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Chapter 210 - What’s Your Relationship with Zhong Rufeng?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 210: What’s Your Relationship with Zhong Rufeng?

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    Just like that, Wen Xinya’s high school life started on such a chaotic day. After school had officially started, Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling came over to look for her together.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya, Zhou Tianyu smiled and teased her. “Miss Wen, you’re now a famous personality of our school—your name hangs high up on the school’s discussion forums, enjoying extreme fame.”

    Gu Junling laughed. “But of course—with Miss Wen’s glamor, she’d definitely shine wherever she goes!”

    Wen Xinya stared at them uncontrollably and sighed. “Fame portends trouble for men just as fattening does for pigs. I’d originally intended to lay low and complete the three years of high school. However, my plans didn’t catch up with the changes—the situation took it’s own course regardless of my wishes. I didn’t look for trouble, but trouble looked for me!”

    Zhou Tianyu looked at her with a sarcastic look, lightly patted her shoulder, and said, “Wow, Miss Wen, I’m really in awe of you to be able to offend people wherever you go. Just how unlikeable are you—I’m really filled with deep compassion for you.”

    Wen Xinya forbore the strong wish to kick her. “You’ve especially come to make fun of me right! Wonder who previously said that she’d watch over me if I came to Lan Feng—in the end, where were you on the day I first reported to school?”

    Zhou Tianyu hurriedly bargained. “I’m already a sophomore, a senior, so I don’t have to report in person.”

    Wen Xinya was also saying for fun. “What’s on the discussion forums?”

    Zhou Tianyu already knew that Wen Xinya did not have the habit of watching the posts on the discussion forums, and did not have a clue on what was happening. “What else but the grudges between you and Xia Ruya.”

    Wen Xinya already guessed and vaguely knew the contents of the post.

    Zhou Tianyu looked serious. “You exposed Xia Ruya’s true colors in front of so many people, but someone only has to act innocent and shed some tears in order to clean herself up. There are no negative posts on Xia Ruya, everyone only feels that the Xia Family is ungracious. Although everyone feels that you’re not in the wrong, people feel that you’re ultimately too harsh and overbearing in treating others. They’ve even brought up the matter on you previously bringing a number of press media companies to court, causing a few of them to close down.”

    Indeed—Wen Xinya took a deep breath—previously, although Chu Jingnan had not publicly defended Xia Ruya, he was ultimately standing on her side. Ultimately, he was the president of the student union, and had a solid reputation—with him implicated in the matter, everyone’s opinions naturally skewed towards Xia Ruya.

    “Let them say whatever they want! After all, I haven’t been in the circle as long as Xia Ruya. When it comes to reputation, time will tell.” Back in the years, Grandpa had been harsh and decisive in his dealings and had been deliberated negatively by people in the circle. But now, everyone only had good things to say about Old Mr. Wen—the harsh and decisive personality back in the days.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “You’re taking it so easy.”

    Wen Xinya replied helplessly, “So what if I don’t take it easy—even emperors in the ancient times couldn’t stop the masses from talking, what else can I do?”

    Gu Junling said, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, don’t have to take it to heart!”

    Wen Xinya agreed. “It doesn’t matter how others see me—that’s not important. I just have to be the best version of myself!”

    Zhou Tianyu nodded and squinted her eyes towards Wen Xinya, her smiling lips full of tease. “I saw photos of you touring the school with an ex-student, Zhong Rufeng, on the discussion forums, looking very intimate. Tell me honestly, what’s your relationship with him.”

    Wen Xinya rolled her eyes uncontrollably and said, “I’m only ordinary friends with him—stop your wild guesses!”

    However, Zhou Tianyu did not believe one bit. She retrieved a photo on her phone and showed it to her. “I saved all the photos on the discussion forums. How dare you bluff me!”

    Wen Xinya leaned in to take a look. The photo was taken beautifully—under the gorgeous branches filled with crepe myrtle flowers in full bloom, Zhong Rufeng looked down slightly at the young girl smiling innocently under the tree, with a gentle and mesmerizing smile on his face.

    She diverted the topic and said, “Who took this photo? What great photography skills! I’ll definitely look for him if I were to take artistic shots in the future.”

    “Still lying—take a look at this one!” Zhou Tianyu leered at her as she swiped to another photo.

    It was a photo of her leaning on the trunk of the crepe myrtle tree, laughing her heart out at the ticklish tree, looking as gorgeous as a flower, and Zhong Rufeng reaching out to pick the flowers on the branches. The photo easily led one to wild thoughts. “Miss… there’s something called photography angle in this world—don’t you need me to tell you this!”

    Zhou Tianyu completely ignored what she said and smiled cheekily. “‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for the same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying!’—what a romantic sight!” Saying which, she stared at Wen Xinya and said, “Silly girl, be honest—did Senior Zhong place those crepe myrtle flowers on your hair?”

    Wen Xinya stared at Zhou Tianyu, speechless—she never realized that this girl was so gossipy. “Senior Zhong plucked the flowers to be poetic—ordinary folks like you guys, with brains full of love and relationships, wouldn’t understand.”

    Zhou Tianyu burst out laughing. “Senior Zhong is so awesome—even being poetic while dating. Indeed, he’s at a level that we ordinary folks can’t understand.”

    Wen Xinya said helplessly, “Look at my small body, totally not at the age for dating. You stop babbling nonsense before giving Zhong Rufeng a bad reputation for being a pedophile.”

    Zhou Tianyu burst out laughing again as she pointed at Wen Xinya, laughing so hard that she fell into Gu Junling’s arms, and then pointed at Wen Xinya again. “You’re being too absurd. Although you have a smaller body, it can’t be considered as a child at all!”

    Zhou Tianyu’s words made Gu Junling start laughing uncontrollably as well. “In the ancient times, girls as old as you can already be married off and have kids.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but kick Gu Junling. “To the hell with you. Don’t you use the tactic of the ancient times to bring disaster onto an underage young girl? You have the least right to say things like this.”

    Mentioning that, Gu Junling really did not have a strong foundation. With the ancient times as benchmark, he and Zhou Tianyu’s kids could have already been having fun. Since he had not managed to successfully court Zhou Tianyu after so many years, indeed, he was not in the position to say things like that.

    Zhou Tianyu tried to stop laughing and said, “Really not related in that way?”

    Wen Xinya answered seriously. “Really not!”

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Zhong Rufeng has good looks, good background, and a good character—really a perfect man in modern times. You can give such a great man a serious consideration.”

    Wen Xinya said with a pained expression, “Aye! Why do girls nowadays mature so early, thinking about love and relationships when they’re still underage.”

    Zhou Tianyu kicked her and said angrily, “Go away, you’re the one who has matured early, your whole family has matured early. I’m thinking for you—get into a good relationship now to develop into lovers when you’re of age—nothing bad about that! You can entertain yourself with such a great man!”

    Wen Xinya thought of Si Yiyan and instinctively fiddled with the dangling earring on her right ear. “So Zhong Rufeng is a model good man in your heart!”

    Such a plain statement startled Gu Junling, who suddenly felt threatened, hurriedly tugged at Zhou Tianyu and said, “Zhong Rufeng is like the moon in the sky, shining all over the world. Unlike me—I only glow for you alone.”

    Upon hearing this, Zhou Tianyu chased Gu Junling all over the school grounds.