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Chapter 248 - Bird of Paradise

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 248: Bird of Paradise

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    After class, Shen Mengting suggested going to a bar and celebrate. Surprisingly, Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan both agreed to join.

    Zhou Tianyu wrapped her arms around Wen Xinya’s neck and said, “Xinya, we haven’t hung out for quite a while. You were always busy, either with your studies or with something else. You have to go out with us today.”

    Xu Tongxuan also smiled and said, “It just feels good every time I think of you kicking Jiang Ruoyin to the ground, making her cry in pain.”

    Shen Mengting quickly added, “I know a nice place. I’ve been there with one of my classmates for her birthday. That bar serves great cocktails. Why don’t we go there?”

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan had no issues with this as the location didn’t matter to them.

    Wen Xinya didn’t have any other place in mind, so she said, “Ok then, let’s go there!”

    The four of them headed to the bar by taxi.

    The bar had a beautiful name, “Bird of Paradise,” and it looked pretty high-class from outside.

    Entering the bar, the deafening, devilish DJ music and flickering disco light formed a decadent scene.

    To their surprise, there were many people inside, and most of them were teenagers aged between fifteen to twenty. Zhou Tianyu exclaimed, “Gosh, I didn’t know there was such a place in the Capital city!”

    Xu Tongxuan frowned slightly. “They are all teenagers!”

    Wen Xinya shot Shen Mengting a strange look. She didn’t expect a model student like Shen Mengting to like the decadent atmosphere in the bar.

    Shen Mengting didn’t notice Wen Xinya’s look. She looked around nervously as if she didn’t belong to this place at all. “I think this bar is nice. With all the teenagers, we can have more fun and freedom. I haven’t been to many bars, but this one looks good.”

    Listening to Shen Mengting’s words, Wen Xinya and the others didn’t say anything. Shen Mengting was the model student, it was normal that she seldom came to these places.

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan frowned. They didn’t like this place.

    Although a bar was a place for partying, it didn’t feel right when you saw people your age indulging themselves in booze.

    “Since we don’t like this place, let’s go to Jiayuan Club instead. They have more entertainment as well,” said Xu Tongxuan.

    Wen Xinya gave Xu Tongxuan a serious look and said, “Tongxuan, you should go to Jiayuan less often in the future. They have more entertainment, but they are also more complicated. It’s easy to get tricked.”

    Wen Xinya knew this club. She visited the club frequently in her previous life, so she knew the shocking inside stories.

    If Ninth-Heaven was the symbol of status, then Jiayuan Club was the symbol of extravagance. From beggar to millionaire, everyone could be entertained at Jiayuan Club as long as he had the money.

    If Black Sunday Bar hid vice activities in the darkness, then Jiayuan Club did it in public. Only, they did it in a subtle way that not many people would notice.

    In her previous life, the police investigated Jiayuan Club but ended up with nothing. Obviously, Jiayuan Club had a strong background that turned people down.

    Seeing the seriousness in Wen Xinya’s eyes, Xu Tongxuan found her words believable. Grandpa once warned her, but she thought he didn’t like her to be playful, so she ignored him. Now even Wen Xinya was saying this, she had to pay more attention to this issue.

    Shen Mengting seemed to sense that the others were not in the mood for celebration, so she forced a smile and said, “Their cocktails are very good. Let’s go and grab a drink!”

    Wen Xinya was not interested, but it was hard for her to decline Shen Mengting’s offer. “Ok! Let’s have a try.”

    Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan both agreed. They sat down on the bar counter and saw four bartenders showing off their wonderful techniques. They all looked very handsome, even better than those who had undergone plastic surgeries.

    “The four of them look exactly the same. Are they quadruplets? I’ve never seen quadruplets.” Zhou Tianyu said with amazement.

    Xu Tongxuan kept staring at the four bartenders. “They have distinct personalities though they look identical to each other. One is cool, one is cute, another is gentle, and the last one is friendly. Amazing!”

    However, Wen Xinya didn’t mind this. A bar had to have some attractions. And these four bartenders were not only good-looking but also good at bartending. Their different personalities appealed to different people. That was the bar’s gimmick.

    At the moment, there was an outburst of applause from the other side of the counter.

    Seeing that the three of them were intrigued, Shen Mengting secretly let out a sigh of relief. Slowly, she relaxed her fists.

    “Show us the menu for drinks!”

    The bartender nodded plainly and handed them the menu.

    Shen Mengting laughed and quickly added, “There are some special cocktails off the menu. Although the price is a little higher, their flavors are way better than those on the menu. So we’re not ordering the cocktails on this menu.”

    She even knew this? Wen Xinya looked at Shen Mengting. Under the flickering light, her expression was unfathomable. Wen Xinya knocked at the bar counter and said casually, “Well, let’s try then!”

    Shen Mengting smiled with a huge sigh of relief. “Four signature Bird of Paradise please.”

    The bartender gave them a cold glance and said, “Please wait.”

    Wen Xinya noticed the strange look from the bartender, but she didn’t care as he was always cool and quiet. She turned to fix her eyes on Shen Mengting who seemed to be thinking with her head down.

    It didn’t take long for the bartender to serve them the “Bird of Paradise”.

    It was indeed a Bird of Paradise! An orange flower in the shape of a crane was placed in blue liquor. It was colorful and fancy, like a red-crowned crane looking up into the sky.

    Zhou Tianyu bent over to appreciate the beautiful cocktail. “It’s so pretty that I can’t let myself drink it!”

    Xu Tongxuan said, “I never knew that cocktails could be so beautiful!”

    Shen Mengting was the first one to raise the glass and taste the drink. “It tastes quite nice.”

    Wen Xinya followed. “It tastes fruity, but I can’t tell what’s inside.”