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Chapter 229 - The Discussion Forums Upvote—Drive Miss Vicious Out of Lan Feng

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 229: The Discussion Forums Upvote—Drive Miss Vicious Out of Lan Feng

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    Jiang Ruoyin got people to check on the fifteen years of wandering life that Wen Xinya had led, and posted the matters regarding her foster parents and her thuggish life on the streets on the discussion forums. The criticism on Wen Xinya on the discussion forums got increasingly worse.

    Xia Ruya, Jiang Ruoyin, Jiang Yuqian, and Xia Ruxue were browsing the discussion forums in the apartment.

    “It’s totally unbelievable that Miss X is actually an alcoholic thug who gets into fights and arguments. The fact that such a person can get into Lan Feng Institute is indeed a spoonful of tar spoiling a barrel of honey.”

    “Doesn’t Lan Feng Institute maintain a fair and meritocratic student selection? How can they actually allow such a person without quality and morality enter Lan Feng, causing a reactionary reign of terror?”

    “The institute has to come forward with an explanation. All of us have gotten into Lan Feng with diligent studying—how can some extremely vulgar person similarly enter Lan Feng Institute—is the so-called fair and meritocratic student selection actually a hoax targeted at the ordinary students like us?”

    “Indeed! The institute has to come forward to explain!”



    Looking at the public sensation on the discussion forums, Jiang Ruoyin flashed a pleased smile. “We have Ruya to thank this time, for discovering the unhappiness between President Chu and Wen Xinya at the crepe myrtle flowers trail previously, enabling us to make use of it to land Wen Xinya into the bad books of the crowd.”

    Jiang Yuqian sneered. “Isn’t that slut very arrogant? We’ll see how she ends it this time!”

    Xia Ruxue browsed the posts on the discussion forums casually. “The discussion forums are on fire and yet that slut didn’t come forward with a statement. She must be very afraid, thus retreating back into her shell like a frightened turtle.”

    However, Xia Ruya was pale and looked at them unbelievably. “So the posts on the discussion forums came from you guys.” She bit on her lips and looked at them with tears in her eyes. “If I had known that you guys would actually use this incident to harm Xinya, I wouldn’t have told you!”

    Jiang Ruoyin patted on her shoulder and said, “Ruya, have you forgotten how Wen Xinya that slut humiliated us at the student union office previously? We’re only giving her an eye for an eye, tit for tat—she was wrong in the first place to humiliate us.”

    She wanted to let Wen Xinya that damned slut experience the humiliation that she went through at Grandfather Zhong’s birthday party.

    Jiang Yuqian added, “Previously at Zhou Tianyu’s party, she poured red wine over me and Ruoyin, plotted against you and Wen Yuya, causing Wen Yuya to lose her virginity while underage, and humiliated you in front of everyone, causing you to almost lose your reputation. She did so many vicious things—we naturally can’t let it go just like that.”

    Xia Ruxue persuaded her. “You’re just too kind. Did you forget that she had pushed you into the lake right after she returned to the Wen Family, drove Wen Yuya, who was as close as a sister to you, out of the Wen Family, even sending her abroad, and previously misunderstood your good intentions in the canteen? Don’t be silly anymore and speak up for her on the discussion forums.”

    Xia Ruya suddenly became agitated. “Yuya’s surname is no longer Wen—she currently takes after her mother’s surname, Ning, and doesn’t even have a confirmed account.” Saying which, she sobbed. “Yuya is so pitiful to have met with such scary things at such a young age. Every night, she depends on sleeping pills to fall asleep, and even so, has frequent nightmares. She’s already so pitiful, why does Wen Xinya have to drive Yuya out of the Wen Family, even sending her abroad cruelly—she’s only fifteen-years-old, but already living in a foreign land alone, suffering the painful separation from her family…”

    Saying which, she bawled herself hoarse.

    Jiang Ruoyin and the others offered their sympathies.

    Xia Ruya cried sorrowfully. “Why does she have to do that to Yuya—Yuya’s but an underage girl!”

    “All the more we can’t let her off—so that she can suffer the consequences of her own doing.”

    Xia Ruya suddenly wiped her tears off and said with a determined look, “You guys are right. Wen Xinya has done so many things to hurt everyone—we can’t just let it go.”

    Everyone was stunned as they watched Xia Ruya sit down in front of Jiang Ruoyin’s computer and, using her username, wrote a post on the discussion forums—”Drive Miss Vicious Out of Lan Feng! Call for upvotes from supporters—no spamming!”

    Jiang Ruoyin and the others were shocked, feeling that Xia Ruya was somewhat rash. However, they quickly came to and felt that she had done a great move—riding on the burning public sensation to force the institute to drive Wen Xinya out of the school.

    After posting, Xia Ruya suddenly said in a stunned manner, “Ruoyin, I’m sorry, in a moment of impulse I forgot that this is your username, and posted using it. I’ll… immediately delete it!”

    Saying which, her slender fingers reached for the mouse of the computer frantically.

    Although Jiang Ruoyin felt slightly uncomfortable to post something like that using her username, she also knew that Xia Ruya was momentarily fueled by her agitation and didn’t hold it against her. Then, she saw the post being rapidly upvoted:

    “Seeking the action of the institute to drive Miss Vicious out of Lan Feng!”

    “Seeking the action of the institute to drive Miss Vicious out of Lan Feng!”

    And the following upvotes were rapidly refreshing!

    Xia Ruya clicked on the delete button frantically. “Sorry, you don’t have administration rights to delete replied posts!”

    Xia Ruya was so anxious that she almost cried. “Ruoyin, why can’t we delete it?”

    Jiang Ruoyin said helplessly, “You’ve just joined the student union, thus don’t know that after a week of probation, every student union member will register a special username. Thus, my username on the discussion forums has a student union indication registered in bulk on the student union side. My posts can only be deleted by a discussion forums student union administrator. Also, you’ve posted in the student union section!”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes rapidly filled up with tears as she looked worriedly at Jiang Ruoyin. “Ruoyin, did I cause trouble for you?”

    Jiang Ruoyin watched as the upvotes gathered rapidly and frowned slightly. “It’s okay. With so many people upvoting, Wen Xinya most likely won’t be able to stay in the institute, so the student union won’t pursue the matter.”

    Only then did Xia Ruya become relieved, though she still felt guilty. “I’m sorry, Ruoyin. I didn’t mean it!”

    Xia Ruxue said, “Ruya, you’ve thought of such a great method to drive Wen Xinya out of Lan Feng Institute—why will Ruoyin blame you?”

    Jiang Yuqian added, “Exactly. Anyway, you didn’t do it on purpose. Ruoyin has always been the most magnanimous—she won’t mind.”

    Jiang Ruoyin said, “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a post—you don’t have to blame yourself. We should focus on driving Wen Xinya out of Lan Feng Institute.”

    Xia Ruya hung her head slightly, her hidden eyes glowing with a cunning, cold glare, paired with a venomous expression on her face. Wen Xinya… this time, let’s see if you can escape as luckily as previously.