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Chapter 203 - Dear Miss Xia, We’re Not That Close

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 203: Dear Miss Xia, We’re Not That Close

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    “Because you’re Chu Jingnan!” Wen Xinya’s red lips, soft and tender like flower petals, every crease on her lips so shockingly fine and delicate, fluttered slightly as they exhaled and gnawed on these four words. Her face changed unpredictably—with every word said, her expression became more bone-chilling. And when she had finished reciting his name, her expression was frosty-cold like shaved ice—chilly and sharp.

    Chu Jingnan realized with fear that with her chewing of every word, endless sense of coldness gathered from the surroundings and gushed fiercely towards him—a young, merely fifteen years old girl actually possessed such frightening gaze and demeanor.

    But, she was all burningly elegant, magnificently classy, overwhelmingly dominant!

    As though everything stood to reason.

    “What do you mean?” Chu Jingnan looked towards her pair of eyes, pitch-black and bright, seemingly without a hint of turmoil. However, she could see the hidden chaos in them, as though hiding an earth-shattering secret, waiting for him to painstakingly investigate and uncover the truth.

    Wen Xinya smiled silently.

    The more she didn’t answer, the more he wanted to investigate—thus, he probed aggressively. “If I remember correctly, it’s Miss Wen’s first time here at Lan Feng. How then would you know my name? Unless you already knew me previously?”

    The way this girl looked at him—he wouldn’t be wrong—she must have known him previously.

    “Once I’ve stepped into the grounds of Lan Feng, I’ve heard President Chu’s reputable name so many times that my ears feel weary.” Only then did Wen Xinya shockingly realize that she had already revealed too many emotions unknowingly, making her very vexed. She smiled bitterly uncontrollably—after a rebirth, she had thought she could face Chu Jingnan calmly, but she didn’t expect that she still couldn’t do it.

    However, Chu Jingnan persisted endlessly. “Nope, this isn’t the reason.”

    “This is Chu Jingnan, whom I believe you guys are familiar with. He’d previously held the position of the head of social activities in the student union and performed excellently at it. In the future, he’ll replace my previous position as the president, becoming the newly elected president of the student union.” Frowning slightly, Zhong Rufeng interrupted Chu Jingnan and introduced him to the people in the room.

    He didn’t like Wen Xinya placing her eyes on Chu Jingnan, because when she looked at Chu Jingnan, in her eyes, even in her world, it was only Chu Jingnan alone.

    He sensitively felt the hidden turmoil between Wen Xinya and Chu Jingnan. When looking at Chu Jingnan, Wen Xinya’s eyes encompassed too many emotions entangled together—there was totally nowhere he could start making sense from. However, he could confirm that Wen Xinya must have known Chu Jingnan, and had unforgettable feelings towards him, similar to the kind with a mix of resentment and hatred…

    Such a realization made him gloomy for no reason.

    However, he felt perplexed—it seemed like Chu Jingnan didn’t know Wen Xinya. How then could the estrangement between Wen Xinya and Chu Jingnan have arisen?

    Chu Jingnan retracted his gaze from Wen Xinya and mildly scanned the few girls in the room. “Hi, everyone. Appreciate your advice in the future.”

    His mild tone was humble, but not self-deprecating at all.

    Compared to Chu Jingnan, the graceful gentleman, Zhong Rufeng was like the bright moon in the sky, radiating mild elegance and charm, within sight but beyond reach. Thus, besides Jiang Ruoyin whose gaze had been stuck onto Zhong Rufeng from the moment he stepped through the door, everyone’s eyes naturally landed on Chu Jingnan.

    Chu Jingnan looked towards Jiang Ruoyin steadily. “Under my charge, I don’t wish to see any more of such cases of student union members bickering and having a conflict with ordinary students. Proceed to complete Miss Wen’s related procedures now!”

    Jiang Ruoyin felt extremely sorry for herself and looked at Wen Xinya with a sense of jealousy and hatred—all because of her, she had been reprimanded by both Senior Zhong and President Chu.

    Jiang Yuqian looked at Chu Jingnan with butterflies in her stomach, thinking that it was a good opportunity to make conversation with President Chu. Determined to leave a good impression on President Chu, she pretended to explain in a fluster. “President, you’ve misunderstood. Ruoyin wasn’t unwilling to help her with her procedures—it’s just that you came over before she could do it.”

    Xia Ruxue also chipped in hurriedly. “Yup, I can testify—Ruoyin has never said anything like she was unwilling to help Wen Xinya with her procedures.” Saying which, she hung her head, then secretly raised it again to observe his expression.

    Xia Ruya added, “Xinya, did you misunderstand Miss Jiang—previously when I came over for my procedures, Miss Jiang had politely completed them for me?”

    Xia Ruya sized Chu Jingnan up obscurely—his brows were sparse, and his clear eyes seemed to glow like jade, pure and bountiful, yet without any sharpness, with five qualities—warm, benevolent, compassionate, gentlemanly, and graceful—such qualities described him perfectly!

    The gentle voice with a tinge of tenderness was very elegant and pleasant—Chu Jingnan instinctively looked over and saw a young girl in a pink dress. Her innocent features were like the first dew on the tip of a pink lotus, looking fresh and beautiful, yet radiating pure seductiveness. She sat there in a graceful posture, demonstrating an aura of elegance.

    Chu Jingnan instantly liked her.

    Xia Ruya’s words were innocent and puzzled, as though the incident of the four of them making things difficult for Wen Xinya never happened. Everyone would definitely be led to think that the differential treatment of Jiang Ruoyin towards Xia Ruya and Wen Xinya had been caused by Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya looked Jiang Ruoyin plainly, and said sarcastically, “I also wonder how did I offend Miss Jiang today to cause her to be unwilling to help me with my procedures.” Saying which, she turned towards Xia Ruya and said, “Dear Miss Xia, I don’t remember a character like you within my friends and relatives. We’re not that close. Hence, please address me as Miss Wen in the future.”

    Xia Ruya suddenly widened her crystal-like eyes which fogged up rapidly, as if she was about to weep, like a delicate flower braving the storm, trembling and shaking, showing her weakness and innocence with all her might. “Xinya, after all, we…”

    Wen Xinya asked mildly, “After all what?”

    Xia Ruya bit down on her lips firmly, her tender red lips rapidly turning deep red from the concentration of blood, radiating a mild seductiveness. “Miss Wen, I crossed the line just now, hope to seek your forgiveness.”

    Wen Xinya nodded plainly—under such circumstances, why would Xia Ruya put her own cards on the table?

    Chu Jingnan felt that Xia Ruya was gentle and kind, and Wen Xinya instead appeared aggressive. However, his eyes were uncontrollably attracted to her. “Since it’s just a misunderstanding, Miss Jiang, trouble you to help Miss Wen with her required procedures!”

    Such a statement subdued all the unhappiness with a powerful aura that couldn’t be challenged.