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Chapter 239 - Jiang Ruoyin, Please Apologize to Wen Xinya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 239: Jiang Ruoyin, Please Apologize to Wen Xinya

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    Jiang Ruoyin arrived at the student union office in the company of Xia Ruya, Jiang Yuqian, and Xia Ruxue.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya on the sofa of the student union office, Jiang Ruoyin’s swollen eyes suddenly widened and stared at her as if she wished to feast on her flesh.

    Wen Xinya met her glare with an emotionless expression and a still gaze—not avoiding at all.

    From her pair of quiet eyes, Jiang Ruoyin seemed to be able to see her own round, staring eyes and twisted expression. Instantly, she felt extremely haggard, yet trying her best to control her own emotions.

    Chu Jingnan looked at Jiang Ruoyin plainly and said, “Miss Jiang Ruoyin, previously, you’ve said misrepresenting things on the discussion forums, plotting against Miss Wen Xinya, and also triggered the students’ doubt for the fair selection criteria for recruitment of outstanding students of the institute, exploiting your student union username, using it to trigger the students to pressurize the institute to expel Miss Wen Xinya. The student union members have unanimously decided to remove you from the student union by way of disciplinary action. From now on, you’re no longer a member of the student union.”

    Jiang Ruoyin widened her eyes in disbelief towards Chu Jingnan and said, “The honorable President Chu, I know you’re pressurized by the rich and powerful Wen Family, thus have no choice but to come forward and clear things up for Wen Xinya. However, my Jiang Family’s background doesn’t pale in comparison to the Wen Family.”

    The threatening tone was very obvious when Jiang Ruoyin spoke, which made Chu Jingnan’s face turn horrid. “Miss Jiang Ruoyin, please mind what you say. I’m assisting the institute to manage its students as the president of the student union. If you’re unhappy with me, you may complain directly to the institute.”

    Not giving up, Jiang Ruoyin looked at Chu Jingnan and said, “You don’t have to promise to clear things up for Wen Xinya because of the Wen Family—I can guarantee that the Wen Family can’t harm you.”

    Chu Jingnan couldn’t maintain his expression no matter how hard he tried. The veins on his forehead were throbbing steadily when he said, “I hope Miss Jiang get things clear—your words on the discussion forums are indeed misrepresenting, how then would I help Miss Wen clear things up because of the Wen Family? Miss Jiang has belittled me and the institute—I, Chu Jingnan, have become the president of the student union with the support of the institute, simply because of the fact that I’m impartial.”

    Jiang Ruoyin wished to continue but was stopped by Xia Ruya, who tugged on her arm and apologized to Chu Jingnan. “President Chu, Ruoyin doesn’t mean that.”

    Chu Jingnan couldn’t be bothered with her. He looked at her plainly and said, “Miss Jiang Ruoyin, please apologize to Wen Xinya for plotting against her previously.”

    Jiang Ruoyin retracted her gaze and instinctively shifted it towards Wen Xinya, only to see her sitting on the sofa, looking at her with a half-smile on her lips which contained the emotions of mockery, sarcasm, cynicism, and disdain—she felt like dashing up and tearing her mouth and face apart.

    Wen Xinya picked her ear and acted like she was all ears.

    Jiang Ruoyin suddenly clenched her hands into fists and stared at Wen Xinya ruthlessly.

    Chu Jingnan said plainly, “Miss Jiang Ruoyin, please apologize to Miss Wen Xinya.”

    Jiang Ruoyin stared at Wen Xinya hard and said, “What if I don’t apologize?”

    Wen Xinya raised her eyebrows. Chu Jingnan frowned, and with a calm face of authority and a deep, dark tone of voice, said, “Then I’ll have no choice but to raise the decision of expelling you from school to the institute.”

    Jiang Ruoyin suddenly looked towards Chu Jingnan with a sense of anxiety and mania in her eyes. “You can’t expel me—I’m Miss Jiang of the Jiang Family. If you expel me, our Jiang Family won’t let the matter rest.”

