, Lan Feng has been reviving the ancient culture after ridding the irrelevant parts which had stubbornly stuck around. For this, it’s been regarded with importance by the country. I heard that your Grampy has also participated in the compilation of ancient educational philosophy case studies and books at Lan Feng.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Didn’t expect to accidentally pick a choice school!”