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Chapter 246 - Dedicated to Attacking the Finest Prince Charming

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 246: Dedicated to Attacking the Finest Prince Charming

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    “Xinya, Xinya, I heard that a Prince Charming with strong aura came to the student union office today. Quick, tell me if it’s true—let me in some inside news.” Extremely excited, Zhou Tianyu tugged at Wen Xinya’s arm.

    “Psst!” Recalling that the greatly discussed person in the Institute was Si Yiyan, she couldn’t help but laugh. “You go ask Xuanxuan! She seems to have secretly taken a photo of him.”

    Xu Tongxuan couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you need to ask me about such a matter? You’ve gotta know that every girl has a pair of eyes that can spot a Prince Charming, a resource shared by all the girls in this world—it’s already all over the discussion forums.”

    Zhou Tianyu hurriedly retrieved her phone, logged into the discussion forums of the Institute, and saw a chain of posts on the forums:

    [There’s actually a man who fits the legendary saying, “As knife and file smoothened the bone, jade was wrought by chisel and stone. Dignified and magnanimous within, like gold and tin.”]

    [Prince Charming surprisingly spotted in the Institute, said to be an investor of the Institute!!!]

    [He carries the storm with him—yet, the thunderstorm didn’t taint him at all. Hidden beneath him is a water-like aura, lustrous and exquisite!!!]

    [A Prince Charming bedazzling and outstanding, like a jade tablet coated with gold!!!]

    [Mysterious Prince Charming vs President of the Student Union!!!]

    Amazed, Zhou Tianyu hurriedly clicked into the hottest post. When she saw the stream of photos in the post, she was instantly stunned. “I thought they were exaggerating and didn’t expect such a finest Prince Charming! He doesn’t look very old, seems to be only twenty-odd-years-old—it’s no wonder that such a young Prince Charming attracted the crowds of guys and girls in the Institute to bow in madness…”

    Naturally, Wen Xinya also saw the chain of posts on the discussion forums. Unexpectedly, Si Yiyan had created such an uproar in the Institute—there were actually people who secretly took photos of him.

    Xu Tongxuan couldn’t help but sigh. “Such a highly worshiped Prince Charming sitting way up high—I wonder what kind of girl can be a good match for him?”

    Wen Xinya was drinking mineral water when she heard Xu Tongxuan’s words. Instantly, she spat out a gulp of water—pooh—choking her, and she coughed rapidly.

    “Cough cough cough cough!”

    Zhou Tianyu hurriedly patted her singlet and said, “Look at your nonchalant look. I thought only me and Tongxuan were lovesick and didn’t expect you to be lovesick too—and even more so than us to actually choke on your water.”

    Xu Tongxuan said, “Such a man is every girl’s sun—who doesn’t wish to be shone upon by the sun! She’s not lovesick… you didn’t see the way she stared at the Prince Charming just now at the student union office—she couldn’t wait to pounce on and devour him!”

    “Cough cough cough cough!” Wen Xinya had actually calmed down, but listening to Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan’s words, her throat became dry and itchy, making her cough uncontrollably again.

    “Look, I said she’s lovesick!” Xu Tongxuan shot a look at Zhou Tianyu.

    Wen Xinya had nothing to defend herself, and couldn’t help but silently criticize in her heart:

    Zhou Tianyu did not bother about Wen Xinya and went ahead to look at the photos on the discussion forums with Xu Tongxuan. “This photo is great—sitting cross-legged, emitting an aura of composure in the face of mountains collapsing.”

    “This photo of him facing off with Chu Jingnan is good—clear yet calm, as though his words and laughter can turn walls to ashes.”

    “How could such an outstanding Prince Charming exist in the world? Suddenly, I can understand your previous thought—really don’t know what kind of girl can be a good match for him.”

    Seeing that she had been ignored, Wen Xinya said plainly, “Such an outstanding finest Prince Charming—of course, besides me, there’s no other girls who can be a good match for him.”

    Saying which, Wen Xinya realized that Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu shot her weird looks. She couldn’t help but panic badly. “Why are you guys looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong?”

    With a weird look in her eyes, Zhou Tianyu sized up Wen Xinya from head to toes and finally shook her head in conclusion. “Not you!”

    “Why?” Wen Xinya couldn’t take it lying down—exactly which part of her was not good enough for Si Yiyan.

    Zhou Tianyu said in a serious manner, “Too immature—no boobs, no curves—unless he has a special fetish!”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but ask, “What special fetish?”

    “Fetish for Lolita!” Zhou Tianyu answered, but quickly shook her head. “However, that’s obviously impossible—he’s such an exquisitely bright man, how can he have such a creepy fetish!”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but let out a belly laugh. “Zhou Tianyu, let me tell you—everything is possible in this world. Perhaps the Prince Charming in your heart is exactly a creepy old man with a fetish for Lolita.”

    Zhou Tianyu stared at her and said, “Go away—don’t insult the Prince Charming in my heart!”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but silently criticize in her heart:

    Xu Tongxuan looked at Wen Xinya and suddenly interrupted. “You can’t be sure—maybe Xinya can really attack the finest Prince Charming!”

    Spotting gossip, Zhou Tianyu’s eyes lit up and immediately asked, “Is there something?”

    Xu Tongxuan nodded and said, “After the finest Prince Charming entered the student union office, he talked to Xinya, asking who was she? He even praised Xinya for having an exquisite aura and elegant style.”

    Wen Xinya proudly raised her brows towards Zhou Tianyu.

    Zhou Tianyu widened her eyes in disbelief. “For real?”

    Xu Tongxuan said, “Of course—I even noticed that he even looked at Xinya a couple of times after that!”

    Wen Xinya lips curled up, looking happy with herself. “Out of so many people, he only looked at me!”

    As if she had gone insane, Zhou Tianyu suddenly pulled Wen Xinya’s hand and said, “Xinya, for the convenience for sharing the Prince Charming resource with us, your sisters, you’ve gotta conquer this person.”

    Xu Tongxuan also nodded in determination. “This is an honorable and arduous mission. Miss Wen, you’ve gotta accomplish the mission with glory and determination.”

    “Psst!” Wen Xinya couldn’t help but laugh audibly. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely persevere and conquer him. Even if this person was a fortress, I’ll learn from the great spirit of senior Dong Cunrui who carried bombs on his body and blasted the enemy’s fortress, and give myself up in the mission to attack the finest Prince Charming.”

    Zhou Tianyu patted her shoulder firmly. “Great sister!”

    Xu Tongxuan was the first to give in and laughed. “That’s enough, you guys! There’s gotta be a limit to being lovesick!”

    “Psst! Hahahaha!” Zhou Tianyu also hugged her stomach and started laughing. “Damn, it was so hard to keep it in!”

    Wen Xinya also laughed along.

    Zhou Tianyu said solemnly, “A Prince Charming who’s admirable but not to be blasphemed against like him is too illusory for us. It’s more practical for us to focus on our studies and improve on ourselves day by day.”

    Wen Xinya also said seriously, “I can conquer!”

    Xu Tongxuan swept her a look and said, “Before attacking, you better worry about puberty first! With your tiny body like this—totally like a bean sprout.”

    Wen Xinya said angrily, “You’re the bean sprout, your whole family is bean sprouts…”