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Chapter 216 - No Poor Soldiers Under an Able General

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 216: No Poor Soldiers Under an Able General

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    Wen Xinya brought Li Mengjie to Lanxin Investment Corporation. Qiu Yifan and Yan Shaoqing were already waiting inside, and Ouyang Feng was talking to them.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya coming in, the few of them greeted her one after another.

    Wen Xinya introduced to them. “This is Li Mengjie. Like you guys, she’s also one of my partners.”

    Then, Wen Xinya introduced them to Ye Mengjie. “This is my personal lawyer, the boss of Chaofan Lawyer Corporation, Qiu Yifan. This is my personal assistant, Yan Shaoqing. This is the partner of my investment company, Ouyang Feng!”

    “Nice to meet you!” Ye Mengjie took a deep breath. Previously, Ouyang Feng’s case was all the rage, resulting in Ouyang Feng’s Lanxin Investment Corporation becoming more famous. Unexpectedly, this company was also invested in by Wen Xinya. This girl was even more capable than she had imagined.

    Seemed like it was a good choice to work with her.

    Then, Wen Xinya told of her thoughts of starting a Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare line.

    As Qiu Yifan had worked with her once to set up Lanxin Investment Corporation, he dived straight into discussing the legal considerations of her proposal.

    Li Mengjie also warmed up quickly and came up with the basic planning framework according to the contents of their discussion.

    Yan Shaoqing also swiftly did up a set of issues to solve regarding the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare market as well as the setup and operations of a storefront, instantly defining the goals of setting up the store.

    Li Mengjie was awestruck and looked at Wen Xinya in an increasingly different light.

    There were no poor soldiers under an able general—it indeed described Wen Xinya!

    Wen Xinya slowly expressed her own expectations. “The store is to be registered under Li Mengjie’s name. To institute a legal regulation to transfer it to under my name once I turn 18.”

    Qiu Yifan said, “No issues regarding this. I’ll tidy up a related contract in a while, to take effect immediately with Miss Li’s signature. Chaofan Lawyer Corporation will have overseeing rights.”

    Wen Xinya said, “Uncle Qiu, I plan to give up 10% shares of the store for Manager Li’s investment. Please help me to come up with a contract.”

    “Yup! No problem!” Qiu Yifan nodded.

    Wen Xinya looked at Ouyang Feng and said, “How’s Lanxin doing lately? I’ve been too busy to come over and take a look.”

    Qiu Yifan said, “I was about to discuss this with you. Recently, a capital sum of up to five billion yuan came from the Swiss bank, transferring through the Italian Roman bank, into Lanxin Investment Corporation. Due to this, lately, there’s been many private investors investing into Lanxin, becoming Lanxin’s customers. Thus, Lanxin is gradually taking off.”

    Italian Roman bank—Wen Xinya thought of Si Yiyan first. Nobody else would be silly enough to invest in such an investment company which had only been incorporated for a few months.

    Wen Xinya felt warmth in her heart. He understood her pride, her self-esteem, and he knew that she needed the greatness that was earned through her own hard work. Thus, he did not interfere in her matters on his own accord, instead, helping her through such a method. He stayed off her baseline from the start till the end—regarding her matters, he did not spontaneously intervene but did not sit on his hands either, treading the fine line appropriately.

    Thinking of Si Yiyan, her heart became very calm.

    Ouyang Feng passed her a file. “I’ve already prepared the details of the customers. Take a look!”

    Wen Xinya nodded and flipped through the details—indeed, they were Si Yiyan’s details.

    Si Yiyan’s three identities were respectively the head of Xiasi Group, Xiasi Jiu, Lucifer’s Rex, and Si Yiyan, which was his real name. Si was his surname, and his name was given to him by his mother. He had never told outsiders of this name!

    “Got it!” Wen Xinya returned the details to Ouyang Feng.

    Ouyang Feng felt odd. With such a huge capital sum coming in, she did not seem surprised at all, as if she had expected it all.

    “Previously, I’d invested a total of ninety million yuan into Lanxin, right?” Wen Xinya asked.

    Ouyang Feng nodded. “That’s right. I’d invested that sum into the three large financial markets—European, American, and Asian—respectively. At the moment, the capital funds have already reached 1.5 billion yuan.”

    Wen Xinya took in a deep breath. Within a few months, the funds had almost doubled—Ouyang Feng was indeed capable. “Help me withdraw fifty million yuan as capital funds for the starting up of the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare store.”

    Ouyang Feng said, “No problem. Give me three days—I’ll transfer the funds to your customer’s account at the Chaofan Lawyer Corporation.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and looked towards Yan Shaoqing. “How’s the land that I’d asked you to purchase going?”

    Yan Shaoqing replied, “Although the western district is still a remote area, it’s after all part of the capital city and rather costly—I’ve only secured 50 acres of land. Over at Jin City, I’ve secured 150 acres of land according to your specifications. Lastly, over at C City, as the government already has planned for the land use, I’ve only secured 100 acres of land. These are all private land, so there weren’t any issues with the sales and purchases—these are the related information.”

    Yan Shaoqing passed the information file to Wen Xinya. The information was very thorough, including the exact locations of the land, details of the original owners, sale and purchase prices, as well as a set of financial plan based on simulation. “It has already surpassed my expectations.”

    Based on her original estimation, it was already worth celebrating if they could secure 15 acres of land at the western district. However, Yan Shaoqing was indeed very capable to obtain more bang for her buck of two billion yuan—way beyond expectations.

    Yan Shaoqing added, “Recently, I’ve gotten wind that the government has already banned land sales and purchases at the western district. It seems like a land consolidation project is in order. Someone has already approached me with the interest in buying our land at an attractive price.”

    Yan Shaoqing’s words shocked everyone present. Was it a coincidence? Wen Xinya had just secured the land and the government was planning a land consolidation project at that area. Once the consolidation project was confirmed, that plot of land’s value would surge—every inch of it would be gold.

    Wen Xinya plainly commented, “Regardless of the price the other party offers, we’re not selling. The real value of this plot of land will only be realized after the completion of the government’s consolidation project.”

    Yan Shaoqing said, “You seem to know the contents of the government’s consolidation project?”

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, “This isn’t hard to guess at all. The economy has been soaring in recent years, fueling the development of the cities. The capital city’s development has always been focused on the southern district. Now that the southern district is already fully developed, what do you think the situation will be like if a train line, cutting through the eastern and western areas, was built at the western district?”

    Yan Shaoqing was stunned speechless. “There’s already a north-south train line. If an east-west train line is to be additionally built, the capital city’s train lines will form a cross, linking all four directions, making the capital city’s transport effectively extend to all directions. When that happens, the land that we’d bought will be situated at the heart of the city’s developmental area.”

    Qiu Yifan gasped.

    A billion yuan worth of land would only inflate many times in value after the train line was really built. If they were to develop it on their own, the profits would be even more favorable.

    Ouyang Feng was also greatly stunned. So, the fact that Lanxin Investment Corporation was incorporated in the western district actually had such a layer of reasoning behind it. Come that time, Lanxin Investment Corporation would really be situated at the golden business district.

    At this moment, they realized that they had never seen through this girl.