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Chapter 298 - Totally Reduced to Wen Xinya’s Supporting Role!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 298: Totally Reduced to Wen Xinya’s Supporting Role!

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    The performances on-stage went on in full swing. After the end of an interesting magic show, the two emcees went onto the stage from the left and right sides respectively. The lights on the stage instantly gathered onto them, focusing everyone’s attention.

    The male emcee said to the microphone with a smile, “Everyone has just seen the interesting magic show. Are you guys excited to see what’s coming next?”

    The female emcee turned towards the male emcee and said, “Oh, you’re saying that the upcoming performance will be even more interesting than magic?”

    The male emcee looked at the female emcee, smiled, and said, “I don’t know if it’ll be even more interesting than magic, but I do know that the performer is someone that all the students in the Institute look forward to seeing. Can everyone guess who she is?” The male emcee pointed the microphone towards the audience.

    The act of the male emcee hyped up all the students in the hall. Instantly, a round of enthusiastic cheer and applause erupted. “Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya…”

    At this point, Xia Ruya, who stood ready to perform anytime at the backstage, suddenly widened her eyes. How could it be Wen Xinya—clearly, it was her turn to perform? What exactly was happening—could the emcees be mistaken?

    The female emcee was struck with a sudden realization. “Oh, so it’s the freshman, Wen Xinya, who topped the charts at the voting post ‘The person you wish to see on-stage the most’ on the discussion forums of the Institute! No wonder you’re acting all secretive. Indeed, her performance stands high in popular favor.”

    The male emcee looked at her mysteriously and said, “Yes and no!”

    The female emcee furrowed her brows, looked at him, and said, “Eh, what do you mean? Yes and no—where exactly am I wrong? You’re not saying that the person who will be taking the stage isn’t Wen Xinya?”

    The male emcee smiled and said, “The person who will be performing is indeed Wen Xinya, but she won’t be alone!”

    Hiding backstage, Xia Ruya’s right eye suddenly started twitching non-stop as a bad premonition arose within her—she could already vaguely guess the outcome! Yet, in her heart, she tried her best to tell herself that everything was merely her imagination instead of reality.

    The female emcee asked curiously, “Could it a duo performance? Who’s the other person, then?”

    The male emcee smiled and said, “The other person is known to be the head of the Four Belles of the freshmen—Xia Ruya.”

    Instantly, the demonic voice pierced through her eardrums. The male emcee’s voice was like a bolt of lightning which instantly crushed all of her thoughts. Her world was utterly smashed into pieces in a second. She could only continuously widen her pupils, hasten her breathing, and heave her chest.

    Stunned, the female emcee said, “Previously, didn’t Xia Ruya have a piano performance? Why is she doing a duo performance with Wen Xinya?”

    The male emcee acted secretively. “You’ll know after seeing it!”

    Xia Ruya’s hands suddenly clenched into tight fists, sinking her sharp nails into the tender flesh of her palms, so painful that it almost made her shed a tear—so this was the kind of trick that Wen Xinya played.

    Recalling the enthusiastic cheers, thunderous applause, and buzzing crowd when the emcees mentioned Wen Xinya earlier—from that moment, Wen Xinya had already become the main lead of the stage.

    And she… had totally been reduced to being Wen Xinya’s supporting role!

    The hatred that churned in her heart almost turned into actual venom to be blasted out. The piano piece that she had practiced so hard for, the performance that she had prepared meticulously for, actually turned into a joke at this moment.

    Suddenly releasing her tightly clenched fists, wiping off the tear that seeped through from the edge of her eyes, straightening her back, slowly walking out from the backstage, the lights on the stage followed her all the way as she went on-stage! Accompanying her appearance was a round of applause—at that moment, she felt that she was the center of attention, shiny and glimmering.

    However, before she could enjoy being sought after by everyone’s attention, another bright red character followed on-stage. The lights following her instantly shifted to Wen Xinya.

    Below, a round of enthusiastic cheers and passionate excitement erupted. “Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya…”

    Standing alone in the limelight, although she was also dazzling, compared to the shine which followed Wen Xinya, she felt like a filthy rat hiding in the shadows.

    She looked through the blinding lights at Wen Xinya. She was wearing a bright red knee-length dress which revealed her slender and straight legs. Under the glittering lights, that pair of legs looked as pure as jade, radiated a mild ivory glow, and carried a peerlessly elegant poise with each of her steps, yet incidentally emitted seduction and enchantment.

    Especially that black and white anklet on her leg—gracefully white, beautifully black, swaying with vitality with each of her movements.

    She walked over step by step, emitting a passionate aura all over, and instantly hyped up the atmosphere of the hall to the maximum.

    She suddenly felt that her own pink dress wasn’t radiant and attention-grabbing enough.

    Wen Xinya suddenly turned into a beautiful Latin girl dancing a passionate Paso Doble dance, becoming a red bullfighter—the Paso Doble was a kind of dance which provoked the bull with dance steps.

    “Ah ah ah ah…” Passionate cheers erupted below. Watching Wen Xinya’s attractive figure whirling around on the stage without any music, looking valiant and heroic. It was as if everyone present had turned into the male bullfighter of the Paso Doble being triggered by the red atrocity on-stage.

    Xia Ruya was completely led by the nose by Wen Xinya. She took a deep breath, walked to the piano, and started playing a piano piece with a 2/4 time signature, complementing Wen Xinya’s dance steps.

    At this point, Wen Xinya’s dance steps intensified as she locked her gaze tightly on Xia Ruya, as if she were a real wild bull, disdaining her, taunting her, and poking at her at all times. Provoked, she gradually lost her mind—beneath her hands, the rhythm of the piano music increasingly intensified and hastened. She wanted to make use of the music to lead Wen Xinya on, make her unable to keep up with the pace, and make a fool out of herself in front of everyone.

    However, Wen Xinya’s dance steps kept to the extremely rhythmic and exquisite sashaying throughout. Due to the fast pace of the music, the entire dance performance tugged at one’s heartstrings with a kind of breathtaking visual impact, making the people below scream in excitement.

    At this point, it was already not the sparring between the bullfighter and red color, but a battle between the music and dance steps. The nerve-wracking and exciting rhythm filled the grand hall, and the exhilaration and wildness robbed everyone’s hearts.

    Her intense dance steps made Xia Ruya’s aching fingers almost unable to keep up with the beat of her dance steps. Beads of perspiration emerged from her forehead as her nerves tugged at her heartstrings—she was like a muscle that was continuously stretched as she arduously played the fast music which was not her strength at all.

    With a twist, Wen Xinya came up to Xia Ruya’s side as she played the piano. Her taunting eyes, teasing expression, and mocking attitude landed upon Xia Ruya as she attempted to provoke her.

    Regardless of the faintness of the moonlight outside, the emptiness of the night sky, and the baldness of the crepe myrtle flowers in the off-season, the intense and exciting rhythm, heart-throbbing dance steps, and unrestrained sashaying figure—using dance, she presented a gorgeous, peerlessly enchanting, and soul-stirring visual feast.