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Chapter 206 - Killing Two Birds with One Stone!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 206: Killing Two Birds with One Stone!

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    Zhong Rufeng brought Wen Xinya on a short tour of the campus. Although Lan Feng Institute’s scenery was indeed very tranquil and peaceful, and she very much wished to continue touring for a while longer, Zhong Rufeng was really too overwhelmingly famous—along the way she had felt pointing fingers, darting eyes, curious whispers, as well as envy, jealousy, hatred, and resentment coming at her from all directions, putting her on tenterhooks and very uneasy.

    She had no choice but to point out that she felt tired and wanted to take a look at the apartment that the institute allocated to students.

    With Zhong Rufeng’s outstanding intelligence, although he felt that it was a waste, he reciprocated aptly, sent her to the lobby of the female apartment, and left.

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief, went to the management office at the lobby of the apartment, registered her name and particulars, and proceeded to the female apartment.

    The conditions of the accommodation at Lan Feng Institute were generous, being suites in apartments. Although each apartment was only about 50 square meters, it had four individual rooms with a common toilet and a great environment.

    Although the room was rather small and so simple that it only had a single bed and a study table, Wen Xinya was happy to have her own space.

    Wen Xinya left the room, went below the apartment, and saw Xia Ruya standing at the lobby as if waiting for her.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly but remained expressionless, eyes fixated on the road ahead, intending to totally ignore her.

    As Xia Ruya saw her walking over, her eyes brightened and opened her mouth instinctively to call out to her. “Xin…” As if she realized that she was calling out wrongly, she bit down on her bottom lip, turned slightly pale, and hurriedly changed her words. “Miss Wen, wait up—I’d like to talk to you.”

    Due to her eagerness, she had spoken slightly louder and had already attracted a number of people’s attention around the apartment.

    Wen Xinya slowed down her steps and casually turned around to look at her, her glare sharp and cold. “Miss Xia, I’d previously said that I’m not close to you. Thus, there’s nothing much to be said between us.”

    Her words hurt Xia Ruya badly. She raised her head slightly, her fair, jade-like neck radiating a porcelain white pureness, so gorgeous that she looked like a white swan displaying its neck. “Xinya, I’m just happy to be in the same school as you. I don’t have any other intentions!”

    Wen Xinya was not in the leisure mood to watch her show and listen to her bullshit. Thus, she walked past her without even looking at her.

    “Xinya, don’t be like this!” Xia Ruya suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm.

    Wen Xinya flung her arm away by conditioned reflex. Then, something unexpected happened—with a stagger and a whirl of her pink skirt, Xia Ruya fell to the floor.

    Wen Xinya looked at Xia Ruya as she turned an embarrassing fall into a graceful and light movement. At the moment, half of her body was lying on the ground, slightly tilted, with one of her arms laid across the floor and her upper body slightly held up, in a posture of lazy beauty;

    Her head tilted slightly back to look at Wen Xinya, her huge almond eyes filled with dew, looking as if a pear blossom bathed in rain—a sad, weeping beauty;

    Her head full of dyed chestnut-brown hair spread across the floor like seaweed, her well-developed bosoms pointing upwards, making them seem even fuller, looking like a sleeping beauty with messy hair spread across her snow white skin;

    Her pink knee-length skirt curled up slightly, revealing a smooth, tender thigh, yet not letting people feel that she was inappropriate, instead, giving off a frail kind of beauty, in a weak but charming posture;

    A beauty ought to possess poise, posture, appeal, allure, and character—and Xia Ruya presented them fully.

    “Xinya… can you don’t be angry with me!” Xia Ruya had fallen down on the ground. Yet, instead of minding about the pain, she instead first asked for her forgiveness.

    Wen Xinya should have long expected that Xia Ruya had to be outstanding no matter where she went—she just came into Lan Feng Institute, and naturally would exhaust all means to steal the limelight, to broadcast her reputation of good looks, fragility, kindness, and pureness.

    So, she became her stepping stone.

    And she… how good could the reputation of a little thug who had led a wandering life for fifteen years be? Vulgar, unreasonable, overbearing, extravagant, and vicious!

    In school, she was facing a bunch of underage, mentally immature young guys and girls. More often than not, they only believed whatever they saw—not knowing that sometimes, they could be deceived by their own eyes, as well as by others.

    They were easily persuaded and influenced by their environment, as well as misled by hearsay—Xia Ruya’s tactic was too impressive.

    Killing two birds with one stone!

    She glanced around her surroundings. Indeed, many people had unknowingly gathered around. Guys and girls pointed and gesticulated, speaking in whispers. The guys were spellbound by Xia Ruya’s actions, and the girls’ hearts were flooded by sympathy due to Xia Ruya’s fragility.

    A guy couldn’t take it any longer, rushed up to Wen Xinya angrily, stared at her and reprimanded her. “Hey, mate. Aren’t you being too much—even if you don’t wish to speak to her, you don’t have to viciously push her down like this.”

    Xia Ruya looked at the guy and hurriedly shook her head. “Don’t misunderstand Xinya. Just now, I’d fallen down myself—nothing to do with Xinya.”

    The guy, being looked at by the pair of dew-filled eyes, so spiritual they looked like they could speak, felt his heart thumping non-stop. Her helpless look, as if a pear blossom bathed in rain, triggered his protectiveness, as he stared at Wen Xinya. “So you’re the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, the one who’d led a wandering life for fifteen years. No wonder you’d pushed her to the ground with a slight disagreement. Everyone’s right for saying that you’re utterly unreasonable, overbearing and vulgar.”

    Saying which, he gently bent down to help Xia Ruya. “You don’t have to speak up for her. We’ve all seen what happened—if she hadn’t purposely flung you away forcefully, you wouldn’t have fallen down.”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes instantly reddened, her huge eyes glowing with tears of mistreatment and sadness, like a dilapidated flower dampened with dew—waning, yet still carrying a fragrant beauty of strength. “Xinya was just not used to having her arm pulled by someone in that instant, and so instinctively flung my hand away. It’s me who didn’t stand firm, causing myself to fall.”

    Wen Xinya almost wanted to applaud and cheer for her acting skills.

    The guy helped her up, taking pity on her. “Quick, get up—the cold floor isn’t good for your health!”

    Goodness! Though autumn had already started, the ferocious autumn’s glory was comparable to that of summer! The floor could even cook skewers, how on earth could it be cold!

    “Thank you, you’re so nice!” Xia Ruya looked at the guy gratefully, slightly nibbling on her lips—her red lips stained with her saliva, looking even more delicate and juicy.

    The guy was attracted by her exceedingly good looks, tenderness, and fragility, and was overjoyed at having been labeled as a good person. “You’re so kind and delicate—seeing you get bullied, no one could have been able to take it.”