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Chapter 222 - School Forum Craze

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 222: School Forum Craze

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    Naturally, Wen Xinya did not expect for such a small exchange to cause such a huge uproar within the school.

    The next day, what appeared on the school forum was the post: “Rich heiress shames student president who could not afford Shangri-La! Scoffs at canteen food!”

    The post described the confrontation between Wen Xinya and Chu Jingnan at the crepe myrtle flowers trail, with a photo even attached under it. The faces of the people were blurred out, but it did not take a genius to see that they were Wen Xinya and Chu Jingnan.

    Another post emerged soon after, titled “Rich heiress unwilling to share a table as she looks down on commoners!”

    The person who posted it claimed to have overheard such a piece of shocking news when she was eating her self made lunch at the crepe myrtle flowers trail because she loved the scenery there.

    That afternoon, a certain student president ran into a certain heiress who had led a wandering life for 15 years. When he politely invited her to a meal at the canteen, that certain lady mentioned that she likes to eat abalone and shark’s fin soup at Shangri-La and mocked the student president who could not afford it. On top of that, she rejected a commoner student’s invitation harshly. Her words were laced with venom and her expression was vicious, filled with contempt towards the commoners.

    The moment the post was uploaded, it garnered large reactions among the students in Lan Feng Institute. There were all sorts of comments on the forum threatening and insulting Wen Xinya. Even the group of prestigious students who never got along with the ordinary students displayed disbelief at Wen Xinya’s actions.

    There was a flood of comments under the post—

    “F*ck, who does she think she is! How dare she look down on commoner students. What’s wrong with being a commoner? We commoners contribute as much to Lanfeng!”

    “F*ck that b*tch! She’s nothing but a slut who wandered the streets for 15 years, she can’t even be compared to us commoners. How great does she think she is!”

    “Nobody can bear those who are too demanding. She relied on connections to enter Lanfeng yet still thinks she is high and mighty, what the hell! I’ve never seen such a shameless person in my life!”

    Following that, someone uploaded the post about the conflict between Wen Xinya and Xia Ruya to the first page of the forum. It read: “Aristocrats’ Grudge: Exciting fight between the real and fake heiress!!!”

    “When I saw this post previously, I thought that although that certain heiress may be rather assertive, her queen-like character was very impressive. However, I now realize that the queen is actually an evil queen!”

    “Buddy, being impressed by a crappy person like her, you must actually be a masochist! Xia Ruya has always had a good reputation within the circle, and there’s no story about her not getting along with someone. There’s not a single person in the circle who doesn’t praise her for being kind and pure! But what about that certain heiress? She has had countless scandals which ruined many families. I heard that because of the Heavenbright Press Media incident, Fu Tianyang’s wife left him for another man while his son got into an accident, and without any money for the surgery, he was left in a comatose state. Fu Tianyang himself also went missing! Also, because of the discord with her stepsister, her stepsister was kicked out of the Wen Family and sent overseas. Soon after, even her stepmother could not stand it and moved out of the Wen Family!”

    “Here’s a warning for that certain heiress: Don’t abuse your power or be too merciless. As a human, you should not drive someone into a corner. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before karma gets you!”

    Later on, Jiang Ruoyin uploaded a post, woefully narrating how Wen Xinya had a conflict with the student council on her first day at school and even humiliated her!

    “F*ck, I’m so impressed with her. She dared to create a conflict with a member of the student council with such arrogance the moment she entered the school, ordinary people like us can never understand the mind of that evil queen.”

    “That vicious heiress is so detestable! Offending so many people the moment you step foot into the school, do you think you are the only one with power in this world? Should everybody kneel down and kiss your shoes? F*ck! B*tch! You are a f*cking b*itch!”

    Each post was backed up by another post, as if somebody had planned it all. By the time Wen Xinya found out about these, the situation had already blown up in the forum.

    Zhou Tianyu was so enraged that she gritted her teeth and nearly flung her phone to the ground. “F*ck, these posts are all closely linked to one another. It’s obvious that someone’s targetting you on purpose. Other than Xia Ruya and her gang, who else would do such a stupid thing!”

    Zhou Tianyu was well aware this was how the school worked—the tiniest conflict could stir up a drama in the forum for everybody to know. She had always hated this.

    Wen Xinya sighed and replied, “My grudge with them started from a long time ago. They are definitely going to make full use of this chance to ignite rage among the students in the school using the student president.”

    Back when the first post was uploaded, she thought that it was done by a random student. After all, who would have expected that in such a huge school, Xia Ruya and company just happened to have overheard her conversation with Chu Jingnan? However, with the second post and third post following after, she came to realize that even in such a big school, the world was small and full of coincidences. As luck would have it, she had to believe it was them.

    Zhou Tianyu said bitterly, “They are really amazing at using the power of public opinion to attack you!”

    Wen Xinya sneered. “Let them carry on creating a scene, the bigger the better. In fact, I’m scared that they don’t blow this up more.”

    After hearing her words, Zhou Tianyu stared at her in shock as if she had seen a ghost. “Xinya, are you sure you are not pissed off by the posts to the point where you are saying nonsense?”

    Wen Xinya only continued smiling.

    Zhou Tianyu shrugged and said, “My dear, this is not like the time when your stepmother went around to slander you, where any ruckus created would only benefit you more. This time, you are facing all the ordinary students in Lan Feng Institute which take up nearly half the population, along with those other jealous wealthy aristocrats, and of course, Chu Jingnan’s fans and supporters. If this were to blow up anymore, they would not rest until you are forced out of the school. You did not enroll in the school through official means but through the back door. If the problem goes out of hand, even the school will not be willing to keep you.”

    Wen Xinya patted her hands calmly. “Okay, okay… Don’t be angry, it’s not worth getting worked up over something like this!”

    Zhou Tianyu sighed. “I really don’t know what’s going on in your head. I can’t tell if you understood anything even after everything I’ve said.”

    Wen Xinya laughed. “Trust me, I won’t be affected by such a trivial matter. I don’t care about it at all.”

    After hearing her words, Zhou Tianyu finally calmed down. “I’m just feeling indignant for you. Why is nobody showing you a shred of empathy when you are the one who suffered from a wandering life since young? Instead, they chose to side with a b*tch who enjoyed someone else’s wealth. Even if you beat her back to her original state, that b*tch can still remain wealthy! Has the modern humans’ outlook on life really distorted to this point?”

    Wen Xinya replied, “Alright, let’s get something to eat! I’m so hungry!”

    Zhou Tianyu looked at her irritatedly. “Our dear Miss Wen, aren’t you afraid that you’ll be drowned in saliva once you step out?”

    Wen Xinya shrugged. “I have three more years of high school, I can’t just hide forever right!”

    Zhou Tianyu was speechless. “I don’t know if I should respect or pity you. Even when something like this has happened, you can still be so nonchalant.”