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Chapter 260 - Sharing the Same Bed

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 260: Sharing the Same Bed

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    At 2 A.M., a helicopter from the capital of Country E landed on the manor on Mount Li. Si Yiyan alighted from the helicopter and rushed to the hospital without delay.

    Gu Yuehan, who accompanied him, had a solemn and cold expression and was as quiet as a cicada in winter. Their plane had just landed on the capital of Country E for a few hours when the Ninth Young Master heard news of the eldest daughter of the Wen Family being wounded and hospitalized. The Ninth Young Master’s harsh aura had materialized into cold swords, making one shudder in fear.

    Almost instantly, the Ninth Young Master put down all the work on hand and secretly traveled to the capital city via a seven-hour flight on a helicopter. Under the Ninth Young Master’s frosty aura, Gu Yuehan felt that he was about to freeze.

    The car parked steadily in the car park of the hospital. Si Yiyan pushed open the car door and alighted. Gu Yuehan instantly released his tight grip on the steering wheel, the exposed veins on his hands disappearing back into his skin in no time, as he leaned heavily on the backing of the car seat and opened his palms which were drenched in perspiration.

    Wen Xinya was already asleep in the hospital ward. However, as the wound was still hurting, her brows still furrowed slightly despite being in deep sleep. Against the thick, snow-white bandage which covered her forehead was her pale, almost translucent face, instantly softening Si Yiyan’s stone-cold heart.

    Si Yiyan bent over slightly and gently kissed the wounded area on her forehead wrapped up in bandage. As he was afraid of hurting her, he moved carefully, like a dragonfly touching the surface of the water.

    As he moved his lips away, his eyes met Wen Xinya’s pair of dewy, glistering eyes—eyes were clear and translucent, as beautiful and mysterious as the night sky, radiating bits of a shimmery glow which touched one’s heart.

    “Si Yiyan! I’m thirsty! Want some water.” Wen Xinya’s voice was hoarse. Perhaps due to the blood loss from the injury, she appeared more fragile and soft than ever, her voice tender and lovely with a tinge of joy. This was probably telepathy—she was just missing him when he appeared before her. She suddenly felt that getting injured this time was not unworthy.

    Si Yiyan hurriedly poured her a cup of water, walked over, partially supported her, placed the cup by her lips, and slowly tilted the cup. “Drink slowly lest you choke!”

    It was easy to choke when drinking in such a posture. If the cup was tilted too slowly, she would not be able to drink, and doing so too quickly would cause her to choke. However, Si Yiyan did a great job, at just the right speed—only those who truly cared about you would take care of such details flawlessly.

    She finished the entire cup of water. Si Yiyan asked softly, “Still thirsty?”

    “Not anymore!” Wen Xinya shook her head.

    Si Yiyan casually placed the cup on the cabinet beside the bed and asked gently, “Does the wound still hurt?”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes welled up instantly, tears glowing in her clear eyes, looking even more shimmery under the light. “It hurts, hurts very badly, so badly that I can’t even sleep.”

    Si Yiyan’s heart instantly tightened. “I’ll get the nurse to fetch some painkillers for you. You’ll feel better after taking them. Okay?”

    Wen Xinya tugged at his shirt like a child, looked at him pitifully, and said, “Not taking painkillers!”

    Si Yiyan did not miss the slight constriction of her gaze at the mention of painkillers and guessed that the kidnapping incident previously had left a bad trauma on her, making her violently reject such narcotic drugs. “Okay, no painkillers then!”

    Wen Xinya cracked a smile, her slightly squinting eyes as gorgeous as luxuriant foliage, as her eyes gradually blossomed. “Si Yiyan, you knew that I was injured and especially rushed over to see me, right?”

    Although he was not by her side, he had paid close attention to her movements. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come over immediately after she was injured.

    “Yup. Just came back on a helicopter from the capital of Country E.” Si Yiyan’s fingers lightly brushed the messy hair stuck on her face away, moving gently, as though she were a fragile porcelain doll.

    “According to schedule, your plane has just landed in the capital of Country E for a mere few hours.” Wen Xinya felt warmth in her heart as she looked at Si Yiyan with even brighter eyes.

    “It’s okay. Anyway, it only takes seven hours via helicopter—it’s convenient to move around.” Si Yiyan’s smile was gorgeous and elegant.

    Wen Xinya’s pale little face blushed slightly as a mild, tingly sensation of sweetness flowed in her heart. “Is the situation tricky over at Country E?”

    Since knowing about the powers behind Si Yiyan, she almost instinctively followed Country E’s news closely. Thus, she knew that recently, there had been some changes in the political situation at Country E. And Lucifer was one of the top powers of Country E—although reclusive, it was still tightly linked to Country E’s politics and was at the risk of destructive attacks.

    Si Yiyan said, “Rest assured that it’s nothing major—don’t have to worry.”

    Wen Xinya nodded, not really worried about Si Yiyan. He was an intelligent person with a great sense of propriety—she believed that he could deal with anything very well.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “It’s already very late. You can sleep for a while longer, I’ll accompany you.”

    Only then did Wen Xinya feel that she was quite tired. As she looked up towards him, she saw the dark shadows under his eyes and felt her heart ache slightly. “What about you, you seem very tired—do you want to sleep for a while?”

    “Okay! Let’s sleep together.” Si Yiyan saw beauty extending from her eyes. He stretched out, removed his jacket, lifted the edge of the blanket, and, under Wen Xinya’s suddenly widened eyes, got onto the hospital bed and laid beside her.

    Stunned, Wen Xinya reacted instantly, pushed his body with a slightly burning face, and said, embarrassed and angry, “Who’s sleeping with you—there’s a huge sofa over there. You go sleep on the sofa, don’t sleep on my bed.”

    “Stop moving. I’m tired, let me sleep for a while.” Pretending to stop her frantic movements and accidentally turn over, Si Yiyan trapped Wen Xinya in his embrace and buried his head in her shoulders.

    “Si Yiyan, let me go!” With her upper body trapped, Wen Xinya naturally used her legs to kick him.

    Unexpectedly, Si Yiyan’s legs suddenly wrapped around her legs and hugged her in a suggestive sleeping posture. “I’ve not slept in three days. Let me have a good sleep.”

    Wen Xinya was about to struggle when she suddenly stopped moving. As she tilted her head slightly, she could see the faint green shadows under his eyes. Her heart relented slightly before she felt that it was not appropriate to share a bed like this. She was about to call out to him when she heard faint and steady breathing sounds. He was obviously already asleep, and she couldn’t bear to wake him up.

    Just like this, Wen Xinya struggled herself wide awake and did not feel sleepy at all anymore.

    She closed her eyes and silently counted sheep in her heart. However, the man beside her, extremely outstanding, emitting a mature charm which belonged to an adult man all over, his refreshing, bamboo-like scent engulfing her, hugged her tightly with his strong arms and wrapped his firm, muscular legs around her—such an intimate, suggestive, and sentimental posture was only reserved for lovers and married couples.