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Chapter 293 - Xia Ruya’s Evil Plans & Plots

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 293: Xia Ruya’s Evil Plans & Plots

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    Aside, Xia Ruya watched as Wen Xinya and Chu Jingnan flirted away as if no one else was around. She instantly held her hands tightly into fists, not even feeling the pain of her sharp nails sinking into the tender flesh of her palms.

    Since young, she had grown up being surrounded by guys. As long as she put on a delicate expression, the guys would always ask about her well-being and took extra care of her, and with a slight squeeze of a single tear, the guys would be thrown into a panic, not know what to do, and exhaust all means to pacify her.

    In front of guys, she had never failed—only Chu Jingnan ignored her advances!

    Previously, she had thought that she didn’t make it obvious enough for Chu Jingnan to realize. However, only at this moment did she know that Chu Jingnan already had someone else in mind.

    And the girl that he liked was actually Wen Xinya!

    That Wen Xinya who made her resentful, jealous, furious, and vengeful!

    No wonder previously, when Wen Xinya humiliated Chu Jingnan like that, he would actually still come forward and clear things up for her.

    Wen Xinya that b*tch actually seduced the guy that she liked. She had never hated Wen Xinya as much as this moment, but she would not give up, and definitely would not take it lying down! She wanted to take away everything that belonged to Wen Xinya—her identity, kinship, love, wealth, status…

    Hidden emotional turmoil surged in Xia Ruya’s eyes and her expression also appeared slightly mysterious, concealing all of her own emotions in an instant. She walked over delicately and stood beside Chu Jingnan with a slight slant to her body, making it seem like there was a kind of intimacy between the two of them that could neither be expressed nor explained. “Xinya, I almost fell down just now. It was Big Brother Chu who helped me up—don’t misunderstand Big Brother Chu.”

    Xia Ruya’s explanation made Chu Jingnan even fonder of her, and he couldn’t help but shoot her a look of appreciation. “You should believe me now!”

    “I’ve something on and gotta go.” Wen Xinya plainly shot Xia Ruya a glance. She thought that she had put up a perfect show, but actually, Wen Xinya had already long seen through Xia Ruya’s act of intentionally falling down—even if Chu Jingnan did not help her up, she would also fall into Chu Jingnan’s arms. She was merely putting up an act for her, but she probably did not expect that her toilsome acting was merely an entertaining circus act in Wen Xinya’s eyes!

    Xia Ruya hurriedly said, “Xinya, I was just mentioning about you to Big Brother Chu—I’d like to invite you to participate in the freshmen performance for the school’s anniversary celebrations, not sure what you think?”

    Previously, during the discussion forums saga, she had wanted to make use of Jiang Ruoyin to cause Wen Xinya to lose all standing and reputation, drive her out of Lan Feng Institute, make her a laughing stock of the entire capital city, and also stand up for Chu Jingnan—he would definitely be grateful to her.

    How could she have known that Chu Jingnan actually liked Wen Xinya and came out to clear things up for her? Eventually, Jiang Ruoyin had no choice but to voluntarily drop out of school. Subsequently, she had posted on the discussion forums, using an anonymous username, hinting that Wen Xinya acted too overbearingly and aggressively. However, the post had suffered the collective criticism of many students of the Institute—everyone was all praises for Wen Xinya, saying that she was open and aboveboard in her dealings and had Old Mr. Mo’s style. She had understood that it was already hopeless, and so started to prepare for the school’s anniversary celebrations peacefully.

    “Why are you asking me to participate in the school’s anniversary celebrations—isn’t it a voluntary thing?” Wen Xinya frowned slightly. She really disliked such trouble that found its way to her despite her not doing anything to attract it.

    Chu Jingnan could tell her skepticism and couldn’t help but explain. “The objective of the school’s anniversary celebrations is to celebrate the double festivals of the national day and the mid-autumn festival. However, it also has a layer of intention to welcome the freshmen, amongst which, you’re extremely reputable and has somewhat become the model freshman. If you can participate in the performance, it’ll greatly enhance the school’s anniversary celebrations.”

