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Chapter 234 - Get Closer Some More and You’ll Die

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 234: Get Closer Some More and You’ll Die

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    Because of him getting close, Wen Xinya’s mind became all jumbled up, her nose filled with his clean, refreshing scent like that of grass. Memories of her previous lifetime overwhelmed her like huge waves, causing her to be unable to react at all!

    He slowly walked towards her, back facing the light, as she looked at his tall and large stature, eyes burning and hurting from the glaring rays of the sun. With each of his advancing steps, shadows gradually covered over her head.

    “Looks like my guess is indeed right. If you’re thinking of using the nitpicking way to attract my attention, then congratulations, you’re very successful.” Chu Jingnan looked at the way she looked up at him, her eyes filled with mysteriously emotional turmoil, as if hiding a dark secret, yet covered up by the fog in her eyes.

    Wen Xinya only felt as if the world was covered up by him, left only with vast darkness and void—she even couldn’t breathe freely in this world of nothingness.

    “Miss Wen, no, perhaps I should address you as Wen Xinya, or maybe call you directly by Xinya, or perhaps Xin-er.” His voice was gentle and graceful, with an ambiguous and seductive tease. He slowly lifted her chin and said with a warm breath, “You’ve successfully attracted me!”

    Chu Jingnan looked at her childlike, gorgeous face with a pale color, yet as pure as jade, beautiful and brilliant, her stretched and firm neck in the angle and elegance of a white swan, as his heart suddenly started racing—lub-dub, lub-dub.

    Wen Xinya only felt her body going weak. It was obviously a summer-like autumn with the scorching sun overhead, yet she felt the chills enter her pores and seeped into her body. She suddenly widened her eyes as she watched Chu Jingnan’s face leaning closer and closer to her, his hot breath with grass-like scent scattering all over her face.

    She suddenly thought of Si Yiyan, and instantly, frost crystallized in her hazy eyes which emitted waves of chilly aura, like a cold pool in the ancient times, injuring one at the slightest contact, rotting one’s skin at the slightest touch. “Get closer some more and you’ll die!”

    Chu Jingnan had originally charismatically bent over for a kiss but froze at the sudden burst of coldness coming from her mouth. Because of his body’s stiffness, his current posture became like hunching over in humility. He squinted upwards awkwardly and only saw a perfectly slender wrist, under the scattered shadows of the crepe myrtle flowers, radiating a lustrous glow that was even more elegant and pure than ivory, so beautiful that he almost gave up breathing.

    Then, the hand of the jade-like arm locked his neck, her two slender fingers tightly holding onto his throat, her healthy, pink nails sinking his slightly tan throat.

    “What do you want?” He genuinely felt the murderous aura radiating from her.

    “Who do you think you are to be fit enough to attract my attention?” Her voice was so cold it seemed to come from hell, a hazy aura instantly appeared in her eyes, and an overwhelming viciousness immediately started stirring within.

    “Why do you hate me?” Chu Jingnan could clearly see, from her cold and completely emotionless face, a blood-curdling mania slowly arose, and he finally felt afraid.

    “Hate you?” As if she had heard the biggest joke in the world, she suddenly started laughing in hysteria. “Hahahaha…”

    A frightening sense of madness could be felt from her laughter. Chu Jingnan’s pupils suddenly constricted, within which reflected her exceptionally radiant smile. The oncoming dark and gloomy aura, like a compact and dense net, made his whole body sink into ice.

    “Which part of you is worth of my hatred?” She suddenly retracted her smile and instantly increased the strength in her hands, wanting to see with her own eyes his expression of helplessness at the brink of suffocation.

    Chu Jingnan suddenly stiffened all the muscles in his body as the muscles in his throat moved up and down uncontrollably between her two fingers, struggling to keep alive.

    Wen Xinya suddenly flung Chu Jingnan onto the floor, looked scornfully at him, and, while his pupils were constricting, slowly squatted down, grabbed his face with such tremendous force that her fingers sunk into his flesh. “To me, you’re but an ant!”

    “Cough cough cough cough…” Chu Jingnan held onto his neck as he fell to the floor coughing.

    He only felt humiliated. He had underestimated this Miss Wen, giving her the chance to suddenly humiliate him within her grasp. A hazy glow arose in his eyes. At this moment, he was truly convinced that this Miss Wen was indeed filled with hostility towards him, and not purposely attracting his attention.

    “How’s the taste of struggling between life and death, wanting neither to live nor die—did you feel your entire body, even your life and soul in the hands of another, feeling like you can’t live and can’t get away?” Wen Xinya stood by him in a graceful pose with a shallow smile, looking scornfully at him with an elegance of being above everything else.

    “Wen Xinya, one day I’ll make you regret how you treated me today.” Chu Jingnan looked at her aura of nobility as though she stood above the world as crazy emotions suddenly arose in his heart. This feeling of being humiliated, mocked at, looked down upon, made him want nothing more than to trample on her with his feet, making her slavishly dependent on him.

    One day, he, Chu Jingnan, wouldn’t be this unknown to the world!

    One day, he, Chu Jingnan, would also stand at the apex of the pyramid, looking scornfully on and despising everyone!

    One day, he, Chu Jingnan, would make Wen Xinya kneel between his legs, licking his toes, pleasuring him, be at the mercy of his fiddling!

    “I’ll wait for the day to come.” Wen Xinya looked plainly at him. The man that she had loved deeply and tried to please wholeheartedly was now subdued by her feet. There was not the slightest bit of love and hate in her heart, only calmness and indifference.

    In her mind, she couldn’t help but think of Si Yiyan—that man had also once been subdued by her feet in a posture which was obviously inferior, yet when executed by him, had a superior elegance overlooking everything, as if he was originally the most elegant person in the world, only bowing down his superior head to the one he willingly chose to be subdued to.

    “There will be such a day, there will be!” Chu Jingnan’s expression was oddly calm, as if he were merely plainly describing, but that pair of graceful eyes was secretly in mad turmoil.

    “But, before then, please… don’t provoke me again in the future!” Wen Xinya said the words extremely slowly, chewing them in her mouth, with a predatory hazy aura, sending chills down one’s spine.

    Chu Jingnan felt his chest tighten and breathing becoming shallow. When he got around, he realized that Wen Xinya was still beside him—like a spirit, she had left a deep scar in his world before disappearing without a trace.

    If not for the suffocating coldness lingering by his neck, he almost thought it was just a nightmare.