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Chapter 214 - The Road to Greatness

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 214: The Road to Greatness

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    Wen Xinya continued, “And supplements are an even bigger business opportunity. Our country’s famous supplement branch, NBJ, with net profits of almost 5 billion yuan every year, became the best of the best supplement brand in our country. It’s an extremely lucrative area.”

    Du Shinan asked, “You’re planning to use luxury branding to boost Ruo Ruo’s reputation as a stepping stone for supplements in the future, right?”

    Wen Xinya explained, “Yes, Grandpa Du. Although it’s an extremely lucrative area, without sufficient reputation and preparation, it’d be impossible to occupy any market share. For example, our Country Z’s NBJ supplements started aggressively publicizing through overwhelming advertisements from 2001. It was the most intensive advertising in Country Z, creating a television spectacle. However, the public really started accepting this brand, but not without experiencing up to seven years of storms. By first introducing the luxury products, my aim is to boost the reputation of Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare, so that it’d be more easily accepted by people. Once the consumer group is formed and Ruo Ruo’s formulas are recognized, I believe that in the future, our supplements can occupy some market share once they are launched.”

    Du Shinan said sincerely, “Your thoughts are rather thorough, minimizing the risks.”

    Wen Xinya looked at Du Shinan with sincerity and honesty. “Actually, most importantly, I don’t have that much capital currently, yet I don’t wish to share this lucrative area with others. Also… whether it’s luxury brands or supplements, they’re both my grinding stones for growth, my first step to success.”

    The young girl before him seemed like a bright pearl which had instantly gotten rid of the dust surrounding it, suddenly glowing with peerless luminosity. “Have you ever thought that you’re just fifteen-years-old, that you may fail?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head. “Although age is a bruise of mine, it isn’t a reason for my failure.”

    Du Ruo also hurriedly said, “Grandpa, please in believe us—we definitely won’t fail.”

    A Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor was a scared and dedicated job, needing the investment of all of one’s passion and loyalty before creating splendor. As such, deep down, Du Shinan was disdainful towards the calculative and fickle businessmen. “Ruo Ruo is an innocent child. I don’t wish for her to be involved with the complications of the business world.”

    Wen Xinya said sincerely, “Grandpa Du, please believe in me. Ruo Ruo only needs to provide the formulas, I’ll take care of all the other matters, and we’ll split the profits evenly. I also hope that Ruo Ruo can focus on her research, and won’t let her get caught in the atmosphere of the business world.”

    Although Du Shinan was slightly displeased at the ambitions and interest intentions that Wen Xinya had shown, he understood this child very well—she had a tough character and was insistent on her principles. Furthermore, as she was also Old Mr. Mo’s granddaughter, and he held her in high regard. “To seek nothing but profits is human nature. How shall I believe you?”

    Wen Xinya said with a smile, “I can’t prove myself, but Grampy once told me that no matter what I do, it’s necessary to be true to my conscience so that I can go further. Because of this, Grampy attained an unbelievably high status in the literary arena, and because of this, you have a peerless reputation in the medical field. Although I’m young, and there are too many temptations in this world, I believe I can, like Grampy, be true to my conscience and myself throughout. I’ll definitely not bite the hand that feeds me.”

    Such simple words made Du Shinan conceive a sense of trust towards her. Actually, she had led a wandering life for fifteen years since young, suddenly returned to the Wen Family, instantly going from hell to heaven, how many people could withstand the sudden windfall? In the face of the denial from people in the Wen Family, she didn’t drown herself in resentment and gave up on herself. Instead, she had worked hard to advance, constantly seeking self-improvement to prove herself—wasn’t this being true to her conscience?

    Du Ruo hurriedly added, “Grandpa, I trust Xinya.”

    It was not until this moment that Du Shinan was genuinely impressed by this young girl. “Since Ruo Ruo trusts you so much, prove it with results. I believe my old bones can survive a few more years. I’ll see it with my own eyes. However… I don’t wish to see you hurt Ruo Ruo due to interests—hope you keep this in mind no matter what you do.”

    Wen Xinya nodded affirmatively. “Grandpa Du, please believe me. Ruo Ruo is an innocent girl, and she is also my friend. I’ll treasure her and the friendship between us.”

    Du Shinan saw determined courage in her eyes, as well as rich emotions—she was different from Old Mr. Wen after all. “In that case, I’ll wait for the day to witness your success.”

    Du Shinan looked towards Du Ruo. Although he always said that this child neglected proper matters, always concerning herself with heterodox matters, he understood in his heart that with the advancements in the medical arena, although an ancient medical system like Traditional Chinese Medicine was a universally recognized medical gem, it was too difficult to learn it, its medical theories were too complicated, and it was already having difficulties catching up with the fast-paced current times. And Traditional Chinese Medicine health maintenance was a part that everyone wanted to get involved in, but owing to various obstacles, was still immature. However, he saw the immense value that Traditional Chinese Medicine health maintenance could bring to the human race—his granddaughter had chosen a correct path.

    This child had always only cared about research—a trait that he valued the most, as well as was worried about the most. What Wen Xinya was saying now was also an opportunity for Ruo Ruo.

    Wen Xinya smiled. “The day will definitely come, and Grandpa Du will definitely witness it.”

    Du Ruo held Wen Xinya’s hand happily. “Xinya, in the future, the formulas that I come up with will, just like how Grandpa treats illnesses and saves people, benefit the human race, and be accepted by hundreds and thousands of people, right?”

    Wen Xinya looked at her seriously. “Yes, I’ll make sure that the products made from your formulas sell well both locally and abroad, gaining acceptance from people all over the world.”

    Du Ruo’s eyes glimmered with a dazzling glow. “Xinya, thank you. You allowed me to find the direction to work hard in from now on, affirming my goals and dreams. I think I won’t be lost again in the future.”

    Yes, lost. Grandpa was a prominent figure in the Traditional Chinese Medicine arena, and Father enjoyed a very esteemed reputation in the western medical realm. Growing up in such a family subjected her to unimaginable pressure. No matter how hard she worked, people always saw her as Old Mr. Du’s granddaughter and Mr. Du’s daughter. She could roughly understand why Father had chosen western medicine—because he could never surpass Grandpa in the Traditional Chinese Medicine arena. She had also chosen the beauty nourishment and health maintenance areas to find another way, to pave a path of her own.

    However, paving her own path was easier said than done. Father’s busyness and Grandpa’s indifference often made her feel lost, even making her feel like giving up. And Xinya was like a beam of light in her life, instantly brightening up her whole world and her future path.

    Wen Xinya was equally thankful. “Actually, I should thank you too, because you started my road to greatness.”

    Du Shinan watched the glow emitted from his granddaughter’s eyes, one that he had never before seen. Only in this moment did he know that his granddaughter had actually chosen this path not because of her stubbornness, but because of her determination on her own thinking, and that his own indifference almost made his granddaughter give up on her own determination and ambition.

    Du Shinan couldn’t help but look at Wen Xinya, seeing how she looked towards Ruo Ruo with joy in her eyes. This child had long seen through Ruo Ruo. Thus, she raised such a suggestion to complete Ruo Ruo and accomplish herself.

    Indeed, she was exquisitely ingenious. It was Ruo Ruo’s fortune to have such a friend.