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Chapter 303 - You Were Merely Exploited by Wen Xinya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 303: You Were Merely Exploited by Wen Xinya

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    It was already 9 P.M. and the school’s anniversary celebrations would end in just an hour. The performances were still in full swing in the grand hall. However, Xia Ruya secretly went out of the grand hall and came to the crepe myrtle flowers trail.

    The fluorescent moon hung high up in the autumn’s night sky, exuding silver radiance and clearly illuminating everything on land. Due to the school’s anniversary celebrations, the compounds of the Institute were decorated with lights which lit up the entire school grounds as if it were daytime.

    Xia Ruya stood beneath and looked up at the crepe myrtle tree. Regardless of how gorgeously it used to bloom, becoming the sight of the Institute, it still couldn’t stop the defeat to October’s autumn which robbed it of its last moments.

    That withered flower which was being shredded shook stubbornly on the branch—did every flower make such a last-ditch struggle before it fell off?

    She thought about how Wen Xinya flourished, feeling like herself was just like this crepe myrtle flower which was about to wither but making a last-ditch struggle!

    Boundless hatred suddenly flooded her heart.

    “Ruya! So you’re here!” After Chu Jingnan settled the incident regarding Wen Xinya and the girls, he had been looking for Xia Ruya. Now seeing her standing beneath the crepe myrtle tree which was beginning to shred, from her back view, her thin shoulders exposed to the air, her slender waist which could be grabbed with one arm looking like it was ready to break at the slightest touch—she looked all pitiful and made a sense of protectiveness arise in him out of the blue!

    Xia Ruya’s surging hatred instantly diminished like the tides. She turned back slowly, her pale face, paired with the bald crepe myrtle branches, looked broken yet beautiful. “Big Brother Chu! Why are you here?”

    Chu Jingnan walked up to Xia Ruya with big strides. When he saw the traces of tears on her face and her glistening, teary eyes, his heart was pricked slightly. “I especially came to look for you.”

    “I felt a little stuffed staying in the grand hall, so came out to get some fresh air.” Under the silver lights from the street lamps, Xia Ruya’s pale face looked weak and almost transparent. “Big Brother Chu, are you looking for me for something in particular?”

    Looking at the figure clad in a thin dress and standing under the street lamp with her elongated shadow, Chu Jingnan felt that she looked even frailer. “It’s already the start of autumn, why didn’t you cover yourself up more when coming out?”

    “I… forgot!” Reminded by Chu Jingnan’s words, Xia Ruya couldn’t help but shiver a little. Feeling icy cold all over, numerous goosebumps instantly formed on her exposed skin.

    Naturally, Chu Jingnan saw how thinly dressed she was. He hurriedly removed the jacket of his suit and placed it over her shoulders. “Take my clothes first. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good to catch a cold!”

    “Big Brother Chu, what about you if you give me your clothes—you’re only wearing a blouse.” Xia Ruya hurriedly reached out for the jacket, wanting to remove and return it to Chu Jingnan.

    “Just wear it! I’m a guy—made to take the cold better than girls. I don’t feel cold at all.” Chu Jingnan pressed on her shoulder lightly to prevent her action.

    “Thank you, Big Brother Chu!” Chu Jingnan’s thoughtfulness and concern made Xia Ruya’s heart race as she hung her head shyly. The broad suit jacket on her cut off the cold from the outside, the heat from his body hugged her and made her feel extremely warm. She discreetly pulled the jacket on her shoulders in.

    Chu Jingnan looked at her and said, “Previously, Xinya said it was your suggestion for her to perform with you. As you’ve always been kind and understanding, I took it as the truth. I thought that you did it as you were probably worried that Xinya would ruin the performance for the school’s anniversary celebrations. Thus, I didn’t read too much into it.”

    “Got it. Big Brother Chu, I don’t blame you.” Xia Ruya tears instantly fell incessantly. Against her pale face, it had a kind of gracefulness, like a pear blossom bathing in the rain.

    The hatred and viciousness brewing in her heart quickly bound her entire heart. Indeed, Wen Xinya had lied to and coaxed Big Brother Chu using underhanded methods, thus embarrassing her at the school’s anniversary celebrations.

    “Sorry, this was due to my oversight. I should have asked you in person before deciding.” Seeing her weep pitifully, Chu Jingnan instantly felt sympathetic towards her. Previously, at the rehearsals, he had heard Xia Ruya playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”—with that beautiful and touching piano piece, she would definitely stun the crowds. However, because of Wen Xinya, she was eventually reduced to a supporting role.

    Xia Ruya’s heaving thin shoulders shook continuously, making her appear even more frail and pitiful. “Big Brother Chu, as the president of the student union, you needed to tend to so many things—how would you have the time to especially come and ask me. Moreover, at that time, my performance item was already about to start and time was pressing. Thus, everything wasn’t your fault.”

    “Stop crying. Later I’ll do up a post on the discussion forums explaining everything that has happened!” Chu Jingnan patted her shoulder lightly with concern and sympathy.

    “Big Brother Chu! Don’t do it! Xinya purposely picked on me and you were merely exploited by her. You were innocently implicated by me and Xinya and shouldn’t let this oversight affect your reputation in the Institute.” Xia Ruya hurriedly tugged at Chu Jingnan’s arm, her frail face filled with anxiety and worry.

    “But it was ultimately my oversight that caused you to suffer such injustice.” Being exploited by Wen Xinya already made Chu Jingnan feel very uncomfortable. Now that Xia Ruya said it out like this, anger vaguely arose in his heart. Furthermore, seeing how Xia Ruya compromised herself out of consideration for him, he was deeply moved.

    “Big Brother Chu, I don’t feel wronged. Look, the school’s anniversary celebrations concluded perfectly and the discussion forums are filled with overwhelming praises. This shows that our efforts have paid off. Why would I feel wronged—I couldn’t be happier.” Xia Ruya reached out her fingers to wipe off her tears while trying hard to work up a smile.

    Smiling with tears like this made her look strong despite her fragility, like a pale, white, and beautiful flower, causing a sudden shock to Chu Jingnan’s heart. “But to make you shoulder all responsibilities for this is too unfair to you. As the president of the student union, I naturally can’t be unjust in my dealings.”

    Xia Ruya suddenly threw herself into Chu Jingnan arms and quavered. “Say no more, Big Brother Chu. It’s just cleaning the student union office for a month—I’ll take it as exercise.”

    Chu Jingnan instinctively held her waist with his arm, sighed mildly, and said, “Ruya, you’re really too kind-hearted.”

    Chu Jingnan looked at Xia Ruya and sighed in his heart. How kind, innocent, and always thoughtful towards others—if only Wen Xinya was half as good as her.

    Yet, such a resolution was naturally for the best. He came from an ordinary background and only became the president of the student union after much effort. Day in day out, he lived in fear of losing his position at the slightest mistake. If this school’s anniversary celebrations incident were to spread to the discussion forums of the Institute, it would definitely attract the unhappiness of many people. Come that time, the post that he had written on the discussion forums previously would become proof of his oversight.

    The position of the president of the student union in a high-end institute was very important to him as it represented the trust and recognition of the Institute. In the future, even after leaving Lan Feng, it would also be heavily imprinted on his resume, making everyone look up to him.

    Such an identity could accumulate sufficient capital for himself. When he returned to that family in the future, nobody would doubt his talents and capabilities. Instead, he would be respected.