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Chapter 264 - Jiang Ruoyin Dropped Out Voluntarily

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 264: Jiang Ruoyin Dropped Out Voluntarily

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    Wen Xinya naturally didn’t know that Si Yiyan beat up Wen Haowen badly. Having vented his anger on Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen felt avenged for his injuries.

    She was casually browsing today’s papers and magazines. A case of a youth taking drugs in Bird of Paradise Bar had caught the attention of the public with various notable members of the community stating their views about it, stirring up a storm of discussions within the society and with the media fighting to report about it.

    Such an outcome was within her expectation—in fact, she had also added fuel to the fire.

    After reading the papers and magazines, Wen Xinya’s phone alerted her on a new email. She opened the mailbox—it was an email from the detective agency regarding the relationship between Ning Shuqian and Shen Mengting. Additionally, the detective agency had attached some information regarding Ning Shuqian’s past.

    After reading the information, Wen Xinya’s expression turned dark and unpredictable. She only called the detective agency after a while. “Pass the information to the media anonymously. I want to see reports regarding this tomorrow.”

    This private detective agency named “Celestial” was an extremely large-scale detective company. Their services ranged from gathering information to helping customers resolve their private issues—even Qiu Yifan was secretive about the powers behind the detective agency.

    With a background as such, naturally, she could entrust such a small matter to them at ease.

    Just after hanging up, Zhou Tianyu came over to look for her with Gu Junling, Ling Qingxuan, and Xu Tongxuan. Han Mofeng was studying at the military school which had all along been managed strictly—they had not seen him once since school started a while ago.

    Upon seeing them, Wen Xinya said, slightly stunned, “What brings you guys here?”

    Seeing that she was upbeat, Zhou Tianyu heaved a sigh of relief uncontrollably. “When I heard that you took leave when I went to school this morning, I’d called the Wen Mansion. Mother Wang said that you broke your skull and was hospitalized, so we came over together.”

    Xu Tongxuan opened her mouth, wanting to ask how did she get injured. However, Zhou Tianyu stretched out and tugged at her. “Xinya, guess what happened in the Institute today?”

    “What else but the matter about Jiang Ruoyin dropping out?” said Wen Xinya casually, her gaze landing on the papers spread over the hospital bed—the report about the Wen Corporation ceasing all collaborations with the Jiang Family was smacked right in the middle.

    Such an aggressive attitude by the Wen Family had already stated their stand and also implied a warning—if Jiang Ruoyin didn’t drop out voluntarily, she would definitely be expelled by the Institute, and the Wen Family would even request that the Jiang Family openly apologize to the Wen Family in front of the media. Come that time, it wouldn’t be merely a conflict between two young people, but a battle between the two families.

    Neither being expelled by the Institute nor dropping out voluntarily reflected well on the Jiang Family’s face. However, at least dropping out voluntarily looked slightly better and wouldn’t enrage the Wen Family.

    Xu Tongxuan widened her eyes. “How did you know?”

    Wen Xinya said plainly, “Yesterday, Madam Jiang looked for me and even threatened me with the collaboration between the Wen Family and the Jiang Family, wanting me to give up my appeal to the Institute to expel Jiang Ruoyin. However… I rejected her. Grandpa already ceased all collaborations between the Wen Corporation and the Jiang Family—there’s a related article in today’s papers.”

    Saying which, Wen Xinya passed the papers in her hand to Xu Tongxuan.

    Zhou Tianyu couldn’t help but frown and said, “Madam Jiang actually has the face to look for you personally—isn’t the Jiang Family just too much!”

    However, Gu Junling looked at Wen Xinya, worried. “All along, Madam Jiang has a reputation for being aggressive and overbearing in the circle. She’s not someone who’s easy to deal with—hope you didn’t get shortchanged by her!”

    Ling Qingxuan laughed and said, “Just Madam Jiang’s mere flaunting of authority that she doesn’t have will shortchange Xinya—Little Ling, you really underestimate Xinya.”

