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Chapter 261 - Assaulting Wen Haowen Out of Anger

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 261: Assaulting Wen Haowen Out of Anger

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    At the crack of dawn, Si Yiyan woke up to the sight of Wen Xinya’s head buried in his arms, curled up in his embrace, sleeping soundly. Seeing her long hair sprawled over his chest like seaweed, her small face plastered on his chest, he felt a sense of contentment and warmth.

    Deeply asleep, her gorgeous looks had a tinge of childishness, her cheeks, not as pale and translucent as last night, were tainted with a mild blush, and her luscious, curly eyelashes, long and pretty, cast rows of elaborate shadows under her eyes—so beautiful it made his breathing and heartbeat hasten as a sense of desire and impulse naturally arose within his body.

    His fingers lightly brushed across her face—that jade-like, exquisite, and tender sensation scalded his fingers slightly, and the burning bodily reaction made him retract his fingers.

    He bent over, lightly kissed her cheek, carefully lifted her head, removed his own arm, gently got off the bed, covered her with a blanket, retrieved his jacket on the table, and secretly went out the room.

    Once out of the room, Si Yiyan called Gu Yuehan. “Find a few guys for me, yup! Don’t have to be great fighters as long as they’re strong.”

    Gu Yuehan’s heart was instantly on his throat and throbbed non-stop— . “Ninth Young Master, you’re trying to…”

    He had a bad premonition.

    Si Yiyan frowned slightly and said, “No more questions!”

    Gu Yuehan had no choice but to act according to his wishes.

    Under the mild sunlight, a black van slowly drove into the car park within the Wen Corporation complex, not attracting anyone’s attention, even avoiding the surveillance cameras along the way, and finally stopped at a blind spot of the surveillance cameras.

    Si Yiyan was seated on the passenger seat, smoking in his usual way, holding the cigarette between his thumb and index finger, not quite skillful. From the psychological perspective, smoking in this manner reflected a controlling attitude, able to destroy the cigarette to ashes at the pinch of his fingers.

    Greenish fog filled up the car, engulfing him within. Gu Yuehan couldn’t guess his thoughts at the moment, but he knew that the Ninth Young Master smoking reflected an extremely solemn attitude.

    At 8:15 A.M., a Cayenne drove into the car park and came to a gradual stop at a reserved parking lot.

    “Now!” Si Yiyan suddenly stretched out and snubbed out the cigarette in his hand, his harsh voice cold and solemn.

    Four hooded men in black clothes jumped out from the van and dashed towards that car.

    Wen Haowen alighted from the Cayenne and, before he could react, his head was covered with a black gunny sack, making his view pitch-black. Then, he was dragged to a blind spot of the surveillance cameras beside the lift and a wave of punches and kicks landed on him ruthlessly.

    “Ah! Who are you? Why are you hitting me?” Wen Haowen questioned furiously as he cried out in pain.

    However, nobody answered him, adhering strictly to the Ninth Young Master’s orders: No need to break any bones or rupture any muscles—hit the fleshy parts with just the right amount of strength!!

    “Do you thugs know who I am? I’m the CEO of the Wen Corporation. I won’t let you guys off for doing this to me.” Wen Haowen was rolling on the floor from the assault, visibly battered, but his voice was extremely arrogant.

    Without knowing who you were, why would they be waiting in the Wen Corporation car park? This was the level of intelligence of the CEO of the Wen Corporation?

    “Stop it, stop it now. Let me go and I can give you guys any amount of money…” Wen Haowen was dizzy from the beating, hurting all over, and his arrogant tone also simmered down.

    However, he was ignored. Another wave of punches and kicks showered upon him, making him scream in agony.

    “Ah ah ah… stop hitting. Fine men, not sure how did I, Wen Haowen, offend you guys, you guys… ah ah ah…” Wen Haowen’s temper was already totally beaten out of him.

    The few of them also did not deal any deadly blows. Instead, they beat up Wen Haowen repeatedly until he was crying out for help.

    Although Gu Yuehan had previously already vaguely guessed, witnessing this scene stunned him greatly. The Ninth Young Master, who all along killed decisively and was skilled in strategies and power struggles, was actually childish enough to employ such a tactic only used by thugs on the streets to vent his anger.

    He secretly looked towards the Ninth Young Master and realized that he was leaning on the car seat, pretending to sleep.

    “You feel that this is very childish and pointless?” Si Yiyan’s crisp voice suddenly sounded in the car.

    With his thoughts exposed, Gu Yuehan’s cool expression became slightly twisted and twitching. “Why would I—Ninth Young Master, you’ve all along been the most decisive…”

    No matter what you did, you had your own reasons…

    However, Si Yiyan interrupted his insincere words. “Actually, I also feel that it’s childish and pointless.”

    Regarding Xinya’s matters, he did not wish to intervene inappropriately. Thus, he allowed this bunch of people to vent their energies, taking it as letting them practice their skills for Xinya. However, Wen Haowen had crossed his bottom line. There were thousands of ways to take revenge on Wen Haowen, but he had to behave appropriately—too much and it would trigger Xinya’s aversion. Eventually, he had no choice but to use such a childish method to avenge her.

    Wen Haowen had scraped a piece of flesh off his heart. Thus, he would split his skin and expose his flesh.

    Gu Yuehan widened his mouth as he felt that he rubbed Si Yiyan the wrong way.

    Si Yiyan didn’t see him and only said plainly, “I remember when I was young, my second uncle had made my mother angry. Eventually, my father found people to cover my second uncle’s head and deal punches and kicks to him. At the time, secretly watching by the side, I had also felt that my father was childish.”

    , thought Gu Yuehan.

    “However, I only realize now that sometimes, childish and pointless methods may sometimes be the way to solve the problem.” Si Yiyan’s voice was mild. Even if he couldn’t do anything, he could secretly find people to beat Wen Haowen up to stand up for Xinya—why not? To not do anything did not fit his character.

    Gu Yuehan figured it out. Among the five most well-known tycoons, the head of the Xiasi Group was reputed for being mysterious and vengeful for the smallest grievances, striking fear into everyone. Compared to his father, the Ninth Young Master was above and beyond.

    Wen Haowen’s arrogant attitude became ear-piercing screams, gradually becoming weak and soft, and finally became piteous begging.

    Gu Yuehan hurriedly said, “That’s enough, save his last breath!”

    The four men returned to the van at lightning speed and Gu Yuehan drove the van out of the car park.

    Gu Yuehan asked, “Ninth Young Master, are we returning to the hospital or heading straight to the manor on Mount Li to go back to Country E via the helicopter? You have a very important meeting at 3 P.M.—I’ve already pushed it back to 4 P.M. and can’t delay it further.”

    Si Yiyan said plainly, “Head straight to the manor on Mount Li.”

    Gu Yuehan secretly heaved a sigh of relief, fearful at the thought of the Ninth Young Master still wanting to drop by the hospital. The meeting in the afternoon would be attended by Country E’s public officials, and it was already a rush to meet the delayed 4 P.M.—any further delay would be disastrous.