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Chapter 223 - A Storm in the Canteen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 223: A Storm in the Canteen

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    Although Lan Feng Institute enrolled ordinary students, it was still unable to get rid of its name as a school for aristocrats. A typical example would be Lan Feng Institute’s canteen.

    Lan Feng Institute’s canteen consisted of three floors. The top floor was the place where all the teachers in the school had their meals. The second floor was sponsored by private funds to accommodate the many students of nobility in Lan Feng Institute. Its luxurious interior was that of a five-star hotel, and the menu was rich with options. Other than Chinese cuisine, there were various western cuisines as well as dishes from other regions, with all the desserts that one could wish for. The food served was comparable to that of high-end hotels, and of course, the price was no different.

    The first floor was an ordinary canteen with nothing special. However, the food served was rather exquisite—four side dishes and one soup, fruits and desserts, and various snacks. As such, many of the wealthy students enjoyed dining at the ordinary canteen too.

    Wen Xinya included.

    It was exactly lunchtime when Wen Xinya and Zhou Tianyu walked into the crowded canteen. When they saw them enter, everybody put down their spoons and turned their gaze towards Wen Xinya.

    “F*ck, I thought you looked down on canteen food and only enjoyed abalone and shark’s fin soup at Shangri-La? Why are you here at the school canteen then? Get the hell out of here! Go eat your abalone and shark’s fin soup!”

    Following that loud, anonymous voice, everybody began shouting angrily at Wen Xinya. “Aren’t you disgusted by the idea of eating with commoners like us? Why did you come to the canteen? Get out and eat your abalone and shark’s fin soup!”

    “F*ck, go and scram! We’re all commoners here. We’re afraid that we are too filthy for your eyes and may tarnish your high and mighty status!”

    “Exactly, just scram! Scram! Why are you even here? We don’t have any abalone or shark’s fin soup here for you!”

    “F*ck, don’t you guys know that eating abalone and shark’s fin soup is illegal now?”

    Wen Xinya may have predicted that something like this would occur, but she had underestimated how serious the situation had become. She frowned slightly. Ignoring all those arrogant people, she went to the counter to order her lunch.

    Zhou Tianyu followed after her quickly. “Xinya, why don’t we go to the second floor! Although you don’t care about these people, it would still be better to have a peaceful meal!”

    Wen Xinya frowned and replied, “There’s no need for that. Let’s just do what we do as per normal. If we avoid them, they’ll only think that I’m guilty, and in turn, fuel their rage even more.”

    Zhou Tianyu replied with annoyance, “But for you…”

    “It’s fine!” Wen Xinya said with a smile. This situation was nothing compared to her past life. Why would she even be scared?

    Zhou Tianyu shook her head in resignation. “I really don’t know what else to say to you. Things will only become more difficult, so there are times when you need to know to hide away from people’s attacks.”

    Wen Xinya replied, “It depends on the kind of attacks.”

    Zhou Tianyu glared at her. “No matter what you say, I can never win against you.”

    All the cursing in the canteen slowly turned into a heated argument.

    “B*tch, she’s just a slut who roamed the streets for 15 years. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Does she really think she’s become all high and mighty? Look at how arrogant she is, how disgusting!”

    “A person like this as the heiress of the Wen Family, what a waste of such a noble status. She can’t even be compared to a single strand of Ruya’s hair. Despite the way she treated Ruya, she should thank God that Ruya still defended her on the forum!”

    “Don’t talk so much, that person is still the daughter of the Wen Family. She has both money and power. If she overhears you guys, she may destroy your entire family out of rage and leave you in a worse state than Fu Tianyang from Yangguang Press Media.”

    “Pft, doing whatever she pleases just because she has money. Doesn’t she have any morals!”

    “My dear, talking about morals to someone who has never even graduated middle school, you might as well be casting pearls before swine!”

    “Exactly, how dare she be so arrogant when she only got into Lanfeng through connections!”

    “How did a gentle person like student president Chu offend her such that she humiliated him that way!”

    While the students continued cursing, Wen Xinya maintained a poker face throughout, as if the words were not directed at her.

    “B*tch, get out of Lan Feng Institute!” A sharp female voice pierced through the air out of nowhere. Just then, a girl in a red dress rushed towards Wen Xinya with a bowl of soup in her hands and splashed it towards Wen Xinya’s face.

    “Xinya!” Zhou Tianyu cried out as she rushed to grab Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya felt someone push her with force. She stumbled backward and fell onto Zhou Tianyu. As she steadied her gaze, she saw that Shen Mengting was blocking her with her body.

    The bowl of tomato egg soup was splashed onto Shen Mengting’s face. Yellow egg yolks stained her entire face while the soup trickled down onto her neck that was covered in green onion. Blotches of red, green, and yellow were all over Shen Mengting’s face and clothes. She stood there in her sorry state as if she was paralyzed.

    The entire canteen went silent.

    Wen Xinya finally came to her senses. She asked worriedly, “Mengting, are you okay?”

    She had never imagined that Mengting would protect her from the bowl of tomato egg soup with her own body. She was utterly moved.

    Shen Mengting finally responded. She quickly wiped the egg yolks from her face and replied, “Thank God the soup is not hot. Otherwise, my face would have been ruined!”

    Hearing her words, Wen Xinya felt touched and was torn between tears and smiles. “I could’ve handled it myself. Why did you step in and let her splash soup on you for nothing? You’ve ended in such a sorry state, don’t you think it’s unfair!”

    Shen Mengting blushed. “Hehe! It was reflex!”

    Zhou Tianyu took out tissue papers and started wiping the soup off from Shen Mengting’s body.

    That violent girl pointed at Wen Xinya angrily and shouted, “B*tch, who do you think you are? Only someone as evil as you can insult such a sweet and gentle person like president Chu.”

    “Oh, so you are a crazy fan of president Chu!” Wen Xinya laughed coldly. She casually picked up the bowl of seaweed prawn with green onion soup and walked straight towards that girl.

    That girl panicked and took a step back. She felt her breathing quicken as she continued, “B*tch. If you dare to insult president Chu again, I won’t let you go.”

    Wen Xinya stopped right in front of her. She looked at her sternly, and her eyes flashed with a sort of arrogance and nobility as she revealed her full contempt towards the girl.

    That girl instinctively wanted to run away!

    “You think you can just run away after drenching someone in soup?” Wen Xinya raised the bowl of soup in her hand and splashed it towards the girl’s head. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world!”

    “AHH!” That girl screamed as she ran out of the canteen covering her face.

    Wen Xinya’s cold glance swept across everybody in the canteen.

    Her gaze landed on them like torrential rain, and everybody was stunned into silence. They couldn’t help but become shocked that a mere 15-year-old girl could be so intimidating.