    Wen Xinya smiled coldly and said, “I’ve always sought revenge for the smallest grievance. Since Jiang Ruoyin provoked me, I’ll make her drop out of school and be thoroughly embarrassed in the circle. Since the Jiang Family bullied me, I’ll show her who’s boss and have no other choice than to stomach her loss.”

    Zhou Tianyu couldn’t help but smile and said, “I thought that your aggressive way of handling this matter would turn off students in the Institute. However, surprisingly, everyone has nothing but praises for you—saying that you have Old Mr. Mo’s style, beaming with poise and resilience, open and aboveboard in your dealings, unlike some people who like to use underhanded tactics.”

    Wen Xinya widened her eyes. After thinking, she understood—previously, Jiang Ruoyin had stirred up a storm on the discussion forums, yet she had never once commented anything on the discussion forums. Previously, it had come across as arrogance, but since the misunderstanding cleared up, it had shown her poise. And her direct employment of the rules and regulations of the Institute to make Jiang Ruoyin drop out, compared to Jiang Ruoyin’s underhanded tactics, was indeed open and aboveboard.

    Xu Tongxuan smiled and said, “The honorable President Chu has even posted on the discussion forums of the Institute, stating his views about you and singing your praises, which has also attracted much attention.”

    This was beyond Wen Xinya’s expectations. However, thinking back, it was logical. Chu Jingnan had said that he wanted to pursue her and definitely wouldn’t give up easily—this was merely his first step.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly. Although she didn’t understand Chu Jingnan deeply in her previous lifetime, she knew that this person was full of grit and wouldn’t give up before reaching his goals—if he had said that he wanted to pursue her, it wouldn’t be just talk.

    What should she do to get him off her back?

    “Xinya, Xinya…”

    “Ah? What’s up?” Wen Xinya immediately composed herself and looked at Zhou Tianyu in a daze.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at Wen Xinya, frowned slightly, and said, “Xinya, why do you seem out of sorts at the mention of Chu Jingnan—unless you have ulterior thoughts regarding him?”

    Wen Xinya widened her eyes. She definitely understood the look in Zhou Tianyu’s eyes and couldn’t help but not know whether to laugh or cry—her previous lifetime had ended miserably, why would she repeat the same mistake in this lifetime, unless she was mentally unsound.

    Xu Tongxuan was shocked by Zhou Tianyu’s words. “Xinya, Chu Jingnan is a person adept at scheming and treats others in a utilitarian manner. You mustn’t be silly and get sucked into it.”

    Gu Junling also frowned slightly and said, “Chu Jingnan is outstanding in every way, comparable even to the cream of the crop in the circle. The fact that he, as an ordinary student, can actually become the president of the student union, shows that he loves to curry favor with those in authority for his personal gain—he isn’t suitable for you.”

    Ling Qingxuan was studying at Ching Hua High School and thus didn’t have the grounds to speak.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Chu Jingnan feels very hypocritical and can’t hold a candle to Zhong Rufeng. You mustn’t be so silly to give up a piece of jade and settle for a rock.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t find an opportunity to interrupt their heated discussion and couldn’t help but said helplessly, “What are you guys talking about—why would I be attracted to Chu Jingnan.”

    “Really?” Zhou Tianyu seemed slightly suspicious.

    Wen Xinya looked into Zhou Tianyu’s eyes and said, “My dear, I’m fifteen-years-old this year, not twenty-five-years-old. I think you’ve been brainwashed by Gu Junling—always thinking about love and relationships.”

    Gu Junling was slightly awkward. Indeed, since young, he had been frequently telling this silly girl many love stories.

    As Ling Qingxuan and Xu Tongxuan knew the inside story, they covered their mouths and simmered in laughter, leaving only Zhou Tianyu still unaware. “Just him? It’s more likely that I brainwash him.”

    Gu Junling hurriedly leaned his head in. “It’s my honor.”

    Everyone laughed uncontrollably.