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Chapter 243 - Openly Confronting the President of the Student Union

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 243: Openly Confronting the President of the Student Union

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    Chu Jingnan kept a straight face. He had originally wanted to pursue the matter of Wen Xinya hitting someone, but after the din made by Xu Tongxuan, he truly felt that Jiang Ruoyin deserved it. Recalling the way Wen Xinya treated him at the crepe myrtle flowers trail previously, an odd sense of balance arose in his heart uncontrollably. “Miss Wen, look, you’ve already hit and scolded her. Can we just let the matter…”

    Wen Xinya’s icy cold gaze looked at Chu Jingnan in a hazy manner. “I hit her because she scolded me—nothing to do with what happened previously. The honorable President Chu, please don’t mix the two things together.”

    The veins on Chu Jingnan’s forehead throbbed vigorously—he had to take in a deep breath to calm his tumultuous emotions. “Miss Wen, why do you have to be so ruthless?”

    Yet, Wen Xinya did not budge at all. She sneered and said, “I’m being ruthless? Instead, I’d like to ask the honorable President Chu—previously, why didn’t you come forward earlier to clear things up for me? Instead, you waited for things to reach such a terrible stage before stepping out—don’t you have any responsibility for this matter?”

    Chu Jingnan did not expect her to actually say these out openly. Afraid that the student union members would misunderstand, he hurriedly explained, “It’s not uncommon to see such matters in the institute. Previously, I’d thought that it was just a small matter and thus didn’t bother about it. Shortly after, when things started blowing up, I started to observe the discussion forums, wanting to find out who was the perpetrator behind this. That was why I didn’t come forward at the first instance to clear things up for you.”

    As student union members, they had already seen too many incidents regarding posts on the discussion forums. Thus, everyone felt that Chu Jingnan’s explanation was reasonable.

    Chu Jingnan took a deep breath, looked at Wen Xinya with sincerity, and said, “Miss Wen, previously, I didn’t come forward and clear things up in time, causing you to suffer criticisms, affecting your student life, and causing you serious mental distress—it’s my fault. I hereby solemnly apologize to you.”

    In front of so many people, Wen Xinya naturally couldn’t reject his apology. She only nodded plainly and said, “If the student union doesn’t agree to expel Jiang Ruoyin, I’ll personally raise a request to the institute.”

    No matter how good-mannered and tolerant Chu Jingnan was, his face still changed uncontrollably after hearing Wen Xinya’s words. “Miss Wen, you…”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “I remember the ‘Code of Conduct for Students in Higher Institutes’ has a verse in the expulsion section that states that students who break the institute rules, seriously affect the educational, living, and public order of the institute, plot against others, and those who cause serious consequences shall be considered for expulsion.”

    Chu Jingnan was momentarily speechless.

    However, Wen Xinya did not intend to let him off just like this. She said plainly, “The ‘Students’ Rules and Regulations’ of the institute has a verse which states that if students disagree with the decision-making of the institute, we can escalate the matter through verbal negotiations or written appeals. To create and maintain a civilized, clean, beautiful, and safe learning and living environment, not to secretly spread discussions that are damaging to the image and benefits of the institute, or trigger a student in the institute to partake in activities that are detrimental to the order of the institute.”

    Wen Xinya’s gaze suddenly locked onto Chu Jingnan. “The ‘Regulations of the Discussion Forums’ of the institute has a verse which states that the discussion forums if the institute are intended to create a peaceful and healthy exchange platform for everyone. Students are to be self-aware and adhere to the common ethics and moral code, as well as the rules and regulations of the institute, not to spread misleading topics or messages that invade others’ personal rights or are harmful!”

    The students in the student union were already dumbstruck as they recalled how Wen Xinya had previously also used the weapon of the law to defend her own reputation, and now she was using the same trick, using the various rules and regulations of the institute to protect her personal rights.

    Wen Xinya looked at him plainly and asked, “Could the honorable President Chu confirm the factuality of my statements?”

    Seated aside, Si Yiyan almost applauded and cheered for Wen Xinya. At this moment, she radiated harsh sharpness—her pair of starry eyes shimmering so brightly that made people afraid to look directly at, her elegant and beautiful looks tainted with slight redness, presenting a fear-inducing, aggressive charm.

    He looked over to Wen Xinya, his eyes glowing with admiration and approval.

    Wen Xinya raised her brows at him, her gorgeous brows filled with satisfaction for herself.

    Chu Jingnan compressed his lips tightly. Under that Mr. Si’s suppression and the blinking gazes of the members of the student union, he took in a deep breath and said, “You’re right!”

    Wen Xinya came prepared—this realization made Chu Jingnan’s fiery mood simmer down, restoring his usual gracefulness.

    A smile broke out between Wen Xinya’s lips—a smile that had a tinge of naiveness, as if she was not acquainted with worldly affairs. “Since I’m right, then Jiang Ruoyin has breached the rules of the institute—should she be punished with expulsion?”

    “Yes, indeed!” Given that Wen Xinya had used the rules and regulations of the institute as a basis, he couldn’t find any rebutting words. As the president of the student union, he ought to strictly observe each and every rule and regulation of the institute, and operate based on the rules and regulations of the institute. Otherwise, he would land himself the offense of disregarding the rules and regulations of the institute.

    “May I ask the honorable President Chu if my request is too much?” Wen Xinya looked at him with a smile as brilliant as a flower in spring, a hint of sharp interrogation in her voice.

    “Not at all!” Chu Jingnan was now already completely led by Wen Xinya by the nose. At such a stage, he totally couldn’t find a reason to not expel Jiang Ruoyin. Wen Xinya was even more intelligent and difficult than he had imagined.

    Wen Xinya’s gaze suddenly sharpened, her enchanting, glowing phoenix eyes gently raising, her gorgeous brows slightly raised, radiating a suffocating dominance. “If I were to present these reasons to the institute, not sure if they’ll be persuaded to expel Jiang Ruoyin.”

    Indeed overbearing. Chu Jingnan’s veins on his forehead throbbed madly before settling down after some time. “This matter involves the student union—I will apply for Jiang Ruoyin’s expulsion to the institute.”

    “Have to trouble the honorable President Chu then! President Chu, your way of handling matters is indeed like what all the students in the institute says, so… impartial, fair, and just.” Wen Xinya heavily emphasized on the last statement as her face lit up with a smile that was like the viburnum tree—translucent, shimmery, as pure as jade, brilliant, and gorgeous.

    “Miss Wen, you flatter me.” Chu Jingnan’s eyelid twitched, and the veins on his forehead throbbed heavily a couple of times. Wen Xinya was obviously purposely being sarcastic.

    The atmosphere in the room became slightly stiff and awkward—everyone’s gazes at Wen Xinya turned from being curious originally, to being stunned currently.

    Although Chu Jingnan was only a sophomore, in the year after joining the student union, he had been graceful, gentlemanly, and charismatic in dealing with others. Coupled with the fact that he was one of the few outstanding ordinary students in the student union, he had an extremely good reputation in the student union. And the fact that he could become the president of the student union in his sophomore year was naturally related to the support from the ordinary students who constituted almost half of the population of Lan Feng Institute.

    Everyone was rather convinced by him.

    In Lan Feng Institute, the president of the student union had absolute power besides the institute, and all students in the institute had to cooperate and obey the student union’s management unconditionally. Wen Xinya was not the first to openly confront the president of the student union, but she was the only one who could make the president of the student union apologize and accede to her requests in front of everyone.

    Everyone looked at Wen Xinya in a different light.