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Chapter 255 - Refuse to Change Despite Being Taught, Deserves to be Slapped!!!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 255: Refuse to Change Despite Being Taught, Deserves to be Slapped!!!

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    Wen Xinya’s fingers suddenly stopped tapping the table. The deep lingering sound seemed to twirl around her fingers with a destructive aura. “I should be asking Madam Jiang this instead.”

    Su Jinshan did not expect that Wen Xinya actually did not take to both the soft and hard approaches. As the Madam of the Jiang Family, and also currently taking office at the Jiang Corporation, everyone conformed to her to some extent—since when was she actually controlled by a little girl. “You and Ruoyin merely had a small misunderstanding previously, there’s no need to make things so ugly. After all, the Jiang Family and the Wen Family have business dealings and meet frequently—to make things so ugly will affect the relationship between the two families.”

    If it had been an order previously, then this was a plain threat. Wen Xinya’s lips curled up into a cold, heartless smile with a tinge of interest, but her eyes were filled with piercing frost. “I think Madam Jiang should get things straight—who actually provoked the other party first? No matter how lowly the Wen Family stoops to, we’re never controlled by others.”

    Threatening her with the collaboration between the Jiang Family and the Wen Family? She smiled coldly. She was not a three-year-old kid—although the Jiang Family and the Wen Family indeed had business dealings, they after all dealt with different areas, and the degree of collaboration was still too minor to affect the Wen Family’s overall situation. Moreover, the Wen Family’s influence was greater than that of the Jiang Family.

    Previously, Grandpa had known about her issues in the Institute. Although he did not interfere, he would definitely pay close attention and might not be unaware of Jiang Ruoyin’s doings. However, the fact that he still did not intervene already showed his attitude clearly!

    Grandpa had been harsh and decisive all his life and would never tolerate others taking advantage of the Wen Family. Su Jinshan wanted to terrorize this underage girl but did not know that her body contained a twenty-five-year-old soul. Although she did not have any accomplishment in her previous lifetime, she had experienced the most human relationships and feelings.

    Su Jinshan’s glance suddenly turned harsh. “Miss Wen, you’ve just returned to the Wen Family and have yet to lay a solid foundation at the Wen Family. I advise you to not attract any trouble for your own good!”

    Wen Xinya smiled coldly and said, “Just because I’ve just returned to the Wen Family and don’t have a solid foundation at the Wen Family, I have to let others take advantage of me and not retaliate? If it were you, would you do the same?”

    Su Jinshan was dumbstruck. However, as she had been immersed in the business world for many years, she was not defeated by a mere few words. “This child, Ruoyin, is definitely a little too much—that’s why I’m apologizing to you on her behalf. How about we bury the hatchet and put a stop to this matter?”

    Wen Xinya gradually smiled, like a flower instantly blooming gorgeously and elegantly. “An apology could work!”

    Su Jinshan’s eyes squinted slightly as a wave of pride swept through her eyes—she was but an immature little girl.

    The smile on Wen Xinya’s face rapidly withered into nothingness with a tinge of chilly harshness. “It’ll be an apology on the papers then. Previously, Jiang Ruoyin had stated misrepresenting words on the discussion forums, ruining my reputation at her free will, making every family in the circle mock me endlessly—naturally, it’s a matter that can’t be taken lightly.” Saying which, she changed the topic and said, slightly jokingly, “To make a fool out of the Wen Family’s reputation—I don’t have such guts yet—I’m afraid my Grandpa will cane me.”

    Su Jinshan’s expression dimmed, her eyes simmering with anger.

    However, Jiang Ruoyin could not maintain her composure, got up from the sofa with a “hoof”, and, taking advantage of the fact that her mother was there to back her up, pointed at Wen Xinya’s nose and cursed. “B*tch, don’t be too much. My mother stepping forward and apologizing to you is already giving you enough face, what else do you want?”

    “Refuse to change despite being taught, deserves to be slapped!” Wen Xinya said the words coldly, stood up from the sofa with a “hoof”, and waved her hand into two tight slaps. “The Jiang Family’s manners are really an eye-opener for me.”

    Su Jinshan gritted her teeth in anger—this Wen Xinya was really too arrogant, actually slapping Ruoyin right in front of her, and after slapping still brought suit to her victim.

    Jiang Ruoyin was totally slapped stupid. She could never imagine Wen Xinya to be so extremely audacious, daring to slap her in front of her mother. The burning pain on her face was even worse than the previous day’s. She looked at her mother, couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself, and cried bitterly. “Mother, she slapped me…”

    Su Jinshan looked at Wen Xinya coldly and said, “Miss Wen, don’t take it too far!”

    However, Wen Xinya’s expression was extremely furious and she appeared especially agitated. “You Jiang Family don’t be too much—an older one and a younger one plotting against and threatening me, even scolding me in person. To bully someone younger and in fewer numbers, aren’t you afraid of being mocked by people in the circle?”

    Su Jinshan was momentarily stunned. She did not expect Wen Xinya to actually be so shameless to bite back at the Jiang Family after slapping someone. Yet, she actually totally couldn’t find any words of retaliation.

    Saying which, Wen Xinya also started crying.

    Su Jinshan was very shocked as she felt what seemed like a tight slap landing hard on her face. Only then did she thought of what she should use to retaliate. “How did I bully you?”

    Wen Xinya sobbed. “Previously, when Jiang Ruoyin plotted against me, your Jiang Family didn’t care about the business dealings with the Wen Family and step forward to stop her, and allowed her to harm me at her free will. I can take it as it was inconvenient for adults to intervene in the kids’ matters. Now that Jiang Ruoyin is suffering the consequences of her wicked actions, our Wen Family didn’t publicly denounce her for her crimes. Instead, your Jiang Family stepped forward to interfere—isn’t it too immoral!”

    What a huge accusation. Su Jinshan took in a deep breath as her strong aura instantly vanished. “I’m only stepping forward to discuss with you, I don’t mean anything else!”

    However, Wen Xinya did not give in. “Then why did you allow Jiang Ruoyin to scold me and not stop her? I know that Madam Jiang loves your daughter, but your daughter is not the only treasure in the world, and all others’ children are thrash. Aren’t you taking advantage that I’ve led a wandering life for fifteen years, only recently returned to the Wen Family, and don’t have a solid foundation at the Wen Family, to bully and humiliate me like this?”

    From certain angles, Wen Xinya was spot on. In Su Jinshan’s heart, she really did not think much of Wen Xinya. Additionally, with Jiang Ruoyin sowing discord in the middle, she truly looked down on Wen Xinya’s identity, given that she had led a wandering life for fifteen years.

    Su Jinshan completely couldn’t find any excuses for retaliation. If Wen Xinya was overbearing, she could still compete with her. However, Wen Xinya had to be weeping and sobbing, looking like she was bullied and suffered injustice. If she pushed on, she would definitely end up with a reputation of bullying someone younger. After all, she was the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, had 5% shareholdings of the Wen Corporation in her hands, and was said to be highly doted on by Old Mr. Wen. If she were to push her luck and anger the Wen Family, it would do no good to the Jiang Family.

    And Chu Jingnan was observing Wen Xinya coldly at the side. This young girl who was merely fifteen-years-old actually had a successful career woman within her grasp, within her control. Such strategies and wisdom simply amazed him, made him increasingly realize that Wen Xinya was different from the little girls who had admired him in the past, made him admire her even more, and also caused a sense of possessiveness to arise in his heart.