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Chapter 218 - I Swear on my Parents’ Names

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 218: I Swear on my Parents’ Names

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    Thus, when she was plagued by the scandal, he helped her to obtain related information in the first instance, yet did not intervene and help her solve her problem.

    Then, when she was kidnapped, he rushed over at the earliest opportunity and saved her from danger.

    At her homecoming party, he risked the danger to witness her transformation.

    Because he knew that she needed to fight for what she wanted based on her own abilities, whatever it took! Thus, he watched her from a distance, not sitting on his hands, yet also not intervening on his own accord! However, whenever she needed anything, he appeared at the earliest opportunity.

    Si Yiyan had always handled their relationship so flawlessly, making it completely irresistible for her.

    At this moment, Wen Xinya suddenly realized that Si Yiyan had actually already unknowingly done so much for her.

    So, unknowingly, Si Yiyan was already so perfect!

    As Si Yiyan saw her glossy eyes, he couldn’t help but recall when they were at Nantong—how she looked when she shed a tear in front of the mirror. Her tear was translucent and luminous, the purest and beautiful thing in the world. Thus, he secretly caught that drop of tear—when that tear drop landed on this palm, the scorching warmth instantly scalded his heart.

    Now… watching her tear again, he felt nothing but heartache. “So, Wen Xinya, are you explaining to me now?”

    Wen Xinya was simultaneously tearing and smiling. “Si Yiyan, you can understand it as I’m explaining to you.”

    Si Yiyan’s eyes instantly beamed with glorious beauty as he whispered by her ear. “Wen Xinya, don’t you regret!”

    Before Wen Xinya understood what he meant, she saw him retrieve and open a box which contained a white chain with black pearls.

    She instinctively fondled with the dangling earring on her ear which had been given to her by Si Yiyan. Seeing the chain now, it was actually of identical material and quality.

    “This necklace has a very unique name, it’s called…” Si Yiyan went down on one knee beneath her feet, hugging his waist, subdued beneath her like a servant, following his God like a pious believer. He took out the chain, lifted her skirt slightly, and wore the chain on her right ankle. “The Slave of Love!”

    Wen Xinya shook all over. This name made her feel unreasonably odd, and Si Yiyan’s action made her extremely lost. He should have been a noble person, yet he was subdued at her feet, surrendering to her as a show of his loyalty. Should she believe him?

    “The Slave of Love is up to a hundred times stronger than diamond and can be considered as the strongest matter in this world. Each item only recognizes one owner—besides me, no one else will be able to take it out, unless…” Si Yiyan did not continue his statement.

    Wen Xinya knew—unless one severs a limb to obtain the item. However, that would be pointless as the chain would not be able to be put on someone else. No wonder he said that each item only recognized one owner. Her heart went into a panic out of the blue. “Why are you putting this on me—quick, remove it for me!”

    Si Yiyan stood up slowly, leaned on her and whispered by her ear. “Not only do I want to affix a seal, but I also want to leave a mark on your body—a mark that can never be erased.”

    He had wanted to wait for a while more, when their relationship progressed to the next step, before putting it on her personally. However, when he realized that another man was gawking at his girl, he lost his footing and personally put the Slave of Love on her, declaring his rights.

    Her heart suddenly constricted as she lifted her own skirt and looked at the Slave of Love on her ankle, put on by him in a subdued manner.

    The thin white chain fastened on her ankle with the words “LuciferRexS9”, outlining her perfectly exquisite ankle lines, its pure color almost merging with her pure white, jade-like skin. Black viburnum flowers were embedded within the chain, the tiny flowers showcasing skillful engraving—each flower and petal so life-like, looking like butterflies surrounding a pearl in close view, and like dancing butterflies from a distance. It was extremely sentimental and beautiful.

    The details emerging from the flower buds hung with black beads dotting their ends, vibrating and shaking with her every movement and halting, radiating a glow like stars in the sky.

    “It’s very pretty!” She pursed her lips and said with a trembling voice. Her heart was clenched tightly, blood rushing through her body, as a sense of mad, passionate feeling arose from within her.

    She heard his crisp, sentimental voice by her ear. “I’m glad you like it. It’s a whole piece of black and white mineral, very unique. It’s a pity that there’s insufficient mineral, otherwise, I’d make a whole set of jewelry for you.”

    “I like it very much!” She emphasized as her blood gushed towards her head. She had already lost her ability to think, her mind filled with the image of him subdued by her feet.

    “Previously, I’d given you the earring first, hoping that you’d think of me whenever you see it. Indeed… you’ve been wearing it, much to my happiness. And this Slave of Love will express my loyalty towards you.” Si Yiyan looked down and gently kissed her lips, without any sentimental or extremely deep feelings, only pampering.

    “Loyalty?” Wen Xinya murmured.

    Si Yiyan looked at her with intense focus. “I swear to you on my parents’ names that I’m your slave of love. Just like the Slave of Love on your ankle, one owner for each item, one owner in a lifetime, loving only you for life.”

    His crisp voice had a forceful ring to it, striking her heart ruthlessly like a heavy hammer, and drove her entire heart crazy instantly. She couldn’t help but recall the pair of husband and wife who went hand in hand into death at the Nantong graveyard. Si Yiyan swore to her on his parents’ names just to tell her that his heart was as determined as his father who had died for love.

    She couldn’t doubt it, because it was too severe to swear on one’s parents’ names—so severe, it made her unable to breathe. She looked at Si Yiyan seriously and said, “Si Yiyan, I don’t wish to lie to you—indeed, I have feelings for you, but not as deep as your feelings towards me. Also… deep down in my heart, I actually resist love, but I’ll try to accept it. In this case, will you feel that I’m being unfair to you?”

    In her previous lifetime, she had loved Chu Jingnan wholeheartedly. At that time, although she had given up on herself, she had guarded her bottom line. However, she could never have expected that she had just been a piece of chess for Chu Jingnan to utilize to his favor. Her real tragedy had started then—she had experienced too many men—some because she had been framed, some out of loneliness and emptiness, and some because her self-esteem was damaged by her addiction to drugs.

    Because of a man, she had hurt herself to such a stage!

    Although she had been reborn, had already put down her obsession, she dared not trust men and trust love anymore!

    However, she couldn’t doubt her feelings towards Si Yiyan and did not wish for herself to become a sad person who couldn’t trust men and love. Because the other party was Si Yiyan, she was willing to give it a shot.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “You’re still young and ignorant towards love. As I’d previously said, I’ll slowly wait for you to grow up!”

    Although her maturity always made him feel as if he was facing a mature woman, he couldn’t doubt that Wen Xinya was but an underage young girl.