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Chapter 208 - Bad Memory? Drink NBJ (Melatonin)!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 208: Bad Memory? Drink NBJ (Melatonin)!

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    Thinking back on the phone call to Grandpa from the Xia Family, Wen Xinya thought of that at this moment. However, most of the brands under the Wen Corporation were luxury brands. With the Xia Corporation’s chain supermarkets’ extremely low barrier to entry, even if it opened large scale chain supermarkets, it couldn’t change the intrinsic qualities of an average brand—in the eyes of others, it would merely be of a larger scale.

    It was unnecessary for the Wen Corporation to degrade itself to enter the Xia Corporation’s mall, damaging the reputation of the Wen Corporation brand. It would have a great impact on the big brands of the Wen Corporation, so she guessed that Grandpa wouldn’t agree, at least for now.

    However, Wen Xinya knew that the key to whether Grandpa would agree or not laid on Xia Ruya.

    With Xia Ruya constantly bothering her like this now, she decided to exploit the matter, openly bringing it to the table, thwarting the Xia Family’s plans. With everyone in the circle knowing about it, the Xia Family would have its reservations in the future.

    And Xia Ruya had also not been to the Wen Family to look for Grandpa and Grandma lately, and shouldn’t have had the chance to plead with Grandpa yet. With her exposing the matter now, she would like to see if Xia Ruya would have the face to go and plead with Grandpa—if she really did go, it would then confirm that she had been purposely bothering Wen Xinya due to the Xia Family’s plans, admitting that she was manipulative.

    Also, today’s incident would definitely find its way to Grandpa’s ears. Grandpa would then naturally have her at the back of his mind, and carefully rethink the matter!

    There were no secrets in the circle. With Wen Xinya’s words, some people vaguely heard some gossips and started whispering. “Previously, I heard my father say that the Xia Family bought a big plot of land in the southern district. I never thought it was intended to build a massive upscale shopping mall!”

    “I’d also heard my Grandpa mention that the southern district’s already close to the western region and has a large space. If a mall were to open there, it’d definitely be the biggest mall in the capital city!”

    “Isn’t the Xia Family too brazen! Not considering the grade of the brands under the Wen Family, wanting the Wen Family to enter the Xia Family’s mall, even asking their illegitimate daughter, wearing the hat of the foster daughter of the Wen Family, to get into Wen Xinya’s good books—indeed extremely exploitative.”

    “Indeed. You’d wonder why did the Xia Family, having thrown its illegitimate daughter into the orphanage fifteen years ago, suddenly acknowledge this daughter of theirs—wasn’t it all to suck up to the Wen Family. Since they’ve already spent much effort to suck up to the Wen Family, naturally, they’d have to think of means and ways to reap some benefits out of it.”

    “Isn’t this Xia Ruya too manipulative! The Wen Family had raised her for twelve years. Instead of repaying them, she’s actually helping the Xia Family to plot against the eldest daughter of the Wen Family!”

    Listening to the voices of reversal around her, Xia Ruya shook violently. Previously, Grandpa and Father had indeed mentioned the matter to her—it seemed like Old Mr. Wen didn’t agree, so they had asked her to visit the Wen Family more frequently, ideally making Grandpa and Grandma happy so that they would agree to the matter, and she had naturally agreed.

    She knew this matter couldn’t be rushed, so she wanted to wait a while, after Wen Xinya’s fame at the charity auction blew over, before making plans. Also, she had recently been busy with her school admission, so had temporarily cast it aside. Unexpectedly, Wen Xinya knew about the matter, said it out in front of so many people, and even accused her of getting close to her due to the Xia Family’s plans.

    Xia Ruya widened her eyes, put on a look of disbelief, and quickly fogged up her eyes with tears, looking exceptionally pitiful and frail. “Xinya, you misunderstood me… I didn’t. I also don’t know about the Xia Family’s plans to open an upscale mall. Please believe me…”

    “Misunderstood—the crowd’s eyes are clear.” Wen Xinya looked at her coldly. Although she faked her emotions well, people who understood her knew her habits and would be able to sense something wrong. Indeed, she had guessed correctly—the Xia Family had already begun negotiations with Grandpa.

    “Xinya, I really wish to be friends with you. Please believe me—I don’t have other intentions.” Xia Ruya explained unrelentingly.

    She looked at Xia Ruya sarcastically. “Are you okay—you’re the former Miss Wen and the current illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family, and wish to be friends with me, the legitimate eldest daughter of the Wen Family. I’d be foolish to believe that it’s not a case of the weasel paying respects to the hen—not with the best intentions.”

    This single statement clearly pointed out the dispute between her and Xia Ruya. Everyone couldn’t help but think that Xia Ruya was originally the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, enjoying the grandest glory and wealth. Once Wen Xinya came back, she fell from heaven to hell, from a blessed, favored girl to an illegitimate daughter. Although the Xia Family was also wealthy, it couldn’t hold a candle to the Wen Family.

    Anyone would have been resentful. Oddly enough, Xia Ruya actually sincerely wanted to be friends with Wen Xinya. It was too hypocritical!

    Xia Ruya’s emotions yet to be released and explanations yet to be spoken were held back by Wen Xinya’s statement, and all her grievances and piteousness were stuck within the pair of teary eyes. Under such circumstances, if she were to continue explaining, it would make her seem fake, and if she didn’t, she would realize what Wen Xinya said—a case of the weasel paying respects to the hen—not with the best intentions.

    The whispered and weird looks gathered around made her feel as if she had been slapped hard, her face hot and burning. She only felt humiliated, as if she were a clown, trying her best to shame Wen Xinya, but in the end, making a fool out of herself.

    Wen Xinya stood there quietly and swept a disdainful look towards her—so domineering, as though she only saw an ant—without uttering a word, and a look was all it took to send her into the abyss once again.

    A sense of resentment and viciousness arose in her heart uncontrollably, so much so that she had to sink her own sharp nails into the tender flesh of her palm in order to keep her emotions under control. Her voice was hoarse as she put up a desperate last-ditch struggle.

    Wen Xinya pursed her thin lips slightly and looked at her with a glare full of hostility. “I’m reminding you one last time—we’re not close, please address me as Miss Wen!” Saying which, she switched the topic and said plainly, “Bad memory? Drink NBJ (Melatonin)! Oh, I forgot—NBJ’s meant for the elderly, not sure if it’s suitable for young people.”

    Many people around couldn’t help but chuckle. In the current society, although a fragile and pitiful girl such as Xia Ruya could more easily trigger one’s overwhelming compassion and protectiveness, everyone admired an elegant and beautiful girl like Wen Xinya even more.

    “Xinya… must you humiliate me like this?” Xia Ruya sobbed.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly—she was really an immortal cockroach, able to still thicken her skin and keep at it, making one speechless. “A man must despise himself before others will—I similarly gift this phrase to you.”

    “You…” Xia Ruya’s face suddenly reddened intensely. It seemed like the phrase impacted her greatly.

    With a mild aura, an emotionless look and a plain voice, Wen Xinya said, “I don’t wish to speak to you further. Although I’m Miss Wen, I’ve only just returned to the Wen Family, and am also unfamiliar with the business matters. Thus, spare your efforts to bother me—I can’t help your Xia Family.”

    This single statement became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Xia Ruya was greatly humiliated, but couldn’t find any words to retaliate.

    “What’s happening? What’s everybody doing here?” A gentle and graceful voice suddenly interrupted.