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Chapter 221 - Is the Honorable President Chu Asking Me for Lunch?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 221: Is the Honorable President Chu Asking Me for Lunch?

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    As predicted by Wen Xinya, Shen Mengting indeed got into the student union together with Zhang Xuwen. However, unexpectedly, Xia Ruya actually also joined the student union.

    She couldn’t help but recall in her previous lifetime, in Ching Hua High School, instigated by Ning Yuya, she had participated in the student union assessment. Then, when Xia Ruya got into the student union and she got rejected, everyone compared her and Xia Ruya, saying that Xia Ruya was more outstanding than her. Thereafter, no matter how hard she worked for her studies, she could never match up to Xia Ruya who had a student union halo above her head.

    After school at noon, Wen Xinya was about to head to the canteen for lunch when she bumped into Chu Jingnan at the crepe myrtle flowers trail.

    Chu Jingnan also seemed shocked to see her. “Miss Wen, didn’t expect to bump into you here in the extensive school grounds—indeed, it’s fate.”

    With a slightly thin and dull smile, Wen Xinya looked at him plainly. “The honorable President Chu likes to joke. There are thousands of students in the school—is everyone who bumps into you fated with you?”

    “In this vast world, it’s already fate to get into the same school for studies.” Chu Jingnan’s smile stiffened slightly. Previously, when she had always gone head-to-head with him, although he had felt puzzled, he had taken it as she had done so on purpose to attract his attention. However, now it seemed that this Miss Wen was really hostile towards him. He did not know he offended this Miss Wen.

    Wen Xinya spoke with a mocking and cynical tone. “The honorable President Chu’s understanding of fate is indeed generous. No wonder you can become the president of the student union and others can’t—indeed you can’t be compared to us, the normal folks.”

    The veins on Chu Jingnan’s forehead twitched. He really wondered why, other girls became meek sheep when they saw him in school, but this Miss Wen Xinya instead became like a hedgehog, determined to injure him with her spikes.

    However, he had learned how to be tolerant and accepting from young. Thus, although he was fuming inside, it didn’t show outside. He changed the topic. “Miss Wen, are you heading to the canteen for lunch? Let’s go together!”

    “Is the honorable President Chu asking me for lunch?” Wen Xinya asked in a half-laugh.

    Chu Jingnan smiled and said, “If Miss Wen obliges!”

    See! Girls were all the same—softening around one’s fingers with a little more patience. This Wen Xinya must have been acting hostile to attract his attention.

    The smile on Wen Xinya’s lips froze, becoming cynical and disdainful. “The honorable President Chu is indeed sincere to invite me to the canteen for lunch. However, unbeknown to the honorable President Chu, I’ve always liked the abalone and shark’s fin from Shangri-La. You…” Her gorgeous lips curled up, each fine line on her red lips radiating charm, her disdainful gaze sizing him up from head to toe as she looked at Chu Jingnan’s handsome, gentlemanly face coldly, her face becoming twisted. “… can afford it?”

    Before returning to the Xiao Family, Chu Jingnan was but an ordinary person, even having to scramble to amass the expensive school fees through working and scholarship. He had been able to get into Lan Feng only because he was outstanding enough, and naturally wouldn’t be able to afford to treat her to lunch at a high-end place like Shangri-La.

    The green veins on Chu Jingnan’s forehead instantly started throbbing rapidly. Such outright despise and sneering seriously humiliated Chu Jingnan’s self-esteem. A hazy aura arose in his eyes. “Miss Wen, indeed, I can’t afford to treat you to abalone and shark’s fin at Shangri-La, but you don’t have to humiliate me like this.”

    Wen Xinya smiled as brilliantly as the flowers in spring. “When did I humiliate you? I’ve only spoken the truth—if the honorable President Chu insists that I’m humiliating you, there’s nothing I can do—a man must despise himself before others will.”

    Chu Jingnan’s expression became even more horrid. “Miss Wen, although Lan Feng is an elite school, who it truly seeks to recruit are the world’s best talents. Over here, not everyone’s families are as wealthy as yours. Moreover, before you returned to the Wen Family, you were but an ordinary folk.”

    Chu Jingnan’s words hinted that she had entered the school through pulling strings and that she was not a real talent that Lan Feng truly sought to recruit. Furthermore, his last line hit her directly in her face. “You’re right. Indeed, Lan Feng is truly a school which seeks to recruit the best talents—that’s why I’m in Lan Feng!”

    As Grampy’s education philosophy was to recruit all outstanding students, in recent years, Lan Feng has already opened up to many outstanding ordinary students. Within the school, all along, students from wealthy families did not get along with ordinary students. Chu Jingnan was born into an ordinary family, earning the trust of ordinary students. And he was so outstanding that many students from wealthy families had nothing to say, making many ladies from wealthy families admire him—that was why he could be promoted to the president of the student union.

    Chu Jingnan was stunned—such ambiguous words made him unable to retaliate. As the president of the student union, he couldn’t openly point out that she came into the school through pulling strings, doubting the decision of the institute, could he? Naturally not. “In that case, hope that Miss Wen can correct your own attitude—change is the only constant, the wheel of fortune turns—don’t bully the young and the poor.”

    Wen Xinya sneered. “The honorable President Chu really likes to joke. Since when was my attitude incorrect—I’ve only spoken the truth and you think that I’m humiliating you—I think you’re the one with the incorrect attitude!”

    She agreed that change was the only constant, the wheel of fortune turned—the fact that Chu Jingnan returned to the Xia Family in her previous lifetime and became the head of the Xiao Family had proved the statement right.

    Chu Jingnan’s expression became completely solemn. “I only greeted you out of goodwill and got humiliated by you like this. Miss Wen only feels that ordinary folk like me isn’t fit to have lunch with you.”

    Such words of dignity filled with character were met with coldness from Wen Xinya. He was merely putting up an act—dignity was something that Chu Jingnan never had. “The honorable President Chu’s words are too serious. It’s just that I’ve never been close to the honorable President Chu, and I’ve never liked to accept invitations from people that I’m not close to!”

    Almost 50% of Lan Feng’s population was ordinary students—if she allowed Chu Jingnan to hold her words hostage, she would be attacked by almost half of the school’s population. Naturally, she couldn’t allow Chu Jingnan to place the title of looking down on ordinary folks on her.

    Chu Jingnan took a deep breath. As the president of the student union, he naturally understood, more than anyone, that Wen Xinya’s Grampy, Old Mr. Mo had participated in the design of and selection of books on education philosophy at Lan Feng. Naturally, he knew that he couldn’t offend her. Now that she gave him a way out, of course, he took it. “In that case, I’ve crossed the line just now!”

    See, a real man knew how to adapt himself to different situations. No matter how detestable Chu Jingnan was, he was indeed brilliant to never slap a smiling person. Moreover, as the crowds around them gradually increased, she did not wish to pursue further. “Don’t say that, the honorable President Chu!”