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Chapter 251 - Daughters from Aristocratic Families Taking Drugs!!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 251: Daughters from Aristocratic Families Taking Drugs!!

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    Xu Tongxuan was stupefied as she watched a group of policemen dash into Bird of Paradise with a group of journalists following tight behind. “There are only three purposes for police to come to a bar…”

    Zhou Tianyu finished her sentence. “Prostitution, gambling, and drugs.”

    “Correct.” Wen Xinya said.

    Xu Tongxuan inhaled deeply and patted her chest. “Well, we’re lucky to leave early. Otherwise, we’d be involved. If the journalists caught us, we’d be the headline news tomorrow.”

    After Shen Mengting went to take the call, Wen Xinya asked Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu to leave the bar with her. Xu Tongxuan was curious about Wen Xinya’s plan. She kept asking, but Wen Xinya kept quiet.

    To their surprise, several police cars arrived at Bird of Paradise just after they entered the taxi. Wen Xinya suggested going back to see what happened.

    They didn’t expect this.

    Zhou Tianyu gave her a glance and said plainly, “You’re all brawn, no brains. Do you think that all this is just a coincidence?”

    It was obvious that the police and journalists were coming for them.

    Xu Tongxuan was a casual person, so she didn’t know much about the Wen Family. She glared at Zhou Tianyu. “You’re all brawn, no brains. Your whole family is all brawn, no brains.”

    “If I’m not wrong, that cocktail was drugged. And the police and journalists were coming for me.” Wen Xinya said coldly, her eyes revealing complete stillness.

    Who? Ning Shuqian or Xia Ruya? Or both? They really tried so hard to let Shen Mengting approach Wen Xinya stealthily.

    Thinking back, Shen Mengting took care of her in many situations. She even blocked the hot soup for her last time. All these gestures were to gain her trust… And she believed it. How funny!

    “Shen Mengting wanted to drug you?” Xu Tongxuan looked at Wen Xinya with eyes wide open. Shen Mengting was the one who suggested this bar.

    “Xinya, are you okay?” Zhou Tianyu was concerned about Wen Xinya. Even she didn’t realize that an honest person like Shen Mengting would be so vicious. She knew Xinya well enough to know that Xinya would treat her real friends whole-heartedly. And she could tell that Shen Mengting was one of them.

    “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” Wen Xinya replied plainly.

    Although it made her sad that Shen Mengting was a pawn in Ning Shuqian’s hand, she realized how scheming Ning Shuqian could be. She had to be extra careful.

    Zhou Tianyu sensed the coldness in her voice. Wen Xinya’s gaze was frighteningly cold.

    Yes, cold. A terrifying, shocking, and unascertainable gaze.

    Xu Tongxuan didn’t think about it further. She asked curiously, “Wen Xinya, how did you know that our cocktails were drugged?”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “Although Bird of Paradise is a good symbol, in certain fields, it insinuates darkness. You know that I grew up in the streets, so I know there are many hidden rules in some bars. Many off-menu drinks are drugged.”

    Wen Xinya didn’t say anything further. She had been playing around in all kinds of bars and clubs in her previous life. Black Sunday had many expensive off-menu drinks. Each one of them had its own special name which only the regular customers would know.

    And all of these drinks were not pure.

    Some contained drugs!

    Some contained stimulants!

    There was a wide variety.

    She became cautious when Shen Mengting mentioned off-menu drinks.

    Zhou Tianyu was anxious. “You knew that your drink was drugged and still drank it? Are you insane?”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Don’t worry. The cocktail just touched my lips. I didn’t drink it.”

    Zhou Tianyu finally relaxed. “Your stepmother is going too far to take her revenge. How could she even think of this method? If we were caught, the headline tomorrow would be ‘Daughters From Aristocratic Families Taking Drugs!!'”

    Wen Xinya sighed. “No wonder she was so peaceful these days. She had it all planned.”

    “There were many drug scandals in the Capital City, and every case was serious. I remember that General Lin’s son was on drugs and everyone in the city knew about it. General Lin, at such an old age, was blamed by people. He even bowed and apologized on national TV. His son was sent abroad and never returned. General Lin was also forced to retire because of this. The Lin Family was alienated in the military as well. Now they are at the third-tier.” Xu Tongxuan sighed.

    Zhou Tianyu added, “Also because of this, people will be sent abroad by their own family if they were involved in drug scandals.”

    Wen Xinya gasped. Ning Shuqian was so malicious that she used this against her. “Maybe it was because Ning Yuya was sent abroad.”

    Wen Xinya pondered and texted the private investigator which Qiu Yifan introduced to her, asking for the relationship between Shen Mengting and Ning Shuqian.

    At this moment, the police took a group of teenagers out of the bar, and Shen Mengting was amidst them.

    Shen Mengting was totally controlled by drugs. She dragged a policeman and shouted, “Xinya, Xinya, let’s sing and dance…”

    Behind the police was the group of journalists who had already lost their passion. “I thought I was getting the big news of the daughter of the Wen Family taking drugs. I came here for nothing. Who the hell called and reported the fake information?”

    “Sigh! We were tricked. Miss Wen doesn’t seem like someone who would take drugs.”

    “Shit! That son of a bitch made me run for nothing! I’ll expose all of her and her ancestors’ dirty stories once I catch her!”

    “Alright, stop complaining. We didn’t come for nothing, though we don’t have Miss Wen’s pictures. We have the first-hand news now; this month’s bonus is guaranteed.”

    “That’s true. Bird of Paradise has hidden rules and it offers drugs to teenagers. This is good enough to make people from all aspects of society pay attention to this issue.”