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Chapter 271 - Emergency Room

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 271: Emergency Room

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    Wen Xinya was notified of what happened to Ning Shuqian soon after. Although she hated Ning Shuqian, Ning Shuqian was Wen Haowen’s wife and she was a junior. She had to consider her identity as Wen Haowen’s daughter, even if she didn’t care about Ning Shuqian.

    She hurried to the hospital. Ning Shuqian was in the ER and Wen Haowen sat on the bench outside, looking extremely anxious.

    She stood in the walkway and saw Wen Haowen holding his face with both of his hands, looking dispirited. At least at this moment, she believed that Wen Haowen was sincerely worried about Ning Shuqian.

    She didn’t expect Ning Shuqian to harm herself in order to make Wen Haowen believe her.

    She had to admit that Ning Shuqian played her cards well. No wonder Wen Haowen was under her control. Not only Wen Haowen, but most men would also fall prey to such tricks.

    No man could resist the love of a woman who was willing to give up her life for him. Even the most hard-hearted man would be moved by this.

    She underestimated Ning Shuqian!

    Wen Haowen seemed to notice that someone was coming. He raised his head and looked at Wen Xinya. His bruised face was no longer swollen, but still scary. “What are you doing here? To see if your Aunt Ning has died?”

    Wen Xinya looked at Wen Haowenand and said timidly, “Father, you are mistaken. Aunt Ning is my senior, of course I need to visit her.”

    Wen Haowen sneered. “You’re so kind?”

    Wen Xinya stepped back and said, “Father, I know you’re worried about Aunt Ning. I believe that a kind soul like Aunt Ning will be fine.”

    Wen Haowen suddenly stood up and stared at Wen Xinya condescendingly. “You really think so?”

    “What do you think, then?” Wen Xinya could sense that Wen Haowen’s bad temper could make him explode anytime. She looked up at him bravely and calmly.

    She didn’t answer him directly because she didn’t mean what she said, so she pushed the question back to him.

    Looking at her face which reminded him of Mo Yunyao and her strong character which was similar to Old Mr. Mo, a strange feeling arose within Wen Haowen. It provoked him, making him impulsive. “I’m not you. How am I going to know what you’re thinking?” He yelled at Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya didn’t care about Wen Haowen’s anger. She leaned on the wall and gazed at the flashing red light outside the ER. She just felt sad for Wen Haowen.

    Her tragedy in the previous life also involved Wen Haowen. But she never hated him for being heartless. This life, the only people she hated were Xia Ruya, Ning Yuya, Ning Shuqian, and Chu Jingnan.

    Maybe she would pretend to beg Wen Haowen in her previous life, but she was not that girl anymore! Still, she didn’t hate Wen Haowen. However, she would never allow him to harm her. One day, she would get back what he owed her mother.

    Wen Haowen gazed at Wen Xinya, and he suddenly felt like he couldn’t see through this girl. He said aggressively, “You’re my daughter. We’re of the same blood and this is unchangeable. I know that your mother died because of my negligence. I really don’t believe that you would hold no grudge against me and Shuqian.”

    Wen Xinya was stunned. Wen Haowen was suspicious in nature, so he was always aware of Wen Xinya. Together with Ning Shuqian’s influence, their relationship worsened.

    Wen Haowen wanted to continue, but the door of the ER opened and a nurse came out.

    Wen Haowen stepped forward and stopped her. “Nurse, how’s my wife doing? Is the injury serious? Is she okay?”

    The nurse saw his bruised face and felt that he was truly worried about his wife, so she answered, “Don’t worry. Though the patient had severe injuries, she received treatment in time. She’s fine now. You don’t have to worry too much.”

    Wen Haowen suddenly felt relieved. He stepped back and leaned against the ice-cold wall. The scene of Shuqian knocking her head on the wall kept repeating in his head. The splashing blood left a permanent mark in his heart.

    He still clearly remembered that when he held her in his arms, she touched his face and said weakly with a smile, “Finally, you’re willing to believe me. That’s good…”

    Then, she loosened her grasp and slowly closed her eyes. Her head tilted in his arms, as if she would die at any second.

    What he felt back then was indescribable. Worry and anxiety soon overwhelmed him. Now that she was okay, he was filled with remorse. His mind was completely blank.

    At this moment, the red light turned off. The door of the ER opened and two nurses pushed Ning Shuqian out of the ER. Her head was bandaged and her face was pale.

    Wen Haowen pounced on Ning Shuqian and held her hand. “Qian, how are you feeling? Please open your eyes, I’ll never suspect you again!”

    “She’s anesthetized. She’s in a coma and will not wake up for now,” said the nurse.

    Wen Haowen still walked beside Ning Shuqian. He held her hands tightly and followed the nurse into the ward.

    Wen Xinya observed Wen Haowen with a solemn look on her face. She had to admit that Ning Shuqian had Wen Haowen under absolute control. When the doctor came out of the ER, Wen Xinya quickly went forward and asked, “Doctor, how’s the patient?”

    The doctor took off his mask and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “The patient is fine. She’ll wake up after the anesthesia wears off. Enough rest will help her to recover.”

    Such an outcome was within Wen Xinya’s expectations. Ning Shuqian would never do things that she was unsure of. She could get treatment right after the injury, so her safety was guaranteed. No wonder she dared to do it.

    The doctor said a few things needing attention and then left.