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Chapter 272 - Strip Away Her Disguise

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 272: Strip Away Her Disguise

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    Soon after, Xia Ruya arrived at the hospital and was shocked to see Wen Xinya. “Xinya, why are you here?”

    Her eyes opened wide in disbelief. Wen Xinya was not supposed to be here.

    “The same reason as you,” said Wen Xinya, smiling.

    Xia Ruya’s arrival was not a surprise to Wen Xinya. But it was a bit late; she arrived after Ning Shuqian had come out of the ER.

    Xia Ruya was a little embarrassed. “How’s Aunt Ning?”

    “Just received treatment. She’s fine now—in the ward.” Wen Xinya kindly pointed out the direction of the ward for her.

    “Thanks!” Xia Ruya quickly went into the ward.

    Through the glass panel on the door, Wen Xinya saw Xia Ruya asking about Ning Shuqian’s injuries and comforted Wen Haowen gently.

    Wen Haowen calmed down gradually.

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled up into a sneer.

    It took Xia Ruya quite a while to come out of the ward. She forced a smile when she saw Wen Xinya and said, “Xinya, I heard from Aunt Ning that you injured your head. Are you okay?”

    “What? You wish that I’m not okay?” Wen Xinya looked sidelong at her. “Or… you’re disappointed to see that I’m okay?” Xia Ruya liked to pretend to be kind-hearted. Even if their relationship had worsened so much, Xia Ruya still played nice in front of her. Didn’t she feel tired?

    Xia Ruya was stunned. Indeed, that was what she was thinking. She felt embarrassed as Wen Xinya seemed to see through her. She forced a smile and said, “You’re mistaken. How would I think that way?”

    Wen Xinya stared at her and said, “If that’s true, why do you have that weird expression on your face? Or… you think my recovery is not a good thing?”

    “It’s impossible for me to think that way!” Xia Ruya couldn’t stand Wen Xinya’s continuous attacks. She clenched her fists and her face distorted in anger.

    “I’m not you. How would I know your thoughts? The most dangerous people are the double-faced ones. Though one speaks well, one’s heart is false.” The best way to deal with hypocrites was to strip away their disguise.

    Xia Ruya tightened her grip, her nails piercing through her flesh. The sharp pain helped to clear her mind and she took a deep breath to calm herself down. “I have nothing to say if you don’t believe me.”

    Xia Ruya’s perfect disguise seemed to be cracked. She wasn’t invincible, after all.

    Xia Ruya felt uneasy being watched by Wen Xinya. So, she changed the subject of their conversation, trying to divert Wen Xinya’s attention. “Xinya, do you know why Aunt Ning was injured?”

    Uncle Wen was beaten up right after Wen Xinya had injured her forehead. And now Aunt Ning had also injured her forehead. Such coincidence made her believe that all of these was related to Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya said, “How would I know? You didn’t ask my father? He was there, he must know it very well.”

    Maybe because it was too coincidental, Xia Ruya suspected her. So she asked indirectly to frustrate Xia Ruya.

    “He just said that she hit her forehead by accident.” Xia Ruya felt awkward and rolled her eyes. She knew Wen Haowen was quick-tempered, so she didn’t dare to ask. But Wen Xinya said he was there. This reminded her of the news this morning. She realized that Wen Haowen may be the one who hurt Ning Shuqian.

    “My father said it was an accident, then it is. Do you think my father would lie to you? You lived with him for all these years. Don’t you trust him?” Wen Xinya gave her a casual glance.

    Xia Ruya was at a loss for words. She forced a smile and said, “How can I not trust Uncle Wen? I’m just too worried about Aunt Ning. No disrespect.”

    “Really?” Wen Xinya stared at her with a sneer. Her pupils contracted, looking sharp and scary.

    Xia Ruya gasped and stepped back subconsciously, her back against the white wall. Coldness penetrated her thin clothes, giving her a shiver.

    “Don’t you think Aunt Ning was injured because of me?” Wen Xinya advanced and stood in front of Xia Ruya, looking straight into her eyes.

    Xia Ruya inhaled deeply and looked at Wen Xinya in surprise. “Xinya, why do you think this way? How would I associate you with Aunt Ning’s injury?” Xia Ruya said with tears in her eyes.

    Wen Xinya said frankly, “Xia Ruya, don’t say this to me. Maybe others will be fooled by you, but I won’t. I know that underneath your angelic disguise there’s an ugly heart!”

    Astonished, Xia Ruya stepped back and stared at Wen Xinya. Her expression was complicated, and hatred filled her eyes. She could no longer maintain her gracefulness.

    Wen Xinya sneered and said, “What? Surprised? So you decided to stop pretending?”

    Tears slowly welled up in Xia Ruya’s eyes, making her look even more surprised. “Wen Xinya, you can misunderstand me and be harsh with me. But how can you say that to me?”

    “Am I wrong?” Wen Xinya asked sternly. She underestimated Xia Ruya. She didn’t expect a 15-year-old girl to be like this.

    Tears streamed down Xia Ruya’s cheeks, leaving a trail on her pale face. It was the first time that she felt so embarrassed by crying. “Wen Xinya, that’s too much!”

    She turned around and ran out of the hospital, her staggering steps making her look even more awkward.