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Chapter 198 - 80% Ambiguous, Not Yet Lovers

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 198: 80% Ambiguous, Not Yet Lovers

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    After parting with Zhong Rufeng, Wen Xinya’s expression darkened throughly. Ning Shuqian that b*tch—previously digging a hole for her on the pretext of the birthday cocktail party, then getting people from the underworld to deal with her, and now directly getting someone to run her over with a car—her methods were getting increasingly ruthless each time.

    Ning Shuqian was dealing with her so urgently, even reaching the stage of using unscrupulous means. On the one hand, it could be because she couldn’t stomach the fact that Ning Yuya had been driven out of the Wen Family and sent abroad. On the other hand, it was also because everything had gone wrong for her in the recent period of time and she had blamed everything on Wen Xinya, and so all the old and recent grudges had made her lose her mind.

    Of course, more importantly, her homecoming party was only recently held, she had also just returned to the Wen Family officially—regardless in the Wen Family or the circle, her foundation seemed unstable, so now was the best time to deal with her.

    Once some time had passed, all the more she would no longer have the opportunity to deal with her.

    With these thoughts, Wen Xinya became even more guarded towards Ning Shuqian—in order to deal with her, God knew what else Ning Shuqian could do.

    Wen Xinya was buried in her own thoughts when suddenly, a piercing horn sounded, instantly shocking her awake. Instinctively looking over, she saw an Aston Martin stopping right beside her.

    It was Si Yiyan’s car!

    Alighting, Si Yiyan came up to her and asked, “What’s on your mind that’s making you so serious, looking so solemn?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “Nothing much.”

    She did not plan to tell anyone what had just happened, including Si Yiyan.

    Naturally, Si Yiyan did not believe her, but he did not pursue further. “It’s dangerous to be deep in thoughts when walking beside the road, be more alert in the future.”

    Wen Xinya recalled the car that was driving towards her just now and replied, “Got it!”

    Si Yiyan nodded and did not say much after that.

    “Oh yes, Si Yiyan, why are you back?” Wen Xinya asked, surprised—previously he had needed to get back to Italy, how come suddenly he was back again in just a few days.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “So surprised to see me—didn’t I tell you previously that I’d be back these few days?”

    Wen Xinya widened her eyes. “When did you tell me, how come I don’t know—usually, once you leave Country Z, you disappear without a trace or news whatsoever.”

    Due to the power struggles of the Xiasi Group, he was under dangerous circumstances. Thus, he always came and went like a shadow. As long as he left Country Z, they did not even contact each other through the phone.

    Si Yiyan asked helplessly, “Have you received the stuff that I sent from Italy previously?”

    “Yup, received. You even gifted me a little turtle…” Startled, Wen Xinya only realized then, that “turtle” sounded the same as “back.” She recalled the riddle on the card previously—she had already guessed that based on Si Yiyan’s character, how could he play such childish riddle games—so it had a deeper meaning.

    Si Yiyan raised his eyebrow.

    Wen Xinya stared at him unhappily and said, “You could’ve said directly that you were coming back—what’s with the secretiveness.”

    Obviously, she was the one who didn’t get the hint, and instead, blamed him for being secretive. “Do you like the clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes that I’d given you previously?”

    When he was not by her side, he could only give her presents to make his presence felt, so that she wouldn’t forget about him for any moment. Also… he needed to let her get used to him giving her things.

    “The clothes originated from the Henry Poole Family, shoes and bags are all world-class customized items, and the designs and styles of the accessories are all top-notch—there’s nothing not to like.” The tone of Wen Xinya’s voice was slightly hazy—she felt a little perplexed towards him giving her things on his own accord. However, recalling that he had previously gifted her five sets of accessories anonymously in Jo-ramst, and thereafter had given her lots of previous clothes and accessories, it would seem unreasonable for her to reject his gifts now. Yet, accepting them also seemed frivolous.

    Si Yiyan pretended not to notice her slight perplexity, and said, smiling, “It’s all good you if like them!”

    Wen Xinya stared at him. “Si Yiyan, stop giving me things on your own accord in the future—it makes our relationship seem very intimate.”

    Si Yiyan looked at her doubtfully, slightly confused. “We’ve hugged, kissed, and spent Valentine’s Day together—isn’t our relationship intimate enough?”

    Wen Xinya was momentarily speechless. She had originally thought that she had never opened up and accepted Si Yiyan in her carefully guarded heart and that their relationship was 80% ambiguous, but not yet lovers. However, it seemed like unknowingly, they had already crossed so many lines of intimacy and were only lacking an official status.

    With these thoughts, she couldn’t help but panic in her heart.

    Si Yiyan’s finger brushed lightly across her cheek. “You see, you’ve even accepted the pigeon-blood ruby, which represents love, that I gave you, even wearing it before. Does it not mean that you’ve actually already accepted me?”

    “I’d only accepted it without being aware.” Wen Xinya explained instinctively, as her mind uncontrollably flashed back to that night—the look on Si Yiyan’s face when he described the first time he met her, how his eyes had glowed momentarily like crystal when he explained the meaning behind the pigeon-blood ruby, reflecting the light from the street lamps, extremely magnificent.

    Si Yiyan looked at her, his gaze as clear as the morning dew, gently raising heart-tugging ripples. “When we were at Nantong, you didn’t reject my handmade zither either—zither represents feelings, and the act of gifting zither had long represented the profession of love.”

    But, Wen Xinya was dumbstruck. Zither representing feelings was a common storyline in ancient television drama, and everyone knew what it meant. She felt that Si Yiyan had dug a love well, waiting for her to jump into it.

    The sunlight shone through the branches of the cinnamon tree by the roadside and landed on his body in blotchy patches, as Si Yiyan sighed. “I don’t wish to force you. I just wanted to face up to my feelings, instead of avoiding and brushing them aside.”

    Wen Xinya’s throat felt dry—she had indeed been avoiding and brushing Si Yiyan aside. She had originally not felt anything about it, but now that he had voiced it out, she felt that she was selfish and nasty, and felt guilty towards him.

    She knew that if she couldn’t reciprocate Si Yiyan’s feelings, she should reject him earlier. However, Si Yiyan had always behaved appropriately, expressing himself obscurely, leaving no grounds for her rejection.

    “Wen Xinya…” Si Yiyan called out to her in a deep voice, as if he placed her name at the tip of his tongue, chewing it.

    “I… I’m only fifteen years old, currently not ready…” She hung her head, her throat extremely dry, her voice hoarse, her speech stuttering—it seemed so difficult to even finish the statement of rejection.

    Si Yiyan suddenly reached out with his finger and sealed her lips. “Wen Xinya, if you can’t look into my eyes and say it to me, don’t say it.”

    Wen Xinya instinctively raised her head and opened her mouth, wanting to talk. However, she realized that when she looked into the pair of crystal-like eyes, like the boundless evening sky, the words that she had rehearsed in her heart countless times got stuck at her throat, and she couldn’t utter a word.