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Chapter 241 - A Man Comparable to the Sun

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
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    Then, a young and pretty female teacher, clad in a black customized suit paired with a knee-length pencil skirt, with a dignified and elegant aura, brought a man wearing gray teeshirt and shorts over.

    “Mr. Si, this is the student union office of our institute.” The female teacher smiled sweetly and attractively as she looked at the man with a pair of moist, sparkling eyes in a charming and tantalizing manner.

    Hearing her voice, everyone looked towards the entrance only to see a man standing against the light—the man’s peerless demeanor bathing in the splendid sunlight, his looks burred by the blinding sun, making him seem tall, strong, and bedazzling, like the mythical Sun God—honorable, huge, mighty, and dignified…

    Everyone looked at the entrance, dumbfounded, impressed by the person who had suddenly appeared. Although they had yet to see his looks, his brilliance was already decided by his aura.

    “Si Yi…” Shocked, Wen Xinya hurriedly stretched out her hand to cover her mouth. However, her pair of round eyes still revealed her shock—why would Si Yiyan come to the student union office?

    Then, the silhouette moved and walked towards them.

    Everyone looked as sunlight shimmered on his body, his every movement and step seemed to carry the storm with it—yet, the thunderstorm did not taint him at all. Instead, he radiated a sense of elegant and beautiful glow.

    It was as though all the light and warmth in the world existed for him.

    Closer and closer!

    Inexplicably, everyone held their breaths and widened their eyes, wanting to see how exactly did this man, comparable to the Sun, looked like.

    He quietly entered the student union office.

    Everyone’s eyes constricted as they couldn’t help but recall a famous poem describing the image of a man.

    As knife and file smoothened the bone, jade was wrought by chisel and stone. Dignified and magnanimous within, like gold and tin.

    Smoothened bone, polished ivory, carved jade, sharpened stone.

    The dignified demeanor of ivory, the pure aura of jade, steady steps like stone—the perfect interpretation of bone smoothened by knife and jade polished by chisel.

    Bedazzling and outstanding like a jade tablet coated with gold.

    As if he noticed Wen Xinya’s gaze, Si Yiyan slightly raised his brows, looked towards her with a smile in his eyes and a meaningful curl of his lips.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly averted her gaze in panic as her cheeks turned slightly red as if slightly tinted with rouge.

    Chu Jingnan’s entire body shook—how could it be the man that he had bumped into at the entrance of the dean’s office that day? Who was he exactly?

    “This is?” Si Yiyan gaze scanned the surroundings, firstly seeing Jiang Ruoyin lying down on the floor with a twist expression, then Xia Ruya who looked like she was about to cry, Xia Ruxue who was filled with anger and hatred, and lastly, Jiang Yuqian who was fuming unbearably.

    The beautiful female teacher did not expect to bump into such a situation upon coming in. She said with an awkward expression, “The student union members are having a meeting.”

    “A meeting! I’m also quite interested.” Saying which, Si Yiyan made his own way to the sofa, accidentally bumping into Wen Xinya with his shoulders as he walked past her.

    Wen Xinya looked over into Si Yiyan’s eyes filled with a suppressed smile, and suddenly her heartbeat hastened rapidly.

    The beautiful female teacher hurriedly caught up in her high heels. “Mr. Si, why don’t we tour the library! The student union meeting has always been very boring.”

    She recalled that a storm had been stirred up in the institute recently due to a post on the discussion forums, and today, the student union was having a meeting to resolve the issue which, after all, had a profound effect on the institute. Previously the principal had said that this person’s background was extremely mysterious with an appalling amount of wealth and power. Upon seeing him in person, she had indeed taken him for a deity, trying means and ways to attract his attention, to pique his interest in her along the way, and had unknowingly actually brought him to the student union office. Thinking of which, the beautiful female teacher felt a sense of regret.

    Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya with a nonchalant glance as he said plainly, “I’m more curious about the student union’s system of management of the students.”

    His plain voice carried an aura that was not to be rejected.

    The beautiful female teacher’s words of persuasion got stuck in her throat instantly as her face reddened a few shades. She had no choice but to hurry and pour him some tea.

    Wen Xinya asked with her eyes: What are you doing at the student union office?

    Si Yiyan replied with the slight movements of his lips: To see you.

    Wen Xinya felt an inquisitive gaze and, looking over, saw Chu Jingnan who was beside her looking at her with deep, unpredictable eyes with a hazy aura.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly and plainly looked away.

    Of course, this scene did not escape Si Yiyan’s eyes.

    Chu Jingnan looked at Wen Xinya with eyes filled with lust and possessiveness, and this made him extremely unhappy. “You’re President Chu of the student union?”

    Chu Jingnan retracted his overflowing emotions and replied, “That’s me!”

    Si Yiyan looked at him plainly. “Don’t mind me sitting in your meeting!”

    “Mr. Si, please help yourself!” Even a teacher had to succumb to him—he naturally did not dare to have any thoughts. He only felt strange—on both occasions that they met, this Mr. Si seemed to have an inexplicable sense of oppression towards him.

    Si Yiyan was no longer looking at Chu Jingnan. Instead, he was looking at Wen Xinya who was standing in the room, like a crane standing among chickens. “This student is?”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but roll her eyes and shot a glance towards Si Yiyan: Go ahead and act!

    Si Yiyan’s gaze stayed on Wen Xinya stubbornly as the beautiful female teacher tightly held her anxious hands, smiling extremely sweetly. “Mr. Si, this is a freshman in our institute, Wen Xinya, also the eldest daughter of the Wen Family.” Saying which, she shifted her glance towards Wen Xinya as it filled up with a tinge of command and oppression, her tone of voice becoming icy cold and stiff. “Miss Wen, this is an investor of the institute, Mr. Si. Please greet him!”

    Si Yiyan’s gorgeous brows were tinted with harshness. “No need for greetings—I just thought this student has an exquisite aura and elegant style, and thus am uncontrollably curious.”

    Having rubbed him the wrong way, the beautiful female teacher’s face became awkward.

    Wen Xinya looked at the beautiful female teacher sweetly and said, “Teacher, you’re leaning too close to Mr. Si, making him unable to fetch himself tea.”

    A round of suppressed laughter spread in the student union office—usually looking all chaste, virtuous, graceful, and elegant, but actually just sultry in her bones.

    The beautiful female teacher’s face instantly turned pale as she instinctively shifted her butt away, feeling as if the place that she had previously sat on was on fire.

    Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya with a deepened smile in his eyes.

    Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan ruthlessly: You’re obviously attached, but you still allow another woman to sit so near to you.

    With shimmering eyes yet extremely harsh tone, Si Yiyan said, “Oh yes, aren’t you guys having a meeting? Please continue!”