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Chapter 202 - A Graceful Gentleman—Chu Jingnan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 202: A Graceful Gentleman—Chu Jingnan

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    Two men walked side by side into the office.

    One of them looked exquisite and elegant and with a classy disposition, like a viburnum tree, and yet, radiated a mild charm, like nephrite jade.

    The other was handsome and refined, a gentleman with a learned aura, beaming with charisma and grace.

    Two of them stood alongside each other, equally matched!

    These two were Zhong Rufeng and Chu Jingnan.

    Jiang Ruoyin looked at them, surprised, her small face dyed a rouge-like red from agitation. “President Zhong, you’ve already graduated from Lan Feng—are you here to do handover with the new president?” Saying which, she looked at the handsome and graceful man beside him. “Senior Chu, are you the new president this round?”

    The student union was supposed to have elected the new president by the end of the last school term. However, having been the president for two years, Zhong Rufeng had accumulated massive influence and support, and everyone couldn’t come to a consensus on the new president. Thus, the matter had been delayed until the start of the new term, when the third voting for the election of the new president was held.

    Chu Jingnan stood at the entrance with his back facing the light. Looking towards the light at him, Wen Xinya’s eyes seemed to be stung by the light shining into the room from outside, causing them discomfort.

    He was still as tall and big—she needed to look up in order to see his face clearly.

    However, looking up at such a height, you could never see through one’s true emotions and expressions.

    In her previous lifetime, she had met Chu Jingnan in university. Then, she had been lugging her heavy suitcase when she bumped into him. Not only had he not reprimanded her, he had instead helped her with her suitcase—that graceful disposition of a gentleman had instantly captured her heart!

    After which, she had started to pursue him fiercely. However, he had always been consistent towards her from the start to the end—keeping a slight distance without rejection, yet with a tinge of ambiguity, always giving her a trace of hope.

    And she, in order to get into his good books, had often brought him to all sorts of high-class parties. Gradually, his circle had expanded and he became good friends with many people in the circle. Eventually… he had been exposed as the illegitimate son of one of the big four families, the Xiao Family, was received back to the Xiao Family by Old Mr. Xiao and changed his surname to Xiao.

    Thereafter… he had drifted apart from, and even kept a distance from her!

    And then she had seen him openly attending all sorts of parties and events with Xia Ruya. He had even personally acknowledged Xia Ruya as his girlfriend, the woman he loved the most.

    Soon after, Old Mr. Xiao had died, and a shocking case of fighting for the estate burst in the Xiao Family. Chu Jingnan had made use of his own connections, and together with Xia Ruya’s help, won the rights as the heir of the Xiao Family, controlling the entire Xiao Corporation.

    This lifetime, she knew that in her previous lifetime, Chu Jingnan had all along treated her like a stepping stone, making use of her status as the eldest daughter of the Wen Family to enter the high society circle, waiting for the opportunity to strike and return to the Xiao Family, so that he could seize the inheritance rights of the Xiao Family. Otherwise, she would have been the biggest fool.

    Hilarious… her own self in her previous lifetime had committed desperately, irredeemably to him, keeping him in her thoughts for everything, planning everything for him. However, he had only been making use of her, and when she ceased to be of any use to him, he conveniently kicked her aside and got together with Xia Ruya.

    Chu Jingnan felt a pair of complicated eyes stuck onto him wherever he moved, furrowed his brows uncontrollably, and looked towards the gaze. He saw a young girl clad in a world-class, handmade dress—pale green perfectly matched with white pear blossoms, like spots of clear dew glowing on a green leaf, yet like snow-white pear blossoms meandering till the end of the dress. Her child-like face was elegant and beautiful, like a blossoming viburnum tree, brilliant and magnificent.

    The young girl merely stood there quietly like that, but an aura of inborn elegance, which extended both to heaven and earth, radiated from her bones. Her peerlessly alluring poise made one’s heart skip a beat, willing to brave anything, like a moth darting into flames, be smashed to pieces, just to have a look at her.

    And she… looked at him with a very weird gaze which was different from the other girls who admired him. Her deep black eyes were like bottomless abysses, with a coldness that looked through others’ souls, yet felt unfathomably gloomy, vaguely revealing a somewhat frightening and complicated combination of like and hate.

    His heart suddenly constricted in crisis, and he felt an inexplicable ache with the spasm. The young girl’s piercing glare seemed to be able to scorch others, as if a gentle touch would cause his whole body to catch fire and burn himself to death.

    Who was she—why did she look at him like that, as if she had known him way before?

    In the middle of his thoughts, Zhong Rufeng, who was right beside him, approached Wen Xinya with a warm smile. “Xinya, are you done with your school admission procedures?”

    Xinya… Was she the Wen Xinya from the Wen Family, who had led a wandering life for fifteen years, whom Old Mr. Wen had held a homecoming party for shortly after her return to the Wen Family, and also transferred 5% shareholdings of the Wen Corporation to?

    He looked towards her but was met with her pair of pitch-black eyes, like bottomless abysses, which concealed all her emotions as though she had a skeleton in her closet, causing him to subconsciously yell silently, wanting to investigate the truth.

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, “This student union member said that I’m not fit to come to Lan Feng Institute, thus she’s unwilling to help me with my admission procedures and apartment arrangements.”

    Zhong Rufeng’s gaze turned gloomy as he looked at Jiang Ruoyin. “What’s happening? Doesn’t Miss Wen has her enrollment notice?”

    Jiang Ruoyin obviously felt that he was still as elegant and cultivated, but why was he radiating an aura so cold it made one tremble, even almost suffocating—she hurriedly replied, “Yes, she does…”

    She did not expect Wen Xinya to actually know President Zhong and even seemed very familiar with him. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of jealousy and hatred deep down—she had already admired Senior Zhong for two years, but Senior Zhong maintained a distance with everyone and everything, like the bright moon in the sky, emitting luster radiance, within sight but beyond reach.

    Zhong Rufeng shifted his eyes away slowly. “Since she already has her enrollment notice which had been approved by the institute, by being unwilling to help her with her related procedures, are you doubting the decision of the institute?”

    Flustered, Jiang Ruoyin shook her head. “No, no, I’m not unwilling to help her with the related procedures—she’s framing me!”

    Wen Xinya crossed her arms and sneered.

    Chu Jingnan furrowed his brows slightly and said, “I’d previously heard that you seemed to have had a row with Miss Wen. Although a student union member has slightly more power than an ordinary student, you’ve got to remember that we’re servicing all the students in the school—how can you bicker and have a conflict with a student.”

    Chu Jingnan had actually stood up for her. Wen Xinya looked up and over to him, and incidentally, their eyes met—her slightly icy gaze came forward unrelentingly, and his look also remained firm.

    The two seemingly dueled in the air with cold swords and knives. “Miss Wen seems hostile towards me, not sure if I’d offended Miss Wen in any way?”