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Chapter 237 - When Love Rivals Meet, Their Eyes Blaze with Hatred

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 237: When Love Rivals Meet, Their Eyes Blaze with Hatred

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    Si Yiyan came out from the dean’s office and chanced upon Chu Jingnan holding a stack of documents and walking towards him. He stopped in his heels and looked at Chu Jingnan with his pair of clear eyes.

    Indeed, he had minded about Chu Jingnan before. However, Wen Xinya’s attitude made him throw this person to the back of his mind.

    Unexpectedly, he actually met him here now. With hesitation in his heart, he sized up the person before him uncontrollably—based on what he saw, Chu Jingnan was indeed outstanding, and indeed had what it took to make girls admire him.

    Chu Jingnan felt a gaze landing on him and suddenly, he was looking into a pair of eyes as deep and full of hidden turmoil as the ocean. Suddenly, boundless rays of light circulated, like a deep coldness and loneliness, yet, upon closer look, was deeply mesmerizing with circulating brilliance—the most beautiful thing in the world.

    He stood there quietly with a clear, enchanting aura, yet with a pride that overlooked everything in the world. Looking up at his elegance with only a slightly scornful look, he instead felt ashamed of his own ungainly appearance, like an ant, felt all of his bones softening, and felt impulsively like subduing to the floor, resigned to him.

    It was as though he had a natural pressure against him!

    Chu Jingnan took a few steps backward, gritted his teeth, and held his hands in tight fists—the man before him must be a peerless strongman.

    “Chu Jingnan…” Si Yiyan muttered this name in a low voice, smiling casually with a tinge of contempt, as though he did not care for him. As he walked past him, his voice was crisp and harsh. “Is merely this!”

    Chu Jingnan did not know what he meant by “merely this.” As he watched the departure of the stunning figure, his breathing regulated as his body collapsed and leaned on the wall. The cold wall made his messy mind clear up.

    He took a deep breath, knocked, and entered the dean’s office.

    The dean was vetting documents. Chu Jingnan placed the documents in his hands onto the dean’s office table, put on a casual demeanor, and asked, “Dean, just now, I saw a man coming out of your office. I don’t seem to have seen him before—he doesn’t look like a board member of the institute.”

    The dean suddenly put down the pen in his hand, looked up at Chu Jingnan, stared at him with a pair of eyes full of wisdom, and said slowly, “This isn’t something you should ask as the president of the student union. You should know what to ask and what not to ask.”

    Chu Jingnan gasped and held his hands tightly in fists!

    He was actually so mysterious.


    During her break at noon, Wen Xinya returned to the apartment and found Si Yiyan seated at her study table, browsing the posts in her school’s discussion forums. The gorgeous peaks of his eyebrows were like layers of mountain peaks, looking indescribably beautiful.

    Wen Xinya smiled as sweetly as a flower and said cheekily, “Ninth Young Master, don’t tell me you’ve once again become a thief who has sneaked in?”

    Si Yiyan replied keenly, “Yup, a wretched flower thief!”

    Wen Xinya suddenly blushed as she cursed herself for her wretched mouth, her mind uncontrollably thinking about him kissing her passionately in the hostel the other day. She hurriedly changed the topic and said, “I saw you going into the dean’s office today—you’re close to him?”

    Si Yiyan did not continue teasing her. As he saw the messages in the discussion forums completely flipping sides, the smile in his eyes deepened. “Not close!”

    Wen Xinya asked curiously, “Why did you look for the dean, then?”

    Si Yiyan looked at her with a deep smile in his eyes. “I just feel that it’s rather inconvenient to act like a ‘thief’ every time I come to your school, so I looked for the dean to discuss some investment matters.”

    He purposely emphasized on the word “thief” as his eyes glowed teasingly. Wen Xinya’s face felt hot.

    Si Yiyan continued, “As an investor, I can enter your school freely in the future, and can even participate in the management of the institute in the capacity of an investor.”

    The next time something happened to her in school, he wouldn’t have to end up like this time—helpless, unable to intervene as he watched the others criticize, humiliate, and smear her reputation.

    Shocked, Wen Xinya hurriedly asked, “How much did you invest? On what?”

    Wen Xinya understood that Lan Feng Institute was already a rather mature institute and not desperate for investments—it seemed like this investment project was definitely not simple. The fact that he could participate in the management of the institute proved that he had definitely invested a significant amount. She understood in her heart that Si Yiyan had done this for her, and she felt extremely touched.

    Smiling, Si Yiyan said plainly, “Lan Feng Institute is dedicated to ancient teaching—a good educational philosophy, but very tough to execute. Although Lan Feng Institute has seen some results from ancient teaching, in order to realize more, it requires manpower, resources, and finances. Thus, I’ve invested in the setup of an ancient teaching research team for Lan Feng, promising to engage, on Lan Feng’s behalf, a few respectable elders in the literary field to participate in the research of ancient teaching.”

    Hitting on the tender spot—an institute like Lan Feng had the background and capital and was not desperate for investments. To hit the nail on the head, he had to attack their weak spot.

    Wen Xinya took in a deep breath as she tried hard to stomach the shock in her heart. “Then, in the future, when I go to university, will you similarly donate an academic building so as to enter my school freely?”

    Si Yiyan shook his head as the smile on his lips deepened. “When that happens you can simply get an entry pass for me to freely enter your school—no need for such great lengths.”

    Entry pass… was a document that one could only apply for one’s immediate family. Without relationship by blood, it only meant one’s legal spouse—what did he mean?

    Si Yiyan looked as her cheeks blushed slightly as she contemplated, the smile on his lips deepening. “What are you thinking about?”

    “Nothing! Nothing much!” Wen Xinya answered in a panic.

    Such a swift reply was obviously a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure. “Oh yes, what are the requirements for the application of entry pass for local universities?”

    Asking the obvious.

    Wen Xinya looked up at Si Yiyan. The car was now driving towards a cross junction. He was focused on the road ahead, without any changes in his expression, as if he really did not know the requirements.

    The car drove past the cross junction slowly. Si Yiyan looked sideways at her. “Is it a difficult question? You need more time to think?”

    “I don’t know!” Wen Xinya said irresponsibly.

    Si Yiyan did not pursue the matter. “Let’s check on the Internet later!”

    Wen Xinya’s face was scorching hot as she purposely changed the topic. “What are the requirements for the application of entry pass for overseas universities?”

    The smile on Si Yiyan’s lips deepened as he shifted his glance towards her slowly, his eyes glowing with radiance. “Applicable to all immediate family members!”

    Wen Xinya felt that she dug a hole and buried herself and couldn’t help but glare at Si Yiyan.