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Chapter 235 - Strip Myself Clean For Your Pleasure

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 235: Strip Myself Clean For Your Pleasure

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    Chu Jingnan moved very quickly, as swift as lightning, and very soon deleted the upvoting post on the discussion forums, and expressed in the name of the student union, “The upvoting incident on the discussion forums is a personal act of the student union member, Jiang Ruoyin, and definitively has nothing to do with the decision of the student union!”

    Then, Jingnan also used his on student union username and did up a post: [When I chanced upon Miss Wen at the crepe myrtle flowers trail, there was indeed unhappiness between us. However, Miss Wen never said anything to look down on the ordinary students or that she was unwilling to sit at the same table with ordinary students! I don’t wish to see anyone making use of me to stir things up in the discussion forums because of your own personal grievances, cooking up a storm in the school compounds, and don’t wish for anyone to make use of the strength of gossips from the students of the whole school to criticize a certain student.]

    Chu Jingnan’s post received an overwhelming response.

    People were doubtful. “If that’s the case, why did Mr. President only come forward now?”

    “Is Mr. President coming forward to clear things up as he’s under the pressure and influence of a certain rich Miss X?”

    Chu Jingnan replied to the post, “I just want to be clear on who exactly is making use of my reputation to stir things up in the discussion forums!”

    And then, Chu Jingnan, in the name of the president of the student union, posted in the discussion forums, announcing the removal of Jiang Ruoyin’s status as a student union member, and ordering Jiang Ruoyin to apologize to Wen Xinya in front of the members of the student union. Otherwise, she would be expelled from the institute by way of disciplinary action!

    With the post clearly stating the person who plotted against Wen Xinya, nobody from the discussion forums suspected that Chu Jingnan had come forward due to pressure from the Wen Family anymore.

    At this point, if everyone still didn’t know that they had been tricked by Jiang Ruoyin, they would all be fools.

    In comparison to the gradual build-up of the emotions of the crowd towards upvoting directed at Wen Xinya in the discussion forums previously, when everyone knew that they had been used as murder weapons, they became explosively agitated, spamming their criticisms all over the discussion forums:

    “Damn, you actually used us as murder weapons. B*tch, you’re only so young and yet so frighteningly and deeply manipulative. Indeed, the ancient people were right to say that a woman’s heart is the most vicious!”

    “Get out of Lan Feng. You dare to trick me—beware of me greeting your eighteen generations of ancestors!”

    “Slut, think you’re so great just because you’re rich! Just because you’re rich, you can play with everyone right!”

    “To think you said that Miss Wen has a vicious heart, I think you’re the one who’s really venomous, bringing the palace drama into the institute—isn’t it fun to control everyone within your grasp! Yours truly will strip myself clean for your pleasure! Damn, since you like to play others so much, the whole school’s guys can let you play!”

    “Strip myself clean for your pleasure +1”

    “Strip myself clean for your pleasure +1”

    “Strip myself clean for your pleasure +1”


    A wave of unrest succeeded another, and soon, a trending post hung high up at the top of the school’s discussion forums: “The institute doesn’t wish for anyone to doubt its fair selection criteria for recruitment of outstanding students!”

    Everyone clicked in for a peep, and actually saw uploads of a few pieces of test papers which contained the very name of “Wen Xinya!”

    The contents of the test papers were different from their mid-term examinations—they were of higher difficulty than mid-terms.

    Out of a total of 150 marks, Wen Xinya scored 120 marks and above for each section, even scoring 148 marks for language, of which she had a two-point deduction from composition, and actually getting all other questions correct.

    Everyone started comparing themselves using the test papers. Even Chu Jingnan replied saying that even he wouldn’t score higher than Wen Xinya given such test papers.

    It was a slap in the face. Previously, everyone had been biased towards Wen Xinya because she had gotten into the institute through the back door. Thus, when the post appeared on the discussion forums, they were triggered and became collectively agitated!

    But now, she had gotten into Lan Feng through her own genuine capabilities, even more outstanding than them, making many of them extremely ashamed.

    Some people did not believe it, felt that the test papers were fake, and openly cast their doubts. “Didn’t Wen Xinya lead a wandering life for fifteen years and hasn’t even gone to high school? Don’t tell me the test papers are fake!”

    Once this reply appeared, many people seconded it!

    However, someone raised an alternative view. “It’s unnecessary for the institute to open up fake results to the public—it doesn’t benefit the institute at all. Furthermore, don’t forget that Wen Xinya’s Grampy is a notable personality in the literary field—a few pointers from him trumps a few years of studying from us. Previously, I heard that once Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, she had been staying at the Mo Family, only returning to the Wen Family after the homecoming party. Also, up till now, every day after school, Wen Xinya’s car always headed north—the Wen Family is situated in the south.”

    Old Mr. Mo had a resounding reputation. Upon the mention of Old Mr. Mo, everyone first thought of a certain high-ranking official, a certain higher management of a certain field, as well as an outstanding social personality. Thus, everyone had instinctive awe and respect towards the mention of Old Mr. Mo, feeling that he must be an impressive figure. Thus, once this reply appeared, everyone stopped doubting the legitimacy of the test papers.

    Zhou Tianyu browsed the posts on the discussion forums and couldn’t help but smile. “Xinya, no wonder previously, when things at school were on fire, you weren’t worried at all—so you had it all thought out!”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “I got into Lan Feng through my capabilities and naturally wouldn’t be expelled by the Institute for no good reason. Furthermore, Jiang Ruoyin and the rest had stated misrepresenting words on the discussion forums. If it were minor matters, it would be let go—only when things caught the attention of the institute did Chu Jingnan had no choice but to come forward and clear things up, and I could really openly retaliate.”

    Zhou Tianyu sighed slightly. “Indeed brilliant! Really in awe of you—no matter what happens, you can always solve it as you meet it head-on.”

    “That’s because I knew that people will try all means and ways to harm me—naturally, I can’t let them find a loophole.” Thus, when she had decided to enter Lan Feng Institute, she had suggested a test to the institute, which would naturally happily oblige in consideration of its fair selection criteria for recruitment of outstanding students.

    Zhou Tianyu’s heart ached slightly for her friend—since her return to the Wen Family, she had braved through countless storms. “What a pity, this time, only Jiang Ruoyin was seized.”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “That’s already enough—I only need a quiet environment for studies. Beating the dog before the lion has a deterrent effect so that people dare not provoke me.”

    Zhou Tianyu asked, “You really plan to accept her apology?”

    Wen Xinya sneered. “How can it be so easy—definitely gotta make her drop out before putting this matter to rest!”

    Zhou Tianyu understood the principle of returning a hundred times over to what one did to you, yet still frowned and said, “You’ve already garnered an overbearing and aggressive reputation in Lan Feng. If that’s the case, I’m afraid…”

    Wen Xinya said nonchalantly, “That’s the objective—only then will it stop those small people, making them fear me, not daring to provoke me, and all the more not daring to harm me!”

    Zhou Tianyu nodded in agreement, yet was still rather worried. “You know that the Jiang Family is also one of the top four affluent families, with a background not paling in comparison to the Wen Family. Your action is slapping the Jiang Family in the face, humiliating them. They’ll definitely earn it back!”

    Wen Xinya smiled coldly. “That’s something that my Grandpa and Grampy need to think about!”