    Chu Jingnan said plainly, “Miss Jiang, please bring it on—I, Chu Jingnan, will deal with it.”

    “You…” Jiang Ruoyin did not expect him to be so unrelenting and difficult.

    Chu Jingnan said, “You’ve triggered the students, leading them to cause troubles, doubting the selection criteria of the institute, causing disturbance to the learning environment of Lan Feng. The institute has already expressed its displeasure towards you. An apology is already the lightest sentence—don’t force the institute to blacklist you.”

    Blacklisting was a system standardized by the higher institutes. Once a higher institute blacklisted a student, the other higher institutes would all refuse to enroll the student.

    Jiang Ruoyin was trembling in fury as she looked at Wen Xinya, and suddenly, tears started falling uncontrollably from her eyes.

    Jiang Ruoyin’s tears did not trigger any sympathy from Wen Xinya. It was too late for regrets, you reap what you sow—this was her best testimony.

    Jiang Yuqian couldn’t help but scream towards Wen Xinya. “Wen Xinya, aren’t you too vicious—Ruoyin is already crying and you’re still forcing her to apologize to you.”

    Xia Ruxue couldn’t take it either and said angrily, “Everyone already knows about Ruoyin’s post, and there’s already many people scolding Ruoyin in the discussion forums. Why can’t you just let Ruoyin off—you’re too vicious!”

    Xia Ruya looked at Wen Xinya with a devastating look in her eyes and sobbed. “Xinya, Ruoyin is already very pitiful—stop making things difficult for her, okay? I’ll apologize to you on her behalf, okay?”

    The student union members looked at this odd scene and couldn’t help but engage in whispers, some even breaking into laughter—so the act of triggering students to drive Wen Xinya out of Lan Feng Institute was not vicious, was it not a case of a thief crying, “Thief!” After doing so many vicious things, she actually thought that she could get away with shedding a tear or two—did she really think that as Miss Jiang, she could do anything she wanted due to the Jiang Family’s background?

    How retarded!

    Wen Xinya had yet to speak before Xu Tongxuan said impatiently, “Can you hurry with your apology—I have other things on, aren’t the four of you girls annoying! How’s Xinya being vicious—Jiang Ruoyin posted to plot against her, what’s the big deal of apologizing? Crying and making a din, making it seem like Xinya is bullying you girls. Obviously, you’re the vicious one to plot against others. And now, you’re making a false counter—you girls are even worse than the thief crying ‘thief!'”

    Just like this, Xia Ruya’s sobbing got stuck in her throat—the crying and making a din that Xu Tongxuan spoke about was obviously referring to her. She instantly felt too ashamed to show her face.

    And Jiang Yuqian and Xia Ruxue stood rooted to the ground as their words got stuck in their throats.

    Jiang Ruoyin’s spiteful glare suddenly looked towards Wen Xinya. “Wen Xinya, I’m after all Miss Jiang of the Jiang Family, which background doesn’t pale in comparison to your Wen Family. Are you sure you want to insist that I apologize to you?”

    Xinya raised her brows. Suddenly, her slightly raised gorgeous brows seemed to be tinted with harshness as she said slowly, “So what if it’s the Jiang Family?”

    Jiang Ruoyin looked at her full of pride and said, “My Grandpa and Father dote on me the most. If you’re insistent on me apologizing to you, making me humiliate myself and suffer injustice, they’ll definitely not let the matter rest.”

    Wen Xinya’s gaze swept past the three people before her before getting up from the sofa slowly, looking plainly at Chu Jingnan and saying, “The honorable President Chu, I’ve something on and need to leave. Regarding this matter, I only hope that the student union will give me a satisfactory resolution.”

    Saying which, she turned her back and started leaving.

    Xu Tongxuan hurriedly followed up and said, “President, I also have something on and will take my leave. Do what you need to do for this matter—I won’t participate anymore.”