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Chapter 220 - Wen Xinya, You’re So Silly, You Can Bang the Wall

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 220: Wen Xinya, You’re So Silly, You Can Bang the Wall

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    After Si Yiyan left, Wen Xinya buried herself in her blanket and rolled around in bed non-stop!

    Thinking about how Si Yiyan declared his loyalty to her in a subdued manner, a heat wave arose in her heart, and she felt her heart tighten and heat up. Si Yiyan’s pride ran in his blood, but he was willing to humble himself for her—it felt like he was willing to give up all of his pride for her.

    Thinking of which, she lifted the blanket, pulled up her skirt, and gently fondled with the Slave of Love on her ankle with her fingers. It was a suggestive name flooded with love and desire. Every time she thought of it, she felt heat on her ankle which spread to her entire body, briefly numbing her whole body!

    Then she recalled how she had previously taken the initiative to kiss him and felt a gush a heat on her lips. She instinctively touched her own lips—such soul-lifting joy was something that she had never felt before in her previous lifetime.

    Going along these crazy thoughts, she thought about her embarrassing words previously, and really felt that she could go and bang the wall!

    In the midst of her messy thoughts, Wen Xinya heard someone calling out to her.

    She suddenly shook awake, went out of her room and saw Shen Mengting, a girl who lived in the same apartment as her.

    Among the three girls who lived in Wen Xinya’s apartment, two of them were also not staying in the school like herself. Although they had drawn the keys to the apartment, they came by even less frequently than Wen Xinya.

    And Shen Mengting was from a poorer family which lived further away from the school. Thus, she stayed in school while she studied. As they interacted more frequently, they were more familiar with each other.

    Shen Mengting smiled and said, “I just got back. Seeing your room door ajar, I knew that you came back. I haven’t seen you these few days, you seem very busy.”

    Wen Xinya collected her messy thoughts and answered, “What else can I be busy with besides schoolwork. As you know, my secondary education wasn’t great—naturally, I have to work harder than ordinary people.”

    Wen Xinya was very fond of this cheerful young girl. Recently, she had been busy with the setting up of the store. Thus, she was usually discussing matters in the cafeteria with Li Mengjie in the afternoon and had not been back to the apartment for a couple of days.

    Shen Mengting’s eyes were flooded with admiration. “Xinya, I really admire you. It’s the first time I’ve seen a wealthy lady like you work so hard to advance despite possessing a good background.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but smile. “Those are worldly possessions—only things that are within one’s control truly belong to yourself. So… I naturally have to work even harder.”

    Shen Mengting smiled and said, “You’re right—you’re Miss Wen, the successor of the Wen Family in the future.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said nothing.

    Shen Mengting said, “Xinya, if you need any help in school work, you can ask me.” As if she felt that her words were slightly inappropriate, she hurriedly added, “I don’t mean anything—just feel that since we stay in the same apartment, it’s more convenient to communicate.”

    Seeing the sincerity in her eyes, Wen Xinya naturally wouldn’t be upset over this matter. Also, Shen Mengting’s results were indeed very good. “Okay, if I really need help, I won’t stand on ceremony with you.”

    Shen Mengting nodded happily. “Okay!”

    Wen Xinya saw that Shen Mengting was looking at some materials regarding the student union, and couldn’t help but ask, “I heard that the student union is recruiting—you’re thinking of joining?”

    Shen Mengting nodded and said, “Yup! I heard that student union members are exempted from some miscellaneous school fees, which is a significant sum. If I can join the student union, it’ll greatly relieve my parents’ burden. As you know, my parents are factory workers—it’s already an amazing feat that they can send me to school. They had to scramble to amass Lan Feng’s expensive school fees.”

    Saying which, her mood became slightly gloomy.

    Wen Xinya looked at Shen Mengting and suddenly had an idea. She was taking on too many courses and wouldn’t be able to distract herself with student union-related work. Moreover, Chu Jingnan was the president of the student union, and joining the student meant working with him, which wasn’t a good thing for her.

    As such, she had never thought about joining the student union. However, after all, the student union held the powers that the institute placed into the students’ hands, and almost every member held some privileges. Why not help Shen Mengting get into the student union to understand more matters regarding the student union—it could only be beneficial for her.

    Besides, with Shen Mengting in the student union, it would be comparatively easier for her to know more about matters regarding Chu Jingnan and Jiang Ruoyin—after all, knowing the enemy and yourself would get you unscathed through a hundred battles.

    But, how to get Shen Mengting into the student union smoothly?

    Wen Xinya suddenly thought of a person—she seemed to have previously heard Shen Mengting mention that the person was in the same class as her, and even sat at the same table as Shen Mengting. “Previously I’ve heard you mention that my tablemate, Zhang Xuwen, was from a similar background as yourself. Will he be interested in joining the student union?”

    Zhang Xuwen—a person that she would recognize even if he was burnt to ashes. In her previous lifetime, he was Chu Jingnan’s good friend. She had heard Chu Jingnan mention that they had known each other from their high school days. They were on very good terms, and then he had become Chu Jingnan’s assistant—a right-hand man that Chu Jingnan trusted greatly.

    And Zhang Xuwen was a person of great capability, looked cultured, and, like Chu Jingnan, was very hypocritical. In her previous lifetime, he had liked Ning Yuya and had made her life difficult because of Ning Yuya.

    Previously, when she heard Shen Mengting mention Zhang Xuwen, she had guessed that it was the same Zhang Xuwen. Thus, she guessed boldly that at this time that Zhang Xuwen had yet to know Chu Jingnan. And with Zhang Xuwen’s great ambitions, he naturally wouldn’t miss the opportunity to join the student union. She guessed that Zhang Xuwen and Chu Jingnan had known each other from the student union.

    Shen Mengting nodded and said, “Yup, seems like he’s interested—I’ve seen him reading books regarding the student union assessment.”

    Wen Xinya’s smile deepened. “In that case, why don’t you interact with him more—two heads are better than one when it comes to the preparations.”

    Both Zhang Xuwen and Shen Mengting similarly had great results and came into Lan Feng on scholarship. If she could get into the good books of Zhang Xuwen, it was highly probable that she would get into the student union.

    After all, if Chu Jingnan could notice Zhang Xuwen, there was no reason not to notice the one who was close to Zhang Xuwen and as brilliant as him—Shen Mengting.

    Shen Mengting widened her eyes. “Why didn’t I think of it? Previously, Zhang Xuwen told me many things regarding the student union—he knows more than me. It’ll only be beneficial to interact with him more.”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “Don’t have to thank me. I’ve only mentioned casually—unexpectedly, it’s useful to you.”

    Shen Mengting was still very grateful to her.