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Chapter 233 - Resolution of the Discussion Forums Storm

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 233: Resolution of the Discussion Forums Storm

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    The upvoting on the discussion forums was getting increasingly heated.

    Walking through school, Wen Xinya often got cursed, people threw things at her, things at her classroom seat were destroyed, and many people even wrote anonymous letters to threaten and curse her.

    On the noticeboard in school, people printed and pinned up the updates on the discussion forums upvoting.

    With things progressing to such a stage, as the president of the student union, Chu Jingnan had no choice but to step forward.

    Chu Jingnan found Wen Xinya at the crepe myrtle flowers trail.

    She seemed to be especially fond of these two rows of crepe myrtle flowers and was currently leaning on the trunk of the crepe myrtle tree, watching its branches and flowers swaying, the entire tree vibrating, and smiling joyfully.

    Every time Chu Jingnan met her, she always put on a cold front to mask her emotions. He had never seen her smile so innocently and purely—it was indeed peerlessly brilliant and gorgeous!

    He was momentarily stunned by the view!

    The discussion forums were on fire, and she was actually totally unaffected, still forging her own joy.

    Exactly what kind of girl was Wen Xinya?

    As if she felt a blazing glare, Wen Xinya slowly lifted her head to face Chu Jingnan’s mesmerized eyes. The smile on her lips suddenly turned cold and lifeless. “The honorable President Chu is looking for me for something?”

    Chu Jingnan frowned slightly, greatly displeased at Wen Xinya’s coldness towards him. “The upvoting post on the school’s discussion forums to drive you out of Lan Feng is on fire, and you’re actually totally unaffected, even having the mood to enjoy yourself here.”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “The matters on the discussion forums are the honorable President Chu’s responsibility—why should I worry myself unnecessarily?”

    In her previous lifetime, Wen Xinya’s only understanding of Chu Jingnan was that he was aloof and hypocritical. In all that he did, he had to have altisonant excuses and plans of a full retreat. He could resort to all means, but would definitely not allow others to create trouble using his name. From a certain point of view, he was the same kind of person as Xia Ruya.

    Chu Jingnan’s expression darkened, but restored to normality quickly. He looked at Wen Xinya with a warm gaze and said, “You’re so confident that I’ll definitely come forward and solve the issues?”

    Naturally, he wouldn’t simply ignore the misrepresenting post on the discussion forums. Furthermore, the post exaggerated Wen Xinya’s words. Currently, everyone at Lan Feng Institute knew that Miss Wen looked down on him—his friends even teased him day to day. No man could accept himself being looked down on by a woman, and the post was publicized extensively, a total loss of face and pride for him. Previously, he had purposely not come forward at the first instance to make use of this discussion forums incident to teach her a lesson.

    Wen Xinya looked at him as though she was looking at an idiot. “What has this got to do with confidence? The post on the discussion forums is misrepresenting. You, as the president of the student union and the person involved, will definitely come forward to make things clear. Furthermore… this implicates your face and pride as a man—the more this matter blows up, the worse it is for you.”

    “Indeed, this incident damages my face and pride, but the messages on the discussion forums are all leaning towards me, no?” Chu Jingnan only realized then that he had always underestimated Wen Xinya. Previously, he had been waiting for Wen Xinya to look for him to clear things up regarding the matter on the discussion forums, but she had not appeared. Now, listening to her words, he knew that she was full of confidence.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “As the president of the student union, you’re supposed to assist the institute in managing the students. Now someone is using your reputation to cast doubts on the decision of the institute, wanting to drive me out of Lan Feng. Looking at it from another way, it’s because of you that caused the situation of students doubting the decision of the institute—do you think the institute can tolerate it? Would the institute be satisfied with a student union president who brings nothing but trouble to the institute? Do you think if you don’t come forward and resolve this issue perfectly, the institute will let you sit stably on the position of the student union president?”

    Chu Jingnan’s face changed as he said, “So you’d guessed long ago that I’ll come forward. Thus, you’ve allowed the matters at the discussion forums to develop until they’re quickly escalating, openly appeared in the public areas of the school, unafraid of the attacks at the discussion forums? All these so that the matter will blow up, forcing me to come forward and resolve it.”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “If you hadn’t intentionally wanted to make my life difficult, not coming forward at the first instance, would I still have to do this!”

    “Miss Wen is indeed brilliant!” Chu Jingnan took in a deep breath as his graceful face became slightly twisted, yet trying his utmost to maintain his pleasant attitude.

    “Same goes for you!” Wen Xinya looked at him as her gaze became dreamy, as if a storm had gathered. “I heard that Jiang Ruoyin has posted a post on driving me out of the institute, using the student union username, on the student union board—the honorable President Chu, not sure if it’s the decision of the student union!”

    Chu Jingnan could no longer maintain a graceful expression—the veins on his forehead were pulsating ferociously with a hazy aura. “This is Jiang Ruoyin’s personal action, naturally unrelated to the student union—I’ll handle this issue.”

    Wen Xinya was merely reminding him that Jiang Ruoyin’s action had already caused many students to think that it was the decision of the student union, thus all following suit. If things went to the institute, it would minimally constitute as evidence of his poor management, and at its worst, cause him to be charged with assisting to cause trouble—come that time, he would not have an easy time accounting to the institute.

    “Jiang Ruoyin stated misrepresenting words on the discussion forums, seriously affecting my daily life, studies, and reputation. I hope that the student union can provide me with the best explanation. Otherwise, I won’t let the matter rest!” Wen Xinya stood quietly beneath the branches full of crepe myrtle flowers as the scattered rays of the sun poured onto her body in an elves-like dance—the tree full of gorgeous crepe myrtle flowers was less than half of her beauty.

    Chu Jingnan’s heart constricted, followed by racing rapidly, turning cold and brilliant for her. “Rest assured, I’ll give you an explanation regarding this matter!”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes were clear and cold with a hint of ruthlessness, the smile on her lips so icy that it sent chills down one’s spine. “The honorable President Chu is indeed an intelligent person! In that case, trouble the honorable President Chu.”

    Chu Jingnan looked at Wen Xinya as an odd feeling arose in his heart once again, feeling that Wen Xinya was guarded against him like an enemy. “Don’t mention it, Miss Wen. It’s part of my job.”

    Wen Xinya snorted coldly and looked at Chu Jingnan with eyes filled deeply with frost! He had humiliated her thoroughly, then stood forward with a hypocritical demeanor—was she supposed to thank him for his benevolence.

    Chu Jingnan frowned and asked, “Not sure when did I offend Miss Wen before to make Miss Wen pick on me like this? Or…”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t guess what he was going to say, but his sudden change in tone made her have a bad feeling and step back.

    However, Chu Jingnan’s movements were faster than her. He took a big step forward, ending up right in front of her, and said, “You’re purposely picking on me to attract my attention?”