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Chapter 283 - It’s Proven—Men Are All Jerks

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 283: It’s Proven—Men Are All Jerks

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    Besides Zhong Rufeng who ran into it by chance, she didn’t tell anyone else about Jiang Ruoyin getting people to make her life difficult. After a mere few days, Wen Xinya heard that Jiang Ruoyin went to the Ching Hua High School and she also laughed it off.

    The funds raised from the charity auction at the charity banquet previously organized by Zhou Huiyan had all been put to practical use as charity funds to build schools and support disabled children at the poor, remote mountainous areas!

    Because of this, Zhou Huiyan especially held a thank-you banquet and especially invited the notable public figures who had attended the charity auction previously.

    The theme of the banquet still centered around charity. Zhou Huiyan especially engaged Master Kong from the Fahui Temple to prepare a full vegetarian banquet.

    Since Grandpa stepped down from the business world, he had rarely attended activities in the circle. Previously, he had already brought her to attend the charity banquet. Thus, he didn’t plan to attend this time and got Wen Haowen to attend to represent the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation.

    Wen Xinya was still underage—even if she were the only bloodline and successor of the Wen Family, she had neither succeeded the Wen Family nor taken charge as chief at one of its fronts currently. Thus, she still needed to be brought into such a thank-you banquet by a senior.

    And Wen Haowen did not like the sight of her all along and naturally wouldn’t personally bring her to attend this banquet. However, Zhou Huiyan was very thoughtful—not only did she send an invitation under the name of the Wen Corporation, but she also invited Wen Xinya alone under her personal name. In this way, not only did Wen Xinya not need to be led by a senior into the banquet, but she also need not represent the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation.

    Wen Xinya was very thankful for Aunt Zhou’s care and thoughts.

    The banquet was held at 8 P.M. After school, Wen Xinya first went to the Floral Lingo Pavilion for skincare maintenance and full body massage before going back to the Wen Mansion to change into her evening gown.

    Just then, Si Yiyan called and Wen Xinya instantly pressed on the answer button. “Hello! Busy man, why do you have time to call me now?”

    “I feel like listening to your voice to recharge myself!” Si Yiyan’s voice had a tinge of fatigue. Upon careful listening, she could hear the dryness and hoarseness in his voice.

    “Did you work through the night again? Although work is important, health is even more important.” Wen Xinya’s tone of voice had a tinge of reproach, her slightly blaming voice carrying care and heartache.

    Si Yiyan changed the topic and asked, “What are you doing now?”

    “Picking a gown! I’m attending an important banquet event tonight. The clothes that you’ve given me have filled up the cloakroom. I’m seeing stars before I know which one to pick—they’re either too grand or too expensive.” The clothes that Si Yiyan had given her were world-class regardless of their design, workmanship, cutting, or material. To wear something that was too grand to such a charity banquet would appear overly flashy, and something too expensive would seem inappropriate—after all, tonight’s banquet was centered on charity.

    Si Yiyan sneered and asked, “What kind of banquet?”

    Wen Xinya roughly described it to him. “After the funds gathered from the charity auction banquet previously organized by Aunt Zhou were put to good use, Aunt Zhou organized another thank-you banquet and invited me on her personal grounds.”

    Upon listening to her, Si Yiyan rapidly scanned through the gown-type clothes that he had previously given to her in his mind and picked out the appropriate clothes for her. “Pick the moon-white embroidered long gown that Mother Wan gave you. It’s discreetly gorgeous, classy, elegant, and simple yet no less dignified—very well-suited for such a charity banquet!”

    “You can actually remember the gowns that you’ve given me!” Wen Xinya was shocked. She searched through the clothes in the cloakroom with her eyes and quickly found the clothes specified by Si Yiyan. Taking it out, it was indeed very suitable for tonight’s banquet.

    “Yup! I can remember everything I gave to you!” Si Yiyan’s voice was tainted with faint desire—he didn’t tell her that for each piece of clothing that he had given her, he had imagined how she would look like wearing it in his head. Thus, he had vivid memories of every piece of clothing that he gave her.

    “What kind of shoes should I pair it with?” Wen Xinya pursed her lips slightly, slightly doubting and thus purposely testing him. With her slender, pretty, jade-like legs, she came up to the shoe cabinet. Seeing the huge shoe cabinet lined neatly with almost a hundred pairs of the newest styles of shoes this season, she couldn’t help but feel a wave of headache—she could already open a shoe store.

    “Hmm…” Si Yiyan pondered for a while before replying, “That pair of blue, diamond-embellished shoes. The diamonds on those shoes are very beautifully polished and when affixed on the blue shoes, twinkles like the shimmering stars in the blue sky.”

    Indeed, Wen Xinya saw the pair of shoes described by Si Yiyan on the shoe cabinet. The moon-white and clear, light blue gown, paired with such shimmery blue shoes, was indeed a good match.

    “How should the jewelry be matched?” Since Si Yiyan had such great taste, she handed everything over to him.

    Si Yiyan answered without thinking, “I’ve heard you mention before that your mother seemed to have left you a set of star sapphire jewelry—just match with that set!”

    “Okay. That’s it, then!” Wen Xinya totally didn’t expect that Si Yiyan really meant it when he said that he remembered everything that he had given her. Even she didn’t realize that her facial expression became sweet and joyful.

    “Hmm!” Si Yiyan replied with a grunt.

    Wen Xinya said, “Okay. I’ll stop chatting with you and get changed. I still have to go over slightly earlier later.”

    “Don’t hang up!” Si Yiyan hurriedly cried out. “I want to listen to your voice a while longer.”

    Wen Xinya thought that it was rather strange to speak on the phone while changing her clothes. However, she thought that since he couldn’t see, it wouldn’t matter. Thus, she agreed.

    Wen Xinya switched the phone to hands-free mode, picked up the gown, and started changing!

    However, she didn’t know that the phone’s audio functions were world-class—her rustling actions while changing her clothes had already traveled to the other end of the phone without any reduction in volume.

    The person on the other end of the phone was closing his eyes as if he were sleeping, listening intently, and playing the scene of her changing her clothes in his mind!

    It has been proven—guys were all jerks. Even a man as magnanimous and elegant as Si Yiyan was no exception.

    Wen Xinya pulled up the zipper on her gown and only realized then that throughout the entire process of her changing, the phone was silent. For a moment, a bizarre feeling arose in her heart, but upon further thought, there was nothing wrong. Thus, she asked, “Why aren’t you talking the whole time?”

    Si Yiyan’s voice was low and hoarse. “I’m waiting for you to talk!”

    See, what altisonant words!

    Wen Xinya could tell that his voice was unusual and asked with concern, “I heard that the capital of Country E has already entered winter. The winter over there is especially cold and your voice is slightly hoarse—did you catch the flu?”

    “Yup! It’s quite cold outside.” Si Yiyan’s voice was still low but with a tinge of a smile, giving one an extremely seductive feeling. He only said that it was cold, not that he had the flu, yet didn’t deny, intentionally misleading her.

    Wen Xinya still didn’t get it. “By working through the nights like this, your body won’t be able to take it sooner or later. I think I have some medicine formulas from Ruo Ruo—I’ll forward them to you later so that you can get your chef to prepare them for your nourishment.”

    “Yup! Okay!” Si Yiyan’s voice was joyful.

    “Okay. I’ll stop chatting with you. I have to go to the banquet!” Seeing the time on the alarm clock on her bedside table, Wen Xinya hurriedly hung up the phone.