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Chapter 244 - Si Yiyan vs Chu Jingnan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 244: Si Yiyan vs Chu Jingnan

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    “Does the student union often gloss over the issues that they’re handling?” The voice was as gorgeous as jade and as rhythmic and clear as a flowing stream, yet possessed a hidden aura of success through constant effort, like incessant dripping water wearing out a stone.

    Chu Jingnan shook all over, instantly exposing his current state.

    The beautiful female teacher said with a stiff expression, “Of course not—this is a misunderstanding, thus, no need for such serious punishment. Everyone knows that the student union all along assists the Institute on school matters fairly.”

    Si Yiyan said plainly, “I heard Miss Wen say that Miss Jiang has violated the ‘Code of Conduct for Students in Higher Institutes’ issued by the country, the ‘Students’ Rules and Regulations’, as well as the ‘Regulations of the Discussion Forums’ of Lan Feng Institute. Such a serious mistake is but a misunderstanding to Miss Zhang here—seems like there’s room for improvement of the standards of the teachers in Lan Feng Institute.”

    Miss Zhang’s face turned green and pale as she opened her mouth, wanting to speak, yet not knowing what to say. “This… Mr. Si, please don’t misunderstand…”

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled up slightly. Si Yiyan was purposely making life difficult for that Miss Zhang to stand up for her—so Si Yiyan was actually also so biased! So petty that he fought over the smallest trifles.

    In response, Si Yiyan asked plainly, “Misunderstand what?” Saying which, he turned his gaze towards Chu Jingnan. “I just feel that the Institute shoulders the heavy responsibility of education, and has the responsibility to correct, lecture, guide, and punish inappropriate behaviors of students, instead of glossing over everything to achieve the goal of a political dance so as to cultivate a good reputation for itself.”

    He actually saw through the aim of his thoughts and actions with one look—Chu Jingnan only felt stunned as he hurriedly explained, “Mr. Si, I think you’ve misunderstood. The student union assists the Institute in managing the students—no matter what happens, the first thing I should do is to defend the interests of each student. Lan Feng Institute is regarded as an elite school locally, and the students that can get in are all rather outstanding and have put in lots of effort and hard work—if we expel people just like this, it’ll seem unfeeling.”

    Si Yiyan looked at Chu Jingnan with a half-smile. “President Chu’s putting the cart before the horse! You’re empowered by the Institute as the president of the student union and should first consider the interests of the Institute. A student has violated three sets of rules—the lenient act of covering up to avoid trouble instead of punishing her has already seriously infringed on the interests of the Institute. Are you aware of the effects of the students in the Institute scrambling to follow suit?”

    Chu Jingnan was momentarily speechless, his hands held tightly in fists as he felt an invisible hand slapping ruthlessly on his face, smashing the mask that he painstakingly put up and exposing his narrow-mindedness to everyone.

    Wen Xinya simply wanted to applaud and cheer for Si Yiyan. Compared to the effectiveness of him hitting the nail on the head, her overbearing method fell to a lower level—to expose Chu Jingnan’s concealed selfish intention with merely a few words, leaving him speechless, was indeed brilliant.

    Si Yiyan looked at Chu Jingnan and said, “I heard that President Chu has only recently taken up the position of the president of the student union?”

    Chu Jingnan replied with a dry throat, “Only took it up from the start of the school term this year.”

    Si Yiyan raised his eyebrow with an astonishing harshness. “Seems like President Chu has yet to adapt to the change from an ordinary student to the role of the president of the student union.”

    This was a rather terrifying statement. Chu Jingnan’s blood flowed backwards and his pupils constricted rapidly—it was very probable that he would be replaced as the president of the student union. A stronger position forced one to have no choice but to yield—he hung his head and said, “Thank you, Mr. Si, for your guidance. I will take note from now on.”

    Wen Xinya was simply amazed. Chu Jingnan was such a proud and arrogant person, towards anyone—even if the other party was better and stronger than him, he was always gentle and graceful, humble but not self-deprecating. As he all along felt that he was more prideful than anyone else, he would never bow his elegant head to anyone.

    From her previous lifetime to this lifetime, she had never seen him act so inferior and weak—Si Yiyan was indeed brilliant.

    She looked towards Si Yiyan with eyes filled with adoration, only falling short of being starry-eyed: You’re so brilliant.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes smiled beautifully with an indescribable passion—in front of him, nobody could even dream of bullying the girl he loved. To seek revenge for the smallest grievance right there and then was befitting of his character.

    Si Yiyan got up slowly from the sofa and walked towards Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya’s heart tightened for a moment as she subconsciously held her breath, her eyes left with nothing but Si Yiyan’s tall and gorgeous silhouette.

    Si Yiyan walked up to Wen Xinya’s side, paused his footsteps for a brief moment, rubbed his arm across her shoulder, and left the student union office.

    With his departure, the student union office was filled with sounds of sighs and gasps—everyone almost felt a sense of exaltation upon fulfillment, as though they survived a disaster.

    “Phew, he finally left. His aura is too strong—with him seated there, I felt as if I’ve disrespected him and committed the greatest sin with every movement. What sorcery.”

    “Too terrifying—how can someone’s aura be so strong, could this be the legendary aura of the tyrant? A person ordinarily takes 16 to 20 breaths every minute. Do you know how many times I breathed when he was sitting there just now?” Saying which, he stretched out one hand, and under everyone’s doubtful looks, stretched out another hand. “Ten times, only ten times.”

    “I can’t be the only one who feels that he’s invincibly handsome and hated by everyone in the world? Even the God of the highest snow mountain with a celestial horse turns to ash when compared to him.”

    “You’re hopelessly romantic. Such a man, although not from the highest snow mountains with his bones smoothened by knife and file, wrought by chisel and stone like gold and tin, has a danger sign plastered on his forehead. Even when one gets closer to a man from the highest snow mountains, the worst that can happen is to suffer from frostbite—I dare say, for a person like him, one would get injured from the slightest touch.”

    “Who do you think he is? Seems like he has a magnificent background—since when did such a character appear in the capital city? How did he become an investor of our Institute?”

    “Who knows! However, one look and we know he’s definitely not an ordinary person. Didn’t you see Miss Zhang, who has been regarded by everyone in our school as the ice princess, hitting on him? That whiny voice made me have goosebumps all over, and that ass was twisting so hard that I was worried that she would accidentally hurt her waist—totally unlike her usual elegant, proper, cold, and reserved self.”

    “Don’t even bother, go get busy with your own stuff—the world of Prince Charming is beyond ordinary folks like us. It’s more practical for us to focus on our studies and improve on ourselves day by day.”

    As Wen Xinya listened to everyone’s discussions, her lips curled into a faint smile—seemed like everyone was shaken by Si Yiyan’s aura, which would only be subdued when facing her.