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Chapter 211 - To Dump the Jerk into the Mud, Never to Rise Again

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 211: To Dump the Jerk into the Mud, Never to Rise Again

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    Since she left in a panic the other day, she had not met Si Yiyan again.

    She purposely tried not to think about the matter concerning Si Yiyan, as if she had chased that person out of the door to her heart.

    Seeing the image of Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling chasing each other around in laughter now, Wen Xinya recalled the last time when she and Si Yiyan were stopped by a few gangsters. Si Yiyan had settled them in no time and she had praised Si Yiyan for being awesome. The topic of the hero saving the beauty and pledging of devotion then extended to much fun and laughter for them.

    A man so simply self-indulgent, like a budding flower in the snow, as Si Yiyan had actually chased her around like a big boy. At that time, she was also laughing joyfully like Zhou Tianyu.

    The surging memories were unstoppable—each and every little thing that she had experienced with Si Yiyan arose in her mind uncontrollably.

    Following which, she also thought of Chu Jingnan—the seven years of foolish devotion in her previous lifetime, the reunion in this lifetime, that unforgettable face, and the bone-shattering painful love seemed to replay before her eyes. Instead, she was like an outsider watching a touching movie which couldn’t trigger the least bit of her approval.

    The two faces continuously intertwined in her thoughts.

    She suddenly realized that, compared to Si Yiyan, Chu Jingnan was but an ordinary person.

    “Xinya, Xinya, Xinya…”

    She suddenly looked up and saw Zhou Tianyu’s gradually magnifying face filled with worry.

    Seeing that her eyes were fogged up and zoned out without a hint of focus, Zhou Tianyu felt very worried. “Xinya, you alright? You didn’t respond to my constant calls, and had a scary changing look on your face.”

    Wen Xinya gently blinked her blurry eyes, and Zhou Tianyu’s face became clearer. “I’m alright, just thought of some things in the past and lost my focus.”

    “You don’t look too good. Are you feeling unwell—why don’t we check it out at the hospital!” Zhou Tianyu was still very worried as she thought of Xinya’s expressions just now—pale and ferocious one moment, pained and hopeless the next, joyful and happy one moment, beautiful and enchanted the next, constantly changing—she almost thought that Xinya was having a nightmare.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “I’m really alright. Don’t you worry.”

    With a gust of cold wind, Wen Xinya felt a chill on her singlet. Only then did she realize that just now she had been immersed in the nightmare, and within a short time, she was drenched in perspiration, her singlet completely wet.

    Zhou Tianyu saw her shoulders shivering and asked with concern, “Xinya, did anything happen to you? I feel that since the start of school, you’ve been out of sorts, as if you’re endlessly busy with studying every day.”

    With a twinkle in her eye, Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Although I’ve self-studied the Secondary Three courses, I’ve, after all, not received formal education. As I have a weak foundation, the high school courses are quite tough for me. Clumsy birds have to start flying early—naturally, I’ve to put in more effort than those around me.”

    Actually, she was trying to avoid thinking about the matter concerning Si Yiyan. She had purposely occupied herself with her studies so that she wouldn’t have the time to think about the matter concerning him.

    “If you can’t catch up with your studies, why don’t you get a private tuition teacher! I know of someone, do you want a referral?” Zhou Tianyu still felt that she did not say the truth, but as everyone had secrets they wanted to keep, it was not appropriate for her to probe further, and she decided to respect her wishes.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “My Grandpa found a tutor for me, so I don’t need tuition for the time being. You know I still have to learn chess, calligraphy, and music—how can I find time for tuition.”

    Zhou Tianyu patted her shoulder and said, “Tell me if you need anything.”

    Wen Xinya nodded in consent and looked up at Zhou Tianyu again. “Tianyu, if you had once given your all to a man, only to find out in the end that he actually doesn’t love you, was using you instead, and is actually together with the person you hate the most, what will you do?”

    Her tone was very calm, so calm that it seemed totally still. It was the first time that she faced up to the bone-shattering, painful love in her previous lifetime without any love, hate, or any other emotions. However, she also only realized now, that she was actually also a cold-blooded person—no matter how deep her feelings were, they had ended the moment of her death. And now, what still hung in her heart were actually only a sense of resentment, rage, and hatred.

    Without thinking, Zhou Tianyu replied, “Damn, that’s such an easy question. I’d definitely seek revenge on that jerk and slut viciously and repay what they owed me a hundred times over. Then, I’ll fall in love with a man who’s a thousand times better than the jerk and dump the jerk into the mud, never to rise again.”

    “Yup! What an easy question indeed.” Wen Xinya suddenly smiled as her mood suddenly became light-hearted and joyful, as if she got rid of her burden and restraint, and became more relaxed and comfortable than ever.

    Zhou Tianyu saw that her lips suddenly burst into smiles, as if viburnum flowers on a jade tree, pure and translucent, untainted with dust, without impurities, so purely beautiful and clear. “Xinya, what’s with you—you seem to have become odd.”

    Wen Xinya’s smiling lips were like the petals of flowers in full bloom, so gorgeous and elegant. “Nothing much, just suddenly straightened out some thoughts. I feel so foolish, actually going around in circles.”

    Actually, from the moment she saw Chu Jingnan, she had already been clear of her own thoughts. Just that she was still slightly lost—could seven years of heart-wrenching love really be forgotten so easily?

    That was why she asked Zhou Tianyu that question—it was to confirm her own thoughts. Only by confirming her own thoughts could she accept Si Yiyan with no hard feelings.

    Because, for someone as proud as Si Yiyan, even if he couldn’t get her response, he wouldn’t be able to accept another man hiding in her heart.

    Actually, unknowingly, Si Yiyan already held a significant spot in her heart.

    So significant that she dug out the hurt in her heart to face it to confirm her own thoughts.

    Zhou Tianyu watched the pure joy on her face, furrowed her brows and asked, “Straightened out some thoughts? Don’t tell me you’ve thought it through, and decided to accept Senior Zhong?”

    Zhou Tianyu felt that Wen Xinya’s oddity was related to Zhong Rufeng. After all, previously, when they talked about Zhong Rufeng, Wen Xinya had also ended up becoming weird.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly patted her hand and said, “Don’t spew nonsense—I’m only ordinary friends with Senior Zhong. Together with the previous time at Grandfather Zhong’s birthday party, I’d only seen him three or four times.”

    Zhou Tianyu obviously didn’t buy it. “Miss, there’s something in the world called love at first sight!”

    Wen Xinya helplessly put her palm on her face and said, “Miss Zhou, don’t be so gossipy! Love at first sight won’t happen to me, okay?”

    Saying which, she felt guilty—Si Yiyan seemed to just fall in love with her at first sight, and even gifted her the pigeon-blood ruby which symbolized love.