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Chapter 230 - The Wen Family Responds to Everyone’s Attacks

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 230: The Wen Family Responds to Everyone’s Attacks

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    As the post was posted by Jiang Ruoyin’s username as a student union member, it took the entire school by storm. Many people wondered if there were many people in the student union unhappy with Wen Xinya, thus causing such an action.

    The ordinary students merrily upvoted, Chu Jingnan’s fans and supporters participated, some students who couldn’t stand the thought of Wen Xinya getting into the school through the back door seconded the move, as well as some students who were upset at Wen Xinya for disrupting the learning atmosphere at the institute, and all sorts of people who wanted to get into the action also responded.

    In the short span of half a day’s time, the post in the discussion forums had garnered almost a thousand upvotes!

    The entire Lan Feng Institute only had over two thousand students, and almost a third of them had upvoted, already making it the most significant upvote event in the discussion forums of Lan Feng in the recent years.

    However, all this was seemingly totally unrelated to Wen Xinya, who took her school bag and was leaving the school gate after school.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya, a few girls hooted at Wen Xinya in anger. “Get the hell out of Lan Feng Institute. You got into Lan Feng Institute through the back door, have no capabilities at all, and still have the face to stay in Lan Feng!”

    Another girl stared angrily at Wen Xinya and added, “Bet you haven’t seen the school’s discussion forums—there’s an upvoting to get the institute to drive you out of Lan Feng! To think you have the face to continue staying in school—what an absolute disgrace, bringing humiliation onto yourself!”

    “Shameless thing—don’t you think you’re so great, looking down on ordinary students and even humiliate the president of the student union? What are you still doing in Lan Feng Institute, get the hell out of Lan Feng Institute!”

    “Yup… Get out of Lan Feng!”

    “Get out of Lan Feng!”


    At the school gate, the students’ emotions were triggered as they roared at Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya took it in her stride and continued walking towards the school gate, as if their scolding was not on the same level as her.

    “A thug on the streets who’d led a wandering life for fifteen years can actually also enter Lan Feng. Indeed, a spoonful of tar spoils a barrel of honey. B*tch… Get out of Lan Feng!” A guy flung the bottled drink in his hand angrily towards Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya caught the bottle, her cold glare turning into tangible harshness, suddenly shooting towards that guy. “A man who lays his finger on women isn’t even fit enough to be a jerk.” Saying which, Wen Xinya casually threw the bottle aside, landing it directly onto the guy’s face.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya out of the school gate, the chauffeur, Tao, got down, opened the car door for her, and saw a group of guys and girls roaring on her heels. He furrowed his brows and asked, “Miss, what’s happening?”

    The chauffeur, Tao, was very fond of this courteous and humble Miss. As he had a dull character, although he had great driving skills, Old Master and Second Madam didn’t like him. Due to his character, he couldn’t find other jobs. On the account of his father, Old Master had arranged for him to be a security guard at the company.

    Old Master then got him to be Miss’ chauffeur. He was overjoyed yet worried that Miss would mind his dull character. However, he didn’t expect Miss to not only not frown upon looking at him, she instead was very courteous towards him.

    Wen Xinya got into the car and said plainly, “No worries, it’s nothing much—don’t tell Grandpa.”

    Although Tao was slightly worried, he didn’t say much, only getting in and started the car.

    Back at the Wen Family, Grandpa and Grandma were seated in the living room and having a conversation. Upon seeing her enter the house, Grandpa waved at her. “Xinya, come over here. I have something to ask you!”

    Wen Xinya passed her school bag to Mother Wang and sat down beside Grandpa. “Grandpa, what’s the matter?”

    She had originally planned to go to the Mo Family after school to practice chess, calligraphy, and music. At 10:30 P.M., the chauffeur, Tao, would go over and bring her back to the Wen Family. She had come back at this time just to take some stuff.

    Old Mr. Wen frowned and said, “I heard that in school, you didn’t handle your relationships with your fellow schoolmates well, and students in the institute are upvoting in the discussion forums to drive you out of Lan Feng Institute—what’s happening?”

    Wen Xinya instinctively looked towards Old Madam Wen.

    Old Madam Wen, made guilty by the look of her clear and soul-piercing eyes, stared at her uncontrollably and asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

    It wasn’t me who told your Grandpa about this! These words got stuck at her throat, unable to get out in front of the Old Man.

    Wen Xinya looked at Old Madam Wen, hurt, and said, “Grandma, I merely thought that the emerald necklace that you have on today suits you very well, and couldn’t help but steal a couple more looks!”

    The student union had the responsibility to assist the institute in managing the students. Thus, without going through the student union, the institute wouldn’t come forward, and all the more wouldn’t reach Grandpa. The fact that Grandpa knew obviously meant that Xia Ruya had leaked some news in front of Grandma, and Grandma, feeling that she was a disgrace, told on her in front of Grandpa.

    Old Mr. Wen looked at Old Madam Wen. Previously, when she was telling on Xinya in front of him, didn’t she listed everything confidently? How come now that Xinya was seated before them, she became so weak?

    Old Madam Wen felt a tinge of guilt and instinctively touched the emerald necklace on her neck.

    Only then did Wen Xinya look at Grandpa and said, “Grandpa, it’s not a big deal. It’s just because everyone was upset that I got into Lan Feng Institute through the back door, and, coupled with someone’s intentional stirring, the crowd became sensationalized. I can handle it myself.”

    Old Mr. Wen had more or less interacted with her for quite some time and knew that this granddaughter actually had great ideas. Furthermore, regarding matters between students, it was indeed inappropriate for him to step in. Thus, he nodded and said, “Since you’ve already made the decision, I won’t interfere further. However, you can’t just allow them to go on like this as it’ll, after all, affect your reputation.”

    “Got it, Grandpa!” Wen Xinya said thankfully.

    However, Old Madam Wen was not too happy—she stared at Wen Xinya in a headstrong manner. “Old Man, how can this do—Xinya has caused such a great disturbance in school, causing the entire circle to take the Wen Family as a laughing stock. Since when did us, the Wen Family, become such a disgrace.”

    Old Mr. Wen frowned—this old wife was getting more and more unreliable.

    Seeing the Old Man’s quiet attitude, Old Madam Wen increasingly felt that she was reasonable, stared at Wen Xinya and said, “Since your return to the Wen Family, you’ve caused many storms to the Wen Family, causing us not one day of peace. Now that you’ve stirred up such a storm in school, causing up to a thousand students upvoting the institute to expel you, and you’re still saying it’s not a big deal. You’re such a disgrace to the Wen Family.”

    Wen Xinya hung her head in silence. Old Madam Wen was fond of Xia Ruya on one hand, pampered Wen Haowen on the other, and with Ning Shuqian sandwiched in the middle, it would be weird for her to like Wen Xinya. Thus, silence was the best outcome.

    Seeing that she hung her head in silence, Old Madam Wen felt that she was guilty, and became even more worked up. “From what I see, you’re simply a jinx, a troubled spirit—previously, we shouldn’t have brought you back.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s palm slammed on the tea table ruthlessly as he stared at Old Madam Wen in fury. “Shut up!”

    Old Madam Wen instantly kept as quiet as a cicada in winter, yet staring viciously at Wen Xinya.

    Old Mr. Wen sneered. “Your words are getting out of hand!”

    Old Madam Wen opened her mouth wishing to speak, yet was stopped by Old Mr. Wen’s cold glare.