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Chapter 269 - Actually Injury Recuperation, Not Childbirth Confinemen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 269: Actually Injury Recuperation, Not Childbirth Confinement

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    After playing chess, Wen Xinya was chased back to her room by Old Mr. Mo to rest. She had no choice but to return to her room reluctantly.

    After covering her blanket and lying down for a while, Wen Xinya felt uneasy and flipped a couple of times on the bed. Finally, she removed the blanket, got off the bed, picked up the book titled “Essays from the Pool of Dreams” that she frequently read, and started flipping through it.

    As she flipped, Wen Xinya saw that in a few areas that were hard to understand, there were annotations with round, elegant, thick, and neat regular script.

    Sharp, yet round and vigorous; bending internally, yet round on the outside; varying strokes, yet uniformly coordinated. The style naturally permeated from the beginning to the end of every single line written, looking like strings of pearls, radiant and energetic.

    It was Si Yiyan’s handwriting!

    Wen Xinya recalled that she had previously seen him holding and flipping through this book a couple of times. She had not thought much of it but didn’t expect him to actually be so thoughtful, making so many annotations for her.

    Wen Xinya suddenly remembered that it had been a long time since she last read this book.

    In the midst of her thoughts, Mother He came into the room with a bowl of astragalus root donkey-hide gelatin porridge. “Young Mistress, I’ve prepared porridge for nourishing energy and improving blood circulation for you. Take it while it’s warm.”

    The thought of the strange smell of donkey-hide gelatin made Wen Xinya scrunch up her nose uncontrollably. “Thanks, Mother He!”

    Seeing that she was holding a book, Mother He rushed up and took the book away from her. “Young Mistress, you’ve hurt your forehead and need to rest up. Just don’t strain your brain these few days—concussion forbids mental strain the most. You won’t feel it yet since you’re still young—when your memory fails you badly as you grow older, you’ll know how bad it is.”

    Wen Xinya pulled a long face as she tugged at Mother He’s arm and whined. “Mother He, you’re making a big fuss. The doctor said that I’ve only got a mild concussion and was already completely fine when I was discharged from the hospital. Reading books isn’t considered mental strain either, just passing time. Moreover, I only bled a little, no need for such major nourishment!”

    She was actually not doing childbirth confinement and only bumped her head slightly? Why was everyone more uptight than her? She couldn’t do this, couldn’t think about that.

    However, Mother He didn’t buy it. “A mild concussion is still a concussion. Young Mistress, your brain is as precious as Old Master’s, and is needed for greater knowledge—there can definitely be no mishaps. Moreover, your body constitution is slightly weaker, taking more food for nourishing energy and improving blood circulation is good for you.”

    Wen Xinya pouted as she bargained. “No donkey-hide gelatin then. I’ll have red dates—red dates are also good for improving blood circulation.”

    Although she didn’t like red dates either, they were sweet after all.

    Mother He hurriedly smiled and said, “Young Mistress, since you like red dates, I’ll add two red dates to the porridge tomorrow. However, donkey-hide gelatin is a must—this was produced in the Old Dong’s County, very pure and doesn’t smell weird.”

    Wen Xinya’s small face collapsed. She had no choice but to hold the bowl and eat the porridge. The soft, polished round-grained rice emitted a refreshing fragrance—there really wasn’t any weird smell.

    At this point, the room door was pushed open once again. Mother Jiang walked in with a bowl of slightly bitter soup. “Young Mistress, Old Mr. Du said that you’ve previously lost blood and have to drink some dang-gui soup for blood nourishment. I’ve especially followed Old Mr. Du’s orders and made some for you—it’s not bitter at all, and I’ve prepared some sweets to overcome the taste.”

    Under the glances of Mother He and Mother Jiang, Wen Xinya pinched her nose and gulped down the bowl of soup. After that, she felt a wave of strange, bitter taste in her mouth, and hurriedly took a sweet and placed it in her mouth. The fragrant sweet melted in her mouth and dispersed the disgusting feel.

    After Mother Jiang and Mother He left, Wen Xinya pulled a long face and flipped two rounds on the bed before her phone suddenly rang.

    It was the phone specially used for Si Yiyan. Wen Xinya hurriedly rolled to the side of the bed, retrieved the phone, and answered it.

    “Already discharged? How are you feeling? Does the wound still hurt? What did the doctor say?” Si Yiyan’s deep, pleasant voice was melodic, like music from an ancient zither—resounding, elegant, pure, and translucent—very lovely.

    Upon hearing Si Yiyan’s voice, Wen Xinya’s voice instantly softened as she said with a tender nasal voice, “Yup! Just discharged this afternoon. The doctor said everything is fine, but the wound still hurts slightly and even feels itchy sometimes—very uncomfortable.”

    Si Yiyan pacified her with a deep voice. “That’s the wound coagulating. When it itches, you’ve gotta bear with it—never touch it with your hands. Remember to take your medicine on time every day.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart felt soft and the smile on lips was also soft—very pretty. “Ruo Ruo prescribed some medicine for wound healing and blood circulation for me—it’s quite effective. Ruo Ruo said that with consistent application, the wound won’t scar.”

    Si Yiyan’s voice softened by yet another few notches. “That’s great. However, for this period of time, take note to keep the wound away from water and also watch your diet—stay away from spicy, raw, cold, as well as food with coloring…”

    As Wen Xinya listened to his elegant, distant voice reminding her non-stop on these trivial matters, her nose was scrunched up, but her curved lips were outrageously pretty. She had always thought that Si Yiyan’s mouth was meant for giving orders and advising on important issues but never expected that one day he would also nag restlessly on such trivial matters.

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled up into a huge smile. “The doctor has already mentioned all these.”

    Immediately, it was silent on Si Yiyan’s end.

    Wen Xinya said with a tender voice, “Si Yiyan, I’m currently having a short stay at Grampy’s house. Just now, I played a game of chess with Grampy. He chided me, saying that my character trait of struggling to my very last breath isn’t good. He even lectured me.”

    At the other end of the line, Si Yiyan’s lips curled up into a smile.

    Wen Xinya changed the topic and started laughing heartily. “Grampy chided me like this, so I’ve decided to dye the gray hair that he’s so proud of to black.”

    She was just feeling sorry for herself a while ago but was now laughing heartily. He couldn’t help but sympathize with Old Mr. Mo—pestered by her to dye his hair, Old Mr. Mo was definitely helpless.

    Saying which, Wen Xinya’s voice plummeted again. “Do you know that once I was discharged today, Mother He and Mother Jiang boiled weird porridge and bitter medicine for me, and didn’t allow me to read or use my brain—can’t do this, can’t do that…”

    As Si Yiyan listened to her joyful complaints, Si Yiyan sneered. “They’re also doing it for your own good. Be good, bear with it for a few days and recuperate well.”

    Wen Xinya continued to complain. “The doctor said my injury isn’t serious and will heal after a few days—there’s no need to be so uptight like this. I feel that I’m not recuperating my injury, but having childbirth confinement—can’t do this, can’t do that either…”

    Although her small mouth went on and on, her voice obviously revealed warmth. She was beating around the bush to tell him that she was doing well and that he didn’t need to worry. “Be good and rest well. When I’m done with this busy period, I’ll go back and see you.”

    Si Yiyan secretly sighed. It seemed like the area of collaboration raised by Country Z’s government previously needed his careful and serious reconsideration. Always being away like this was really not good. Although the ancient people had said that the eternal love between a couple should withstand the time apart, he was not convinced. If he liked a person, he would definitely exhaust all means and ways to be by her side.