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Chapter 242 - This Is the Way of the Virgin Mary!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 242: This Is the Way of the Virgin Mary!

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    Then, everyone shook awake.

    Oh yes, what happened previously?

    Instantly, everyone shifted their glances towards Jiang Ruoyin laying on the floor haggardly. Only then did their blurry memories came back—just now, Jiang Ruoyin had scolded Wen Xinya and got slapped by her.

    Jiang Ruoyin felt countless needle-like glances piercing towards her, causing her heart-wrenching pain all over her body, so painful that she did not even have the strength to cry. She was Miss Jiang who grew up as a pampered young mistress—how could she take pain like this! Her face was swollen and her body felt painful all over—she felt that the pain was almost causing her to die.

    Jiang Yuqian was the first to come to her senses. She hurried over to help Jiang Ruoyin up.

    Also coming round, Xia Ruya hurriedly asked with concern, “Ruoyin, are you okay—does it hurt?”

    She stole glances at Si Yiyan from time to time—she had never seen such a peerlessly outstanding man, brilliant to his bones like the intellectuals of the Wei and Jin dynasties, with a stunning demeanor. Compared to him, Chu Jingnan was way behind.

    However, that person never once glanced at her. Instead, he secretly looked at Wen Xinya from time to time.

    Wen Xinya again. What was the basis—everywhere, everyone’s glances collectively fell on her. That was the case on the homecoming party, for Zhong Rufeng, for Chu Jingnan, and now, even for this Mr. Si.

    Exactly how was she inferior to Wen Xinya?

    Wen Xinya was but a little thug that had led a wandering life for fifteen years.

    What right did she have to enjoy everyone’s attention?

    Her eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred that seeped through her bones.

    And that Mr. Si seemed to have noticed her gaze. He swept her a plain, cold, and harsh glance that did not have the least bit of emotion.

    Xia Ruya felt as if she fell into an icy cellar, the warmth in her body instantly drained, the blood in her veins instantly crystallized, the color of her face instantly faded. She couldn’t help but shiver.

    “It hurts, I’m hurting, I’m hurting all over.” Jiang Ruoyin suddenly burst into a loud cry, her sharp cries sounding hoarse and exhausted, looking much like she had nothing more to lose.

    Xia Ruya shook awake and hurriedly consoled Jiang Ruoyin, albeit with still trembling hands.

    Jiang Ruoyin’s sobs faded gradually. Watching as she cried bitterly from feeling sorry for herself, the few of them fumed uncontrollably deep down and suddenly shot Wen Xinya ruthless glances. If eyes could kill, Wen Xinya would have already died a hundred, a thousand times over.

    Wen Xinya raised her brows and received their glances without a hint of fear.

    Xia Ruxue pointed at Wen Xinya’s nose and scolded her. “Wen Xinya, what right do you have to hit someone—you’re too arrogant! This is Lan Feng Institute, don’t bring your ways of prowling the streets into Lan Feng.”

    Jiang Yuqian added, “Violence is prohibited in the institute. Should you also apologize to Ruoyin for hitting her?” She looked at Chu Jingnan. “President Chu, Wen Xinya, in the presence of you and all of the student union members, physically hit someone in the student union office, disregarding the rules and regulations of the institute, belittling the student union’s authority—you have to punish Wen Xinya severely.”

    Everyone’s gazes shifted onto Chu Jingnan.

    Chu Jingnan frowned slightly—it was really not a situation for him to come forward.

    Before Chu Jingnan could speak, Xu Tongxuan, who was standing beside Wen Xinya, looked at Jiang Yuqian and Xia Ruxue as though they were idiots. “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear Jiang Ruoyin scold Xinya, prompting her to physically hit someone? Which rule or regulation of our institute states that you can’t retaliate when someone insults you? Instead, it was Jiang Ruoyin who openly scolded someone in the student union office—I think you guys are the ones who belittle the student union’s authority.”

    “You’re obviously justifying with excuses.” Speechless, Jiang Yuqian retaliated instinctively. Suddenly, feeling that she was on the side of reason, she became significantly filled with confidence. “We’re quality students who’ve been taught manners—only thugs on the streets will do something like hit someone. Even if…”

    “Puff…” Xu Tongxuan let out a peal of unrestrained laughter. “You’re going to say that even if one is scolded, she shouldn’t physically hit someone, right?” Saying which, she burst into hearty laughter. “Are you guys’ brains damaged—to be scolded and not retaliate—stupid! That’s the way to become Virgin Mary!”

    Amused by Xu Tongxuan’s words, Wen Xinya truly felt that she was a living treasure. “Dear, don’t insult the Virgin Mary—she’s still a child, please let her off!”

    “Psst!” Xu Tongxuan and Wen Xinya’s coordinated statements amused many of the people in the student union office, causing the room to be filled with suppressed, rhythmic laughter.

    Even Si Yiyan who was sitting aside simmered with laughter as he looked over to Wen Xinya with a gaze filled with warmth.

    “Wen Xinya, don’t be too much!” Jiang Yuqian screamed with a black face, feeling as if the laughter entering her ears were sharp arrows—poof poof poof—even her ears were pierced till they hurt.

    “Too much? The four of you have four mouths, outnumbering and bullying me—who’s worse?” Wen Xinya sneered as she raised her brows, her pair of eyes shooting towards Jiang Yuqian and the gang like a sharp sword.

    “You…” Jiang Yuqian choked momentarily.

    Xia Ruxue suddenly rushed up, pointed to Wen Xinya’s nose and scolded her. “So what if we have four people and four mouths? You can also bring a few more people!” Saying which, her face filled up with despise and mockery. “Oh yes! How could I have forgotten—Miss Wen is overbearing, aggressive, arrogant, and domineering. Seems like you don’t have many friends in school!”

    Xia Ruya hurriedly tugged at Xia Ruxue’s arm. “Ruxue, stop talking! We’re at the student union office, don’t make things too ugly—it’s not good for Ruoyin.”

    The aura on this Mr. Si was too domineering. Although she stood far away, she could feel that he commanded the submission of the world, his magnificence projected across the room, filling her heart with discomfort.

    Xu Tongxuan couldn’t help but laugh—psst. “What luck, I’m exactly one of Xinya’s friends!”

    Shen Mengting, who had been quiet all along, suddenly stood up. “Me too!”

    Touched, Wen Xinya looked at them and felt warmth in her heart.

    Xu Tongxuan, seeing that there were three people around Jiang Ruoyin, but there were only two on their side, said loudly intentionally, “Xinya, do you think we should call Tianyu and Junling over to back you up—five against four, they’re bound to lose out.”

    Wen Xinya said with a cold smile, “Nope—no need for a spear to kill a fly—four people, four mouths, I can handle it on my own.”

    Xia Ruxue was pale with anger and wished that she could go up and tear Wen Xinya’s mouth apart.

    Jiang Ruoyin bit down on her lips tightly as the pain on her body made tears fall uncontrollably from her eyes. Since young, she had never suffered such embarrassment and humiliation—everything felt as painful as a nightmare to her.

    And Si Yiyan, who was seated at the sofa with his legs crossed, had his pair of dazzling eyes locked on Wen Xinya. From the first time he saw her, he had known that Wen Xinya was a girl who would soar the skies like a celestial phoenix.

    The Wen Xinya at this moment was a side of her that he had never seen—strong, confident, proud, and unrelenting—indeed, she was the girl that he had fallen for.