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Chapter 199 - Xiao Jingnan—Someone She Used to Love Deeply

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 199: Xiao Jingnan—Someone She Used to Love Deeply

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    Returning to the Wen Family, Wen Xinya locked herself up in her room, sat down on the ledge beside the window in her room, and stared into blank space.

    The incident just now kept replaying in her mind.

    She was staring at Si Yiyan, speechless, when Si Yiyan suddenly looked down and kissed her. She didn’t know why, but at that moment, she had felt resistant towards the kiss which used to mesmerize her. So, she kept struggling, hitting and scratching him, like a stray cat making a scene, like a shrew by the roadside, crying and cursing him to be a jerk at the same time.

    But he didn’t budge the slightest bit—his burning lips met her chilly lips, like wildfires insisting to burn down a thousand-year snow mountain. One stubbornly demanding, one coldly rejecting—within this purgatory battle of fire and ice, it was unknown who would eventually emerge victorious and in defeat.

    This was the first time Si Yiyan displayed the commandment and aggressiveness in his bloodline, which had been hidden and suppressed, towards her, as though everyone had to succumb under such commandment.

    And she eventually succumbed!

    All her emotions melted away as she laid weakly in his arms, like the gentle and slender silk flower clinging onto her big tree.

    And then…

    What happened?

    Her mind was in a blur. She tried hard to recall, and only remembered then, that she had run away!

    And the reason that had caused her to run away was that she had recalled the man she had foolishly and blindly loved in her past lifetime.

    She had known the person during the best time of her life. Then, her youth and looks had not been festered by drugs, her esteem had not been demolished by drugs, and she had not been so tormented to the point of being a living dead. She had still been a budding flower—beautiful, pretty, youthful, and gorgeous.

    Even when she had later gotten addicted to drugs, she had only presented the best side of her life in front of him.

    Closing her eyes, a single clear tear fell along her cheek—the deeply buried memories were furiously replaying in her mind, as though they had broken free from their bonds.

    It was her first time being definitive about him being together with Xia Ruya.

    She had been shocked and helpless, but unwilling to believe the truth, and had sought him out furiously, unwilling to take it lying down.

    In the end, she had met with the scene of him and Xia Ruya in an embrace, engaged in a passionate kiss. The scene had triggered her madly—the pupils of her eyes had constricted, her stiff fingers had balled into fists, as she dashed up furiously, pulled Xia Ruya away, pushed her to the ground, sat on her, and clawed at and hit her in a crazy fit.

    “Xia Ruya, you slut—Jingnan is my boyfriend. If you’re lacking men, there are so many of them on the streets—if one’s not enough, you can have two, three, or however many you want. Why do you have to seduce my boyfriend, you shameless slut…”

    Xia Ruya had defended her face with her life, as she screamed continuously in pain.

    “Wen Xinya, stop making a scene unreasonably. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry.” Xiao Jingnan had dashed forward, pulled Wen Xinya away, and ruthlessly slammed her to the ground.

    Wen Xinya had fallen so hard to the ground that half her body had been numb, her forehead had accidentally hit the edge of the glass table and spewed fresh blood. The sudden heart-wrenching pain had made her momentarily dizzy.

    Xiao Jingnan had hurriedly dashed up, carefully helped Xia Ruya up, and asked her in a gentle, concerned tone, “Ruya, are you okay? Want me to send you to the hospital?”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes had been filled with blurry tears, as she displayed a peerlessly alluring poise and shook her head. “I’m okay, but… Xinya’s forehead hit the table and bled so much, let’s quickly send her to the hospital!”

    Wen Xinya had long been sick and tired of Xia Ruya’s fake kindness as such and cursed Xia Ruya. “Xia Ruya, you cheap daughter of a bitch, I don’t need your hyprocrisy—it disgusts me. You took away everything belonging to me, and now you’re even snatching my boyfriend from me. You’ll die a terrible death, a terrible death.”

    Xiao Jingnan had looked at Wen Xinya with a cold and somber expression and said, “Miss Wen, I think you misunderstood. We’ve never been together before, so there’s no boyfriend and girlfriend between us. Please respect yourself, and stop considering yourself as my girlfriend. Otherwise, my fiancée will misunderstand, causing unnecessary trouble for me.”

    The statement had defeated her self-respect and self-esteem, and threw her heart filled with true feelings into the mud!

    Her body had suddenly collapsed. Though separated by her clothes, the coldness of the floor had seeped into her body relentlessly.

    She had been so cold that she was shivering. “Jing… Jingnan, what are you saying—how can you not be my boyfriend?”

    At this point, Xia Ruya had walked up to her slowly, with elegant and graceful steps, and looked at her condescendingly. “Wen Xinya—drugs, fights, alcohol, trouble-making, not to mention that you’d lost your virginity at fifteen years old—how could Jingnan like an extremely coarse and down in the dumps girl like you.”

    Wen Xinya’s pupils had constricted rapidly as the wound on her forehead suddenly hurt so badly that her gastric had cramped up, making her feel disgusted. With her last bit of esteem trampled underfoot and humiliated by Xia Ruya, she had looked towards Xiao Jingnan with trembling lips and hugging her body, without the strength to even retaliate.

    Xiao Jingnan had looked at her with a cold look of disdain and ridicule in his eyes, and his lips, which were usually mild and gentle like jade, had a mild smile with a tinge of mockery.

    She had always thought that she had hidden everything from Xiao Jingnan very well. So, everything had been a joke—Xiao Jingnan had been mocking her inferiority in the shadows, away from her sight.

    Her chest had ached and felt tight, as though it had been struck by lightning a few times.

    Like a sharp knife, the thunderous irony had excavated her heart bit by bit.

    Her heart had been bleeding, but she had already been numb from the pain.

    Xia Ruya had sneered. “In the future, stop clinging onto Jingnan. Jingnan will never love you—the person he loves is me. A person like you don’t deserve anyone’s love at all, you’re only fit to be cast away like old shoes by everyone.”

    Xia Ruya’s demonic voice had festered on her nerves, like maggots attached to bones, and, as though tempered with the most deadly poison in the world, had become the most vicious curse in the world.

    The first person who had abandoned her had been her mother, then her father and Grandma, followed by her Grampy, and then it had been the man she had loved the most!

    Eventually, even Grandpa, the only person who had ever given her kinship, had abandoned her, utterly confirming Xia Ruya’s words: “A person like you don’t deserve anyone’s love at all, you’re only fit to be cast away like old shoes by everyone.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart suddenly constricted as she returned to reality from the nightmare of her previous lifetime. She only felt cold all over, instinctively hugged her own knees, and curled up into a ball in a futile attempt to warm herself.

    She thought she had long broken free from the pain and hopelessness from the nightmare of her previous lifetime. However, so long as she thought of the man that she had loved so deeply, she still flinched.

    “Xiao Jingnan!” She called out the name that had once penetrated her bones and seeped into her blood under her breath, her heart hurting dully. Since her rebirth, she had thought about this person more than once, but it was her first time facing up to the name buried deep within her heart.