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Chapter 225 - The Preparations for Lanya Cosmetics Company

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 225: The Preparations for Lanya Cosmetics Company

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    Regardless of how outrageous things were at the school’s discussion forums, Wen Xinya had never commented anything about it. She continued with her daily routine of going to school and appearing at all sorts of public places within the school.

    Her actions made all the students in the school feel that she was being arrogant. As such, their criticism of her became increasingly merciless.

    Wen Xinya had no time to spare on these keyboard warriors. She was busy discussing the opening of the store with Li Mengjie.

    “Xinya, this is a market survey I’ve done on Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare lately.” Li Mengjie was always systematic in her work. Recently, she had been to four cities and done a thorough market survey luxury brands as well as customers’ views on Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare.

    “Actually, you don’t have to do this. All women in Country Z are positive about Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare.” Only when Wen Xinya looked at the survey results in her hands did she know that Li Mengjie had actually been mainly busy on this lately.

    Li Mengjie sighed and said, “Although I’d previously been in the sales line for luxury products and came across quite a number of cosmetics brands, I’d not had an in-depth understanding. These materials aren’t just for your eyes, they also allow me to better understand the branding needs of the cosmetics market.”

    Upon hearing this, Wen Xinya felt more impressed with Li Mengjie—more often than not, goal-oriented people who asked more of themselves reached heights beyond others’ expectations and achieved better results in what they did. “It’s a survey well done.”

    With her hard work recognized, Li Mengjie was elated and couldn’t help but smile. “With the market survey, we should now firm up our strategic plans.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Yan Shaoqing has a deep understanding of the luxury brands—you may seek his help. Regarding the legal issues, you can consult Uncle Qiu—he’s a renowned corporate lawyer.”

    Li Mengjie nodded. “I know!”

    Wen Xinya had also learned much regarding the setting up of the store and had a better understanding. “Sis Li, I plan to set up a cosmetics company. It doesn’t have to be on a large scale, as long as it bears the Lanya name!”

    Li Mengjie looked at Wen Xinya in shock. “You’re planning to set up a unique brand which integrates research & development, production, and sales?”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “I have the formulas as well as the capital—there’s no reason to split the benefits with others!”

    Li Mengjie was stunned and said instinctively, “Actually, with the formulas in our hands, we totally don’t have to spend so much capital and efforts to set up a company and factory. We can entrust the production to another cosmetics factory. As long as we strictly control the production process, we don’t have to worry about the formulas being leaked out either.”

    Wen Xinya scribbled some figures on paper and passed it to Li Mengjie. “The Wen Corporation mainly deals with jewelry, apparel, and accessories, with only 20% proportion on cosmetics. Precisely so, the Wen Corporation didn’t set up its own factory, instead choosing to work with another cosmetics producer. In order to ensure the production quality and confidentiality of the formulas, the contract between the Wen Corporation and the cosmetics producer states that during the contract period, they’re only allowed to produce for brands under the Wen Corporation. Of course… the Wen Corporation pays a high price for such a contract—annually, 30% of the profits from the sales of cosmetics falls into the hands of the producer!”

    She had recently obtained the figures from Grandpa, who, thinking that she was merely interested in the matters of the Wen Corporation, was naturally happy to tell her about it.

    Li Mengjie gasped—no wonder she wanted to set up her own company and factory. So it seemed like behind every decision was her thorough thoughts and deep understanding. Li Mengjie looked at Wen Xinya with admiration. “How about the company and brand’s names, as well as its positioning?”

    Wen Xinya replied, “The company will be named Lanya, and the brand will be named Xinyu! As for the products’ positioning, it will be mainly focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare, with essential oils, essences, bath products, and the likes as a secondary focus.”

    Li Mengjie took in all that she described with a pen and paper and asked, “How about the setting up of the factory? Any thoughts?”

    Wen Xinya replied, “Regarding this area, I’ve already handed it to Yan Shaoqing. He’s already preparing the related matters—you can work with him on this.”

    Indeed, she fought no battle unprepared. Li Mengjie nodded. “The cosmetics production officer and Traditional Chinese Medicine physician are the most crucial areas—do you have any reliable people in mind?”

    “Regarding the Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, previously Du Shinan, Grandpa Du had mentioned that he would scout for someone. The results should be out soon, so no worries about that. For the cosmetics production officer, no need to look for renowned production officers within the area—just hiring a student specializing in this area will do! I’ve already instructed Yan Shaoqing to look into this matter.”

    Yan Shaoqing was good at judging people. Regarding the secrecy of the formulas, it was best to hand it over to him.

    Li Mengjie couldn’t help but sigh—Wen Xinya actually trusted that ugly assistant so much. However, although she did not interact much with that ugly assistant, she was very impressed by his capabilities. She wondered where Wen Xinya found such a talent.

    However, people around Wen Xinya were all brilliant people—an Ouyang Feng who was good at accumulating wealth, a capable Yan Shaoqing, and a Qiu Yifan who was good at solving problems.

    “How about sales? Although Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare has a great reputation, because of the ‘medicine’ word within it, many people are actually reluctant to try. If we open a store, going along the lines of high-end consumption, it’ll definitely be difficult to start off merely with in-store sales.”

    “I need to dwell on this area further. However, I already have a concept, just lacking a complete plan,” Wen Xinya replied confidently.

    Li Mengjie pupils constricted. She had actually thought through each of the areas so thoroughly and even considered the sales operation part. No wonder she had the idea to set up a store—regardless of formulas, capital, human capital, distribution channels, she had it all—how else would it not work?

    “Things such as the cosmetics ingredient testing, quality assurance, effectiveness rating for new cosmetics, stability of the formulas, ingredient compatibility testing, and microbiological testing were also key areas—any intentions for these?”

    “Regarding these, I’ll find an authoritative professional corporation to customize quality testing. Of course, to also set up an ingredient testing department and a quality assurance department.”

    Following which, Li Mengjie asked many other related questions such as:

    The standard operating procedures regarding the trial production and operations for new cosmetics, procedures from the inspection of cosmetics, to the transfers to the cosmetics production department and quality assurance department, as well as the possible adjustments in the future;

    The specific cosmetics internal controls as well as the evaluation indicators for the ingredients;

    Assisting with the technical issues regarding cosmetics, ensuring the normal production of cosmetics; and

    Communication between the marketing department and production department, accurately relaying the marketing department’s requirements to the production department.

    Wen Xinya answered them one by one. Only then did she realize that by engaging Li Mengjie’s help, she had indeed found the right person.