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Chapter 266

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 266: The Honorable President Chu, There’s Little Common Ground for Understanding Between People of Differing Principles

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    She thought that a few inciting words from Ning Shuqian would be all it would take for Wen Haowen to believe her and blame this matter on her—after all, she had experienced Ning Shuqian’s glib tongue. However, unexpectedly, Wen Haowen instead fully insisted that it wasn’t her.

    To do such a clean job and also not make Wen Haowen turn his suspicion to her, blaming everything on her—Si Yiyan indeed had his ways of doing things.

    Feeling the warmth in her heart, Wen Xinya whipped out the phone gifted by Si Yiyan and drafted a message: “So childish!”

    Si Yiyan replied very quickly: “Since he shaved a piece of flesh off my heart, I’ll make him pay for it a hundred times over.”

    After reading it, Wen Xinya’s heart tingled slightly as she brushed her fingers gently across the message displayed on the screen. She could almost imagine how Si Yiyan looked like at this moment, his long, gorgeous brows with sharpness, his slender, beautiful eyes as cold as the water in the well in spring—deep, unfathomable, able to destroy all brilliance in the world, and his slightly pursed thin lips with harshness and coolness.

    She instinctively replied his message: “This level isn’t just a hundred times over, it’s totally tens of thousands of times over. Wen Haowen cares about his face the most. Doing this to him underhandedly is instead the best revenge.”

    “Next time, don’t ever let anyone hurt you.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart softened. “Yup. It was an accident this time. I’ll take note the next time.”

    Wen Xinya kept the phone. The door of the ward swung open and Chu Jingnan walked in with a bouquet of pure white lilies. “You took leave from school today. I heard that you were hospitalized for a head injury and came specially to see you.”

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly. Zhou Tianyu and the gang just came by to see her at noon and he came over in the afternoon. So well-informed—indeed, no wonder he was the president of the student union. “Doesn’t the honorable President Chu know that gifting fresh flowers to patients has to be allowed by the doctor? If the patient is allergic to pollen or reacts adversely to pollen due to her symptoms, your careless act can potentially cause the patient pain and stress. Aren’t you aware of such general knowledge?”

    “Sorry. Indeed, I’m not too clear in this area.” Chu Jingnan looked at the bouquet of Oriental lilies in his hands which were indeed aromatic. When he bought them, the florist had said that the Oriental lilies were the most popular among girls. Thus, he had bought them casually. “I’ll go ask the nurse if you can take pollen now.”

    Wen Xinya didn’t like the overly rich aroma of lilies, and smelling them in close proximity would cause her to be dizzy and uncomfortable. However, she indeed was not allergic to pollen and the doctor didn’t remind her not to smell flowers either—she was merely poking him intentionally. Naturally, she did not have anything to say with him being serious like this.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but recall that in her previous lifetime, Chu Jingnan would also give her Oriental lilies at times. At that time, although she didn’t like Oriental lilies herself, she still placed the flowers into a vase and cared for them with a heart full of joy.

    To stoop to compromise like this for the person that she liked—a chill ran over Wen Xinya’s heart.

    At this point, Chu Jingnan came back with the flowers. “I’ve asked the doctor. He said that you’re not allergic to pollen and that placing some flowers in the ward can spark joy in patients.”

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly and said, “I don’t like the smell of Oriental lilies. Trouble you to leave the ward with your flowers immediately.”

    Chu Jingnan did not take her coldness to heart but also couldn’t tell the truthfulness of her words. “What flowers do you like then? I’ll go get some for you now.”

    Wen Xinya was totally in awe of Chu Jingnan’s thick skin. “The honorable President Chu, I remember that it’s school hours now. As the president of the student union, you’ve instead ran off to the hospital—aren’t you afraid of being a bad influence in the Institute?”

    Of course, Chu Jingnan could tell that she was purposely using it as an excuse to drive him away. Thus, he pretended not to understand. “It’s already 4 P.M. now. The last lesson today is Physical Education. As I’ve always fared well in it, the teacher approved my leave application easily—you don’t have to worry about me skipping class.”

    “The honorable President Chu, I’ve just been to the garden for a stroll. Thus, I’m a little tired and wish to rest.” Chu Jingnan’s thick skin really refreshed all her knowledge about him. In her previous lifetime, she had been cast away like old shoes by him. In this lifetime, she was actually desperately pursued by him. She only had one thought in her mind—men were just wretched, never treasuring what they had, and the best was always what they never had.

    Chu Jingnan placed the flowers on a table slightly further away from Wen Xinya, slowly walked over, sat by her side, and said, “Go ahead and sleep. I’ll be accompanying you here.”

    Wen Xinya wished that she could smash the flowers onto his face. Her expression became even colder. “The honorable President Chu, can’t you tell that I’m ordering my guest to leave?”

    “Do you eat apples—I’ll peel an apple for you.” Chu Jingnan didn’t care if she agreed either. He casually picked up the apple and fruit knife from the bedside table, sat down on the chair beside Wen Xinya’s bed, and proceeded to peel the apple.

    Wen Xinya took in a deep breath and appeased the fury burning within her. Indeed… shameless people were invincible. She decided to talk to Chu Jingnan peacefully. “The honorable President Chu, it’s totally impossible for me to like you, and even more impossible for me to get together with you. I don’t wish to hurt your ego, but this is the fact. The gap between us is too huge. If you’re thinking of using me to climb up the ranks, it’s impossible.”

    She put it so straightforwardly that it would be unbearable for any man with self-esteem. Although Chu Jingnan was not as concerned about his face as Wen Haowen, his self-esteem was extremely strong.

    Indeed, Chu Jingnan had thoughts of using Wen Xinya to climb up the ranks, but he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it. As he had absolute confidence in himself and believed that he would soar to the skies one day, although Wen Xinya’s words were blunt, he didn’t feel much about it. “You haven’t tried to accept me—how would you know you won’t like me?”

    She had thought wrong. Chu Jingnan knew his own identity as the illegitimate son of the Xiao Family and had enough confidence and ambitions on his own—how could his pride be injured just because of her few words? Should she threaten him with his identity as the illegitimate son of the Xiao Family?

    Wen Xinya dismissed this thought right away. Chu Jingnan was too suspicious—if she were to expose his identity, Chu Jingnan would never let her off. Although Chu Jingnan had yet to return to the Xiao Family at this point, he was deeply scheming—with her current abilities, she was not confident of winning him.

    She was already surrounded by strong enemies and didn’t wish to suddenly provoke another Chu Jingnan. Compared to Ning Shuqian and the rest, Xia Ruya and Chu Jingnan were really the ultimate!

    So, she had to allow him to pester herself?

    Wen Xinya was truly vexed.

    “The honorable President Chu, there’s little common ground for understanding between people of differing principles.” Wen Xinya looked at him earnestly with deeply meaningful eyes.

    Chu Jingnan was stared by those pair of glittering eyes, eyes like the summer’s night sky with twinkling stars—mysteriously dark with a bedazzling glow. Looking back, he could never see through them, instead immersing in their beauty. He frowned slightly. This pair of eyes seemed to see through his everything—as if even his darkest secrets had nowhere to hide before her.