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Chapter 275 - To Make You Wear My Mark at All Times

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 275: To Make You Wear My Mark at All Times

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    Ning Shuqian injury was already confirmed to be alright, only needing to recuperate. All these were within Wen Xinya’s expectations. After school, Mother He called out to her and said, “Young Mistress, there’s a package from Italy today. I’ve placed it in your room.”

    “Thank you, Mother He!” It should be Si Yiyan’s. Si Yiyan’s identity was sensitive, and in her heart, she still couldn’t treat the Wen Family as a place that she could really relax and be comfortable in. Thus, she got Si Yiyan to send all the things to the Mo Mansion.

    Back in her room, she opened the package—indeed, it contained clothes, accessories, and jewelry. Si Yiyan had quite a unique taste and had always picked out clothes, accessories, and jewelry that matched her very well in the styles that she liked.

    Suddenly, she realized that it had been a long time since she last shopped at Jo-ramst. Unknowingly, since some time back, her clothes, accessories, and jewelry were all handpicked by Si Yiyan. The huge cloakroom at the Wen Family also started to fill up slowly.

    Previously, Si Yiyan would still have some reservations. However, since the confession by both parties the last time, he became unrestrained, making Wen Xinya feel slightly helpless.

    Wen Xinya tidied up the clothes, accessories, and jewelry. She picked up the small tank on top of the table in her room and carefully examined the small turtle under the water. “Sisi, I’ve already kept you for so long, why does it seem like you’ve not grown the least bit.”

    Basically, its little owner would talk to it every day, so the small turtle was already very familiar with her and totally unafraid of her. Now hearing her voice, the small turtle floated up and quietly stuck out its head. Its pair of beady eyes rolled about randomly and its short tail would go in and out of its shell from one moment to the next—very cute.

    Wen Xinya stretched out her hand and carried the small tank. “We’ve yet to bathe today. Let’s go, I’ll bring you for a bath.”

    Upon reaching the bathroom, Wen Xinya took out the small turtle, carefully scrubbed the shell on the back of the small turtle, and even conscientiously flipped the small turtle over and gave it a good wash.

    Wen Xinya also helped to change the water in the tank before placing the small turtle back into it. Paddling with its little short legs, the small turtle sank to the bottom of the water. “The sun’s great today, I’ll bring you to enjoy it.”

    Wen Xinya placed the small turtle onto the balcony. With a sudden thought, she whipped out her phone, snapped a few pictures of the small turtle, and sent them to Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan replied very quickly, “You’ve kept it very well.”

    Wen Xinya replied satisfactorily, “But of course, it’s me we’re talking about.”

    “What did the small turtle eat today?”

    Wen Xinya was stunned as she looked at the message on the phone and gritted her teeth. Back at the Wen Family, the small turtle was fed by Mother Wang. Bringing the turtle over with her to the Mo Family for a short stay, it was fed by Mother He. Every day, she only bathed and got the small turtle out for some sun at the most—how would she know if Mother He fed it today or not.

    Just when Wen Xinya was making all sorts of funny faces and childish actions at the message, the phone suddenly rang. She hurriedly clicked on the answer button and Si Yiyan’s voice traveled, through electromagnetic waves, into her ears. “How’s the recovery of the wound on your head? Does it still hurt?”

    Wen Xinya’s heart flowed with something warm and sweet. “Yup, already fully recovered. I’ve been applying the ointment prescribed by Ruo Ruo and the scar has already lightened till it’s blurry.”

    “That’s good.” Si Yiyan’s voice was clear and thin. After a moment, he asked, “Have you received the package I sent over?”

    “Yup, just received it today.” Wen Xinya couldn’t help but scorn at him in her heart. He was using WES, the best forwarder in the world which reported on the parcel’s status via a message upon delivery—how could he not know if she had received the package. It was an overly forced topic.

    “Do you like the styles of the clothes, accessories, and jewelry?” Si Yiyan’s voice was crystal-clear, yet had a tinge of magnetism when listened over the phone—especially elegant and pleasant.

    “Yup, I like them!” Wen Xinya answered honestly.

    Si Yiyan chuckling out loud with a sense of joy. “Good that you like them!”

    Si Yiyan’s chuckles reverberated by her ears, quickly warming them up. She couldn’t help but pull the phone slightly away and complained to Si Yiyan. “Si Yiyan, could you have given me a knockoff phone! It warms up after talking for a couple of minutes.”

    Wen Xinya wanted to bite off her own tongue for saying such a thing which made her look even more guilty. Feeling the phone, she obviously wronged the high performance of the phone and Si Yiyan’s taste.

    At the other end, Si Yiyan was silent for a long while before answering, “This phone has been tested during development to be able to support a five-hour call without heating up.”

    Wen Xinya felt an impulse to hang up the phone—with Si Yiyan’s intelligence, he couldn’t have not understood the meaning of the previous statement. However, as it wasn’t easy to receive a call from him, she couldn’t bear to hang up after much thought. “Haha! The air-conditioning of the house is set a little too high, causing a warm feeling. It’s the not phone’s problem.”

    The other end was silent once again. Such silence made Wen Xinya feel panicky in her heart, her mind in turmoil, and even made her hand that was holding the phone perspire.

    “The weather in the capital city is fine today—temperature ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius, no sustained winds, and mildly windy. Furthermore, there’s central heating over at the capital city, no need for air-conditioning in winter.” Si Yiyan’s crisp voice suddenly rang from the phone with a tinge of unknown flavor—those words said with clear articulation and a full tune seemed especially refreshing.

    Wen Xinya’s brain was instantly stuck. This was dry humor!

    He was situated at Country E, why was he following the weather of the capital city for no reason?

    She suddenly thought of a classic famous phrase that she read online: When a person truly loves you, he’ll, without you knowing, follow the changes in the weather, notice the happenings in the news, reminding you to dress appropriately according to the weather, and to be careful in this chaotic society.

    Her cheeks instantly warmed up.

    “The capital city is plagued with the common flu recently. Are you feeling warm because you’re sick? You should get the family doctor over to take a look later.” Si Yiyan’s voice was caring and gentle.

    Wen Xinya felt that this was the best time to get out of the embarrassing situation, and couldn’t help but move along with it. “Should be okay! Probably feel overheated from the autumn—I’ll get Grandpa Du to prescribe some Traditional Chinese Medicine and will be alright after taking them.”

    Indeed, he had followed the weather and noticed the most recent news reported. Wen Xinya felt warm in her heart.

    “You’re also knowledgeable about medicine yourself. Do take note of your own body on a day to day basis.” Si Yiyan went along with it and talked about her well-being.

    Wen Xinya acknowledged with a gentle “hmm” and said, “Si Yiyan, don’t buy me so many clothes, accessories, and jewelry. There are still many clothes in the cloakroom that I have yet to wear. These handmade clothes and matching accessories and jewelry cost a bomb—what a waste to just leave them lying around!”

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Don’t just leave them there then!”

    Wen Xinya knew that he would say that—Si Yiyan was unreasonably insistent about buying clothes, accessories, and jewelry for her. “Don’t men hate picking clothes and accessories for women the most?”

    Si Yiyan sneered and said, “I only hope that even though I’m not by your side, you’re wearing my mark at all times.”

    Wen Xinya’s ear reddened yet again as she couldn’t help but scold towards the phone. “You’re sick!”

    Saying which, she hung up the phone before she could embarrass herself again.

    She had yet to see such a possessive man—what else was it other than being sick!