    Wen Xinya frowned and said, “I’m not interested in the school’s anniversary celebrations.”

    Xia Ruya had already guessed her reaction and was secretly happy deep down, but on the surface, looked at Wen Xinya as if she was in a difficult position and said, “Xinya, I’m not sure who was the one who posted on the discussion forums of the Institute with the content of ‘The person you wish to see on-stage the most’, and you’re right on top of the list! That’s why I’ll have such a suggestion.”

    It had actually spread to the discussion forums of the Institute!

    Wen Xinya looked towards Xia Ruya and quickly guessed her thoughts completely. All participating performance items would go through a few rounds of rehearsals, and Xia Ruya suggested for her to participate in the performance three days before the school’s anniversary celebrations—what interesting performance could she put up within such a short time frame? If she were to reject, even better—it would make everyone in the Institute know that she was an idiotic snob who didn’t even dare to participate in the school’s anniversary celebrations. What a great plot, putting her in a difficult spot.

    “So now I have no choice but to participate in the school’s anniversary celebrations, right?” Wen Xinya looked at Xia Ruya calmly, her lips slightly curled upwards with a kind of unspoken mocking.

    Such an expression of Wen Xinya was only known by Xia Ruya who had exchanged moves with her a couple of times. She suddenly clenched her fists, suppressed the hatred that surrounded and constricted her heart, gave her a worried look, and said, “The school’s anniversary celebrations is purely voluntary. If you really don’t wish to participate, the student union naturally won’t force you either. It’s just that I’m afraid the students in the Institute will be very disappointed.”

    Chu Jingnan also added, “Ruya’s right—if you really don’t want to participate, then forget it. However, I hope you can seriously consider it.”

    “There’s nothing to consider—it’s just a minor performance. I’ll do it.” Wen Xinya knew that regardless if she accepted or rejected performing, she would fall into Xia Ruya’s trap. However, in comparison, she wanted to humiliate Xia Ruya in front of the students of the entire Institute, making her regret her own suggestion.

    Xia Ruya knew Wen Xinya well and her agreement was also within her expectations. Her delicate face glowed with joy as she hurriedly handed a few forms in her hands to Wen Xinya. “Xinya, you have yet to attend the performance program rehearsals. However, we’re now only three days away from the school’s anniversary celebrations. Thus, all rehearsals were completed yesterday. You may not be familiar with the performance content of the school’s anniversary celebrations. Coincidentally, I have a copy of the program schedule of the school’s anniversary celebrations here—you can refer to it.”

    Previously, at the homecoming party, Wen Xinya had done a Tango and Mambo dance in front of everyone. However, the Tango was not a suitable item for the school’s anniversary celebrations, and the Mambo was more suited for a mass dance. She wanted to see what other performance could Wen Xinya come up with within such a short time.

    Chu Jingnan looked at Xia Ruya, feeling that this girl was not only kind-hearted but also attentive. “You actually thought of these—girls are still more attentive.”

    Xia Ruya hung her head shyly with as a seductive rouge tainted her face.

    Chu Jingnan’s eyes absorbed Xia Ruya’s reaction. With his outstanding looks, aura, as well as talent, he had always been pursued by girls, and naturally could tell Xia Ruya’s thoughts towards him. Thus, he did not expose her or drifted away from her.

    Wen Xinya took the program schedule and quickly browsed through it before understanding Xia Ruya’s intention of passing her the forms—because there were all sorts of performance items on them. The majority of the usual items were all present—Xia Ruya wanted her to rack her brains over the performance item.

    According to what Xia Ruya and Chu Jingnan said, it could be said that she was the representative of the freshmen with high expectations from the crowd from the discussion forums. Not only did her performance needed to be wonderful, but it also couldn’t be the same as that of others. If her performance were to be uninteresting, she would be the one to lose face.

    Xia Ruya was indeed exhausting all her means to plot